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Xue Ren could hear Duan Qiu murmurings…

‘Relations.h.i.+ps aren’t always on happy side.’

As Endrun has said, once you accept the bad sides of your other half, then you are ready to go all the way. Of course, in Xue Ren case, he has to split his half into several pieces.

“He is a bully.”

And as if she knew what he was thinking, her sad voice broke his heart into several pieces. Now, he has to explain about his reincarnation. However, his reincarnation is abnormal one, something that denies the universe…

“Duan Qiu…”

He said her name which made Duan Qiu to only glance at him for a second. Then the young miss just buried her head in Sho Yue’s soft body… The beast red eyes on Xue Ren were the scariest thing she has seen in her life.

Xue Ren naturally moved as he brought himself close to her. Even though his body was tied, the rope was so loose as if Duan Qiu has only tied him for appearance. Sitting next to each other, they have maintained the silence for a thirty minutes, then a hour…

The time never stops. Right now, as she was sitting with the man she loves yet barely knows, her family was in the battlefield fighting against ferocious and drugged monsters…

How could mentally broken maiden fight in such state?

‘Is that why the head is always a man?’

The head of family, the leader, the sect master and so on. She has always wondered why did her elders want her to become the wife of Xie Tao instead of becoming the head of family and leading them… Wasn’t the strength everything?

‘I see.’

In the end, the women are more liable to love… affecting their growth and strength for the man…

“Qiu Qiu.”


Such affectionate nickname… Duan Qiu couldn’t help, but move her head up, but before she could, Xue Ren began to stroke her hair strongly. Her hair quickly became disheveled and she herself only could close her eyes.

“I am going to kill them-“

Actions speak louder than words…

“- as the vampire who loves you.”


And so, Xue Ren left the empty house immediately. Utilizing the Starlight Movement technique, he quickly arrived at the battlefield. No more hiding or anything like that.


Using Superbia awareness, he has quickly found out about vampires. Sitting behind the ferocious wolf, they were watching the battlefield.

As he was using Superbia awareness which has covered the whole battlefield, Xue Ren never stopped his movements… That’s why no matter how fast he is, sooner or later, he is going to be surrounded by monsters…


The voice that didn’t let anyone to disobey him. Xue Ren voice was filled with convinction and pride which made Sho Yue to get excited. She knew very well what he wants…


Cute growl reverberated throughout the battlefield and the monsters began to run in every direction as if scared of Xue Ren… The reappearance of the Little Black Commander! Of course no one is going to know that the cat is the one who has scared the monsters…

But Sho Yue didn’t care at all. Xue Ren was her man and seeing him like that with domineering att.i.tude going forward was something that basically made her wet. After all of this, the young man is definitely going to be milked dry… but whether she loses her composure first or not is up to her!

Can she handle such hard task?!

But that’s not something she should be thinking about right now. Xue Ren has been showing his beast red eyes to everyone. The meaning obvious…

I am vampire!

With the path opened, the young man was moving forward towards the den of vampires. The Dark West Mountains are truly scary place. As he went more and more forward, the soil became darker and darker. The mountains themselves had an air of viciousness…

The rivers themselves were loud as the water flowed down strongly.

“Another vampire?”

“Why is he helping us?”

Such questions like those has been appearing non stop the moment Xue Ren has shown up. Humans could easily see his red eyes. Nevertheless, the young man with black kimono going forward bravely towards the vampires was nice sight.

‘If he can do considerable damage to them…’

“Isn’t that Xue Ren?”


Xie Tao and others who had fought against the Bluedawn City had recognized him. They immediately told for their elders everything that they knew about him. As one can guess, the reactions of the higher ups weren’t friendly…

“So Bluedawn Forces has let the vampire to sneak into their ranks. And he has even seduced the young miss of Di.”

“Elder, what should we do?”

“Let him do whatever he wants as long as he doesn’t go against us. Then…”

The elder of Xie Family has said this with sneer. Such expression made Xie Tao to frown as he had mixed feelings about this situation. Nevertheless, he has decided to not say anything and follow his heart…

“Lord Edfren, there is another vampire. We don’t recognize him and he doesn’t have any emblem of house.”

Edfren has already noticed Xue Ren. The young man was moving forward and the monsters didn’t go against him at all…

‘Is he somehow controlling them through the vampire aura?’

That was exactly what humans were thinking. Anyway, Edfren knew that this vampire is going for them, so…

“Soren, kill him.”

“Yes, lord.”

The vampire who was already kneeling lowered his head even more as he accepted the order. As he stood up, his black robe fluttered and he immediately began to descend the mountain..

Soon, Xue Ren saw the man who stood in front of him, blocking his path. He didn’t look anything special other than the red eyes and pale skin. His face was expressionless and his short hair was fluttering lightly…

“What’s your purpose? How could you even think about going against us?”

“Shut the f.u.c.k up.”

Xue Ren wasn’t in mood to talk. He immediately pounced at the vampire with his fast speed. The vampire wanted to move, but quickly found out that his legs were tied by the ground!


The fire arms burned viciously and loudly… the color of the flames was dark violet…

Such fire was loud as if dragon appeared on the battlefield…

Soren had no time to take care of his legs, thus, could only raise his arm to confront the attack.


The fire fist connected and it didn’t even take a second as it burned down the palm of the vampire…


The expressionless face finally has experienced a change as Soren twisted his face to the damage he got. Xue Ren then blew and the charred hand disappeared with the wind…


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