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“Ren, what are you going to do with the phoenix man?”

Di Xun asked as speaking of fluffiness too much might make her too jealous. Though she had experienced the same treatment, the lady would lie if she wasn’t that jelaous. She is a woman after all.

Nevertheless, Di Xun is wise just like everyone else, so they took it slowly.

While hugging Eleonora, Xue Ren glanced at the small prison that held the phoenix man. He was all tied up, his eyes shaking as if begging to just kill him. The s.e.x G.o.d was far from feeling any sympathy, and just asked his Miss G.o.ddess Lightning back.

“Can you extract his royal bloodline?”

“Of course. No matter what kind of bloodline, we can do it, right, Sister Maria~~?”

“Yes~~ It’s easy feat.”

“Haha~~ Then I would like you to waste some of your time on this idiot. I will show the place for our fairies.”

Xue Ren took the two fairies to the special place he prepared for them. Of course, the new place was made as fast as possible, so there were still a lot things to do. Anyway, Xue Ren just made sure that he can store every drop of the frozen lake.

The frozen lake itself was enough to change the island into frozen one full of snow.

This is truly a miraculous liquid that was working similarly to the world’s core. It meant that every ‘holy place’ of the ice races has such ability.

“Isn’t it great? It just make the things easier for us.”

“Ren… How do you possess your own world?”

“I am lucky one~~ Do you not like it as your home?”

“I love it.”

The snow beauty blushed as her eyes told Xue Ren that thanks to it, she can be truly by his side whenever she goes. At the same time, Utilis had her mouth wide open as it meant that Eleonora’s man has so good power, so good topping over the sovereigns.

If he truly can gather a lot in one place, then isn’t he going to simply build a huge resourceful place for his own growth?

“This is your home now, Eleonora, Utilis. I have promised your frozen lake to not go against the ice fairies, and I can tell that you wouldn’t want me to do it.”

“Ren, you can not go against the king. He is… just doing everything best for Utilis.”

“Mr. Ren-“


“Ren, I am in your care now, but if you can spare my father, then please do so.”

Utilis bowed, her whole body begging for her family. At the same time, Eleonora also took her side and bowed to which Xue Ren made them both flinch as he slapped their a.s.sess hard. The ladies unconsciously grabbed their bottoms, looking at Xue Ren with two different kinds of expressions.

Naturally, the snow beauty had a glint of wildness. 

One can guess she got reminded about the pleasure of her man’s divinity and the longing of hers was also turning more towards this direction.

As for Utilis, the virgin lady only blushed deeply, not knowing how to react. Her eyes were going around like a scared kitten. No one knew just how much impact the heavenly touch of s.e.x G.o.d had imprinted on her bottom.

“I treasure my family and so you do, don’t beg, but simply tell me.”

No matter how one’s family might be, they are still family. Xue Ren can just keep a distance from them and everything will be fine! As Utilis understood more about Xue Ren, Eleonora deeply looked into his eyes.

“Ren, are you going to focus on the divinie snow?”

“The plan is simple – we are going to plunder the weakened ice forces from their holy places just before the sovereigns return. And we must know the exact situation of the molten world as this is the only known way to our universe.”


The frozen lake within Xue Ren’s world naturally ended up forming an ice trees, lands and everything else. The two ladies decided to build a small house out from the ice as well that was quite s.h.i.+ning, but not transparent enough to peek to the other side.

The house was looking good, enough to satsify the two ladies who were naturally close.

Soon enough, Eleonora smiled and left Utilis alone within the house! Of course, the two ladies were in a tight connection, so Utilis knew that she hasn’t gone far away! In fact, they were still in their new islandm so Utilis curiously left the house after few minutes pa.s.sed.

And whether it was a good choice or not, she herself couldn’t really tell.

“I love you! I love you so muchhhh! Hug me tightly! Tigher! Ahhh!”

The calm and mostly quiet snow beauty was being thrashed around in the frozen lake by Xue Ren. As if trying to feel her snow white fairy wings, Xue Ren was holding her from behind while hugging her tightly.

Naturally, they were all naked.

The beautiful connection was likewise here.

Utilis grapsed her head as she noticed how their bodies were in constant undulation causing the lake to ripple and ripple! At the same time, Eleonora was so loud and yet, she seemed so lovely and happy.

With her b.r.e.a.s.t.s being clenched hard, snow beauty continued to press her a.s.s againsts Xue Ren’s crotch while pinning him down. Her flesh jiggled all over him to which Xue Ren could only groan for, his c.o.c.k likewise being clenched hard by her insides.

“Eleonora, have you heard about my two children? I hope to know the exact reason for it and our love can help me reach it. But I don’t want you to hate or not love the children that might be not blood related to me.”

“I will never hate them! They are going to be our dear loved ones! Whether blood related or not! All because their birth is going to be the result of our love!”

Naturally, Xue Ren was doing it without utilizing his ability. He felt Eleonora even closer and her feelings were clearly conveyed in both ways. As the lady turned her head to Xue Ren, she raised her cute lips and both of them ended up in a perfect connection as one.

