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Chapter 90: Interrogation
Yuusuke Nagato and Arisa s.h.i.+nomiya who are members of “SHADO” are in a room in an apartment in the suburb. There are no furnitures in this room, that’s why it is tasteless and is deserted. There is only a bare floor and the living room is about 12 Tatami mats wide.



A naked man sits down on a chair in the center and was bound on his back. His neck falls down slovenly and you will know from his figure that he is unconscious.



“U, uuh”



Soon, Kenichi recovered his conscious. He waved his head and was absentminded for a while, but the focus of his eyes matched soon. He looked around the circ.u.mference slowly followed by confirming his state. After that he settled down and doesn’t seem scared or panic.



“Who are you?”



Towards the two people who stand in front of him, Kenichi gets hoa.r.s.e and speaks. The clothes of these two people show that they are the marauders who attacked him at Chizuko Asakura’s house. Their faces are seen clearly because they don’t wear their ski masks now.



Both should be younger than him, probably they will be in their mid-twenties. The man has short hair and a clear-cut face, while the woman was pretty and had a surprisingly charming face.



Both of them stand silently and look down at Kenichi sitting down on a chair. They have calm expressions, however the man’s normal face twist subtly because if anger.



“Where am I? Why, are these kind of things done?”



Kenichi asks this question in a calm voice. His black wave spreads from his body and should touch those two, but the information that should be provided from there isn’t attainable. To the sonar of his wave motion, these two seem to be like air. As if they have no wave motion.



Once before, when Noriko was on the rooftop and was searching for him, he remembers that she vanished like smoke from his wave radar suddenly. From his knowledge and taught experience, Kenichi found a answer. They have a way to cancel their wave motion.



“Are you from “SHADO”?”



After guessing the right answer, Kenichi exchanged significant looks subtly. Though he is in such a situation, Kenichi is convinced of his conclusion from seeing their reaction.



“What does”SHADO”want from me?”



Kenichi ask the two people in front, but of course Kenichi already knows the answer. Because he wasn’t removed immediately, think, these two people seem to want to obtain some information directly from him. The information will be Noriko who became missed.



Usually when they capture a devil-fused person, SHADO has 3 ways to erase the devil.



The first method is to make its spirit energy exhausted. This is the method that Noriko used in the confrontation with Kenichi and this is the most used method in “SHADO”. Usually you neutralize its magical powers with the oscilloscope and make its energy become exhausted compulsorily from outside.



Another way is to isolate the devil-fused person to a special place like an out-of-the-way prison and to gradually extinguish its power. Although this is used rarely, because there are devils who are immune against the oscilloscope. If the supply of energy is cut from the outside, it takes time, but the devil becomes extinct before long.



The last one is to kill the devil-fused person. However, this method is a last resort and is usually not chosen unless the opponent is a dangerous high-level devil.



Theoretically it will be neutralized with the oscilloscope at the caught stage, because its spirit energy is sure to dry out at once by this methods. However you won’t get any information then out of the devil-fused person.



(I won’t be erased immediately, however it is a matter of time&h.e.l.lip;)



The point is that Kenichi is hopeless in such a situation. At this place unlike at school, his wave is at most only several metres wide, besides his magical power doesn’t work against these two. He is also tied up completely naked on a chair and even if he unties the rope the situation won’t change. Anyway his opponents are professional who received combat training and own stun guns.



“Where is Noriko Aoyama? Where are you?”



This question was expected. The man shouts with a cold voice. Although the person in question might be calm, his pa.s.sion is slightly included in his tone of words and Kenichi didn’t miss it.



“Eh? Who are you?”



Kenichi pretended ignorance on purpose. Then the man asked again and again in the state that he is a little impatient as expected.



“Don’t feign ignorance! You already know what “SHADO” is and you should also have met Noriko!”



The man twists his handsome face in anger. His voice that include a fret gradually loses its calmness.



“A-h Noriko with the big chest”



The man stuck for words and his face became deep red. The silent woman with long hair saw the man’s appearance with a side glance and intervenes.



“f.u.c.k you. Where is Noriko? I know that you know it!”



It was Kenichi who remained silent for a while, but opens his mouth before long.



“By any chance, are you two the colleagues of Noriko? Arisa s.h.i.+nomiya&h.e.l.lip;and Yuusuke Nagato&h.e.l.lip;?”



Guessing their names right, Yuusuke turns pale unconsciously. His character that is a frank disposition does not become a fatal injury, while Arisa feels bitter while seeing it questionably. The science teacher of Ellis all girls high school who sat down on a chair knows that his guess was successful from Yuusuke´s honest reaction and has a smirking and contemptuous smile on his face. When it comes to this, it is meaningless to cover it up.



“f.u.c.k. &h.e.l.lip;Tell me Noriko´s whereabout”



As much as possible Arisa tries to behave herself calmly. If she is enraged to the pace of her partner, the questioning doesn’t go well.



(At a time like this, we could use hypnotism like Noriko&h.e.l.lip;)



With Yuusuke´s fighting ability, which is the strong point of their strategy, Noriko had a powerful weapon called hypnotism. If they also have it, they should have been able to get the necessary information without such hards.h.i.+ps. However to their regret, both have no apt.i.tude for hypnotism at all.



“Huhu&h.e.l.lip;regrettable. I don’t know her whereabout&h.e.l.lip;”



Kenichi talks big and his face changes its att.i.tude so as to be impudent.!!



At that moment, Yuusuke´s right fist is hammered into Kenichi´s face. The punch carried weight, to the extent that even the chair on which Kenichi sat moved.






Kenichi warps his face from the pain and screams. From his mouth, red blood is dripping out and the taste of bitter iron spreads in his mouth.



“You must know it, because you’re the only one! You hid Noriko, so tell me where she is!! Otherwise, Noriko would have reported and we weren’t here!!!”



Yuusuke has a red-hot face from his anger and shout. This room is a regular apartment of a soundproofing facilities, so no voice would reach the outside. His voice was deep and full of anger.



“&h.e.l.lip; I don’t know, what you mean&h.e.l.lip;. You, weren’t you discarded by her?”!!



Yuusuke’s fist hits the other cheek this time. Kenichi who was going to avoid it desperately, can’t avoid it because his body is chained on the chair.



“Guaaaaaaa! Kuhaaaaa!!!”



Yuusuke continues until the face is wrenched off, while Kenichi screams with a pitiful voice in pain. It is natural, when you receive the violence of a trained man. When the impact is a little stronger. Kenichi would lose his consciousness. He feels dizzy from the pain and his brain concussion without having it.



“If you don’t talk negligently, this man may beat you to death. Noriko is his lover and my close friend. Quickly, say her whereabout”



While Arisa looks down at the dead tired Kenichi she speaks with a cool voice. Her slit eyes check the growing weak state of Kenichi like a doctor calmly.



(As far as it’s seen, his wave motion is also weak and there is also almost no magic. To such a guy how was Noriko defeated&h.e.l.lip;?)



While seeing the number of the wave measuring instrument put by the side, Arisa wonders since a little while ago.



Even though her result is a little inferior, Noriko is the first who underwent severe training by “SHADO”. Against a low-level Inma doing 1vs1, She can’t see Noriko losing. The range of the magical power of this Inