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Little Black Commander wasn’t stupid! Sho Yue also attacked several Di disciples in order to avoid suspicion for Xue Ren. Simple fact that the army didn’t go for them would bring them a lot of problems!

Shuuu! Her paw went to the side and the army followed! No matter which school, they had to use ‘return scrolls!’


Xue Ren laughed! He was running like idiot which was something against the sin of pride, Superbia! But he didn’t mind as he wanted Sho Yue to enjoy her little game. He always feels like he is holding her back, even though he can raise her energy tremendously. But, that’s it, he can only raise her divine aura…

That’s why he completely nullified Superbia’s influence and enjoyed this time as well…

Soon, he could hear certain, angry voice!

“Xue Ren! You motherf.u.c.ker!”

It was Li Zhan as he appeared in front of him! It looked like he was alone yet…

‘I can feel you, Mr. Second.’

Xue Ren could sense another man hiding several meters away. He looked similar to Li Zhan and Li Rong, thus, Xue Ren immediately a.s.sumed that’s Li Fang, Mr. Second!

“So, why aren’t you going for monsters, Little Li Zhan?”


Everyone was looking down on him… even this commoner… Li Zhan was truly enraged. And now, his brother wanted to do a sneak attack using him as a tool…

There was no going back… Li Zhan released his earth s.h.i.+elds. Earth gathered around him making a little fortress. Within this fortress, young master provoked…

“Can you beat me and my ‘Earth Young Fortress?!'”

“Don’t wanna.”


Why should he waste his time and energy for this clown? As he looked at this pitiful man, he felt like destiny truly existed and favored him. If he hadn’t his ‘s.e.x G.o.d’ Divinity then… would he be like him?

‘Li Zhan, are you truly fine being a tool?’

Xue Ren used his mind transmission and released his earth spikes… It was to mislead the hidden Li Fang…

‘If Second dies, then you would be the only heir… you would be the true winner…’

Earth spikes went for the fortress and penetrated it quite easily. Was it because Li Zhan got confused by his words or simply, too weak? The spikes didn’t stop and lightly attacked Li Zhan. It wasn’t anything serious, because Xue Ren wanted to use him as well…

Li Fang who was watching secretly shook his head…

‘Too weak…’

He got disappointed, so disappointed that he immediately wanted to abandon his brother.

‘Just use your ‘retun scroll’ you idiot…’

But, Li Zhan didn’t use his scroll, in fact he did something that Li Fang hadn’t expected!

He has released a flare to summon Sa Luchen here! Soon, the young master Sa will definitely arrive here. If Li Fang would abandon Li Zhan here, then his image that he created with utmost care will be destroyed!

Mr. Second suddenly arrived in front of Li Zhan. With his magic release, he made the earthquakes! The ground below Xue Ren’s feet trembled and abruptly exploded! The pieces of earth, in various sizes, went for him.

Not even surprised, Xue Ren released his fire arms and smashed them. But it was quite fast and in mid air, thus, he got several hits. But those hits weren’t anything serious which surprised Li Fang.

“You are quite strong, Xue Ren.”

“Thank you, Mr. Second.”

“Oh? So you know me. Unfortunately, you already half-dead man.”

Xue Ren lightly smiled. He knew that Li Zhan has called someone. Looking at this confident Li Fang and on his enemies list, Xue Ren guessed that’s Sa Luchen for sure.

Mr. Second didn’t wait for his ally as he released another technique. The earth gathered like a tide and like a tide went for him from both sides. It was ma.s.sive and Xue Ren found it to be quite problematic.

When Li Rong created his big golem, he used the walls and celling to block it, but now in this open area… Xue Ren decided to use his speed to dodge, but before he moved!


The army of monsters attacked all of them! It blocked the tide for Xue Ren. As for Li Fang, he used Li Zhan little fortress to hide as he strengthened it with his own magic power…

“f.u.c.king monsters!”

Little Black Commander Sho Yue was still active! Nothing could pa.s.s her awareness as she moved her little paw!

Now, within the fortress, Li Fang decided to wait for Sa Luchen. He cursed inwardly as he waited…

‘It’s the perfect opportunity to get favour in father’s eyes..’

With Li Rong’s death, it was time to extend his playground. The opportunity with Xue Ren was perfect chance! He could use Li Zhan and Sa Luchen… now he still can! Li Fan highly believes that victory is within his grasp…

The monsters roared as they attacked. Xue Ren dodged their every attack. Of course, everything was an act. Caressing the head of his Little Black Commander, he waited on the tree’s branch for Li Fang to leave the little fortress.

The Bluedawn Realm was enormous forest with big mountain in the middle. It was perfect living environment for monsters and beasts who used the aura…

Xue Ren narrowed his eyes as he focused his awareness. With every Endrun’s memory, it was as if his spirit was getting stronger… Such stronger awareness allowed him to notice something inside the mountain.

It was moving… it seemed like golden spirit.

Soon, Sa Luchen arrived. The sight of monsters attacking the fortress lightly surprised him. However, he sneered audibly after. He saw Xue Ren standing fine on the tree’s branch!

“What is it? Do you have problem with Xue Ren?”

“As if!”

Li Fang angrily released his magic and fortress shot out earth spears!

“I was just waiting for you. Who knows when another wave of monsters might come?”

Standing above the monsters quite highly, Xue Ren wasn’t the target. When the earth spears took care of all monsters, Li Fan thought that everything is now fine. Little did he know that Sho Yue had another pack prepared a few meters away…


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