Xue Ren was doing his best to impregnate Eleonora. At the same time, he was probing into the powers of his bloodlines that he usually gives for his children so that they can be the best! While the snow beauty kept showering Xue Ren with her love whether inside or outside, Xue Ren did the same, tightly breaking ther womb.

“Ahhhh! Ahhh!”

And as he pushed his seed deeper and deeper, his eyes went wide for a while. It wasn’t because of how deeply his snow beauty had sucked him with her lovely garden, but because he could feel the exact reason for his children being not blood related.

It was the demonic one as one can guess.

But there was clearly more to it. Xue Ren could feel the ‘Demon Ruler’ bloodline eating everything related to his blood, turning it into raw power which was strengthening his power bloodlines all over. Of course, the demon one was dominating as it was indeed the ruler like bloodline.

However, it couldn’t dominate the lady’s love that was br.i.m.m.i.n.g for him. Eleonora’s child is going to be Eleonora’s no matter what. The bloodline of demon ruler was now deeply flowing within the snow beauty as it was turning into one type – the perfect type of Delicpro Household’s bloodline.

‘It’s as if it makes one perfect bloodline… for my usage… f.u.c.k!’

Xue Ren felt a little guilt as he felt like his lady might think he is doing the deed to find out about the strange event happening with his two daughters! Of course, Eleonora hoped for a little baby anyway, and whether it’s blood related or not didn’t really matter for her.

Furthermore, once everything gets settled down, Xue Ren can give her another cute fluff and the beautiful circle of love continues.

Nevertheless, there was still some guilt, thus, the Delicpro Household bloodline which focuses on this emotion is going to flow deeply in the little baby! 

“Ren, it’s fine… Haven’t I said it? This is our love.”

“Eleonora… The small fluff is going to be a truly strong just like the rest, so better work hard.”

“I will!”

Xue Ren’s mood quickly came back as he had the support of the best fluffy ladies. As his hands landed on her waist, Xue Ren began hammering her insides, wreaking a havoc with his hot stuff and thick, hot c.o.c.k.

His snow beauty naturally cried with utmost love, becoming wilder and wilder with every pus.h.!.+ However, it’s been a while indeed, thus, Eleonora lost herself in the pleasure, then after a while, she lost her consciousness as she fell into the embrace.

Too much love, too much longing, too much happiness.

A family was really important for Eleonora and she just had taken a first step towards it!

Xue Ren gently held his beauty, his powers being utilized non stop. As he got his own snow fairy wings and adanced in strength, he utilized this to flap his way towards the house. Within the house, there was naturally all beet red lady.

But Xue Ren couldn’t possibly waste time to dress himself and Eleonora. Furthermore, she was peeking as it was felt by Xue Ren, so he just stepped forwad with his c.o.c.k standing like a ready to bulldoze weapon.

His hands gently put Eleonora into her soft bed, then turning his attention to Utilis, he made her flinch with his eyes alone.

“My snow beauty needs a lot of rest now, but also a lot of care from now on.”

“Yes, I… get it.”

After so many explosions and s.e.x, there is naturally a pregnant lady in her house. Miss Utilis blushed, but her eyes were strangely enough going from one direction to Xue Ren as if trying to learn more about his s.e.x G.o.d’s weapon.

“Wanna try it?”


Miss Utilis was naturally interested in it as a woman! Furthermore, everything says that she is going to be within Xue Ren’s family for the rest of her life, so it would be awkward at some point if she stood innocent.

The lady followed her instincts and found her face in front of the big, thick and amazing rod.

Nervously grasping it, the lady began the inexperienced movement stroking it slowly. However, as if something within her was slowly melting, Utilis began utilizing more and more strength while increasing in speed.

The lady stroked hard and lovelingly, her eyes wandering around. The shaft is one big one, so Utilis moved her face around like curious cat, but soon, Xue Ren felt even more desire. He lightly touched her lips, then opening up her gates, he sunk into the pleasure of the lady’s mouth.

Thirty minutes later, Utilis ended up in a bed with her legs spread wide. While doing so, she was very loud, her body wild just like Eleonora’s! Who knows, maybe the wild mating is the trait of the ice beauties?

Well, it was something that Xue Ren could only enjoy.

The wild screams couldn’t really awaken Eleonora, however. She was too happy, too fluffy to wake up from the pleasure that was still lingering on her hot and red body. 

Within the new house, the sound of hard body smas.h.i.+ng continued to last for a good while. Everyone had predicted such outcome, even Julia who was learning more about relations.h.i.+ps! So more she felt like her young innocence was too embarra.s.sing!

Of course, it’s also cute on its own, so Julia could be only blush while being laughed by Victorious Wife who was like a patient snake, completely opposite to Innocent Julia!

“Wanna kiss lollipop?”

“Stop it~~!”

The lollipop is a proof of innocence and the cute memories of the lady who was looking for more things to draw! As one can guess, Julia now can draw a beautiful and real like kisses that can be either innocent or a deep~~

For now, she draws a snow beauties and fairies, but who knows what might pop off in her mind soon!


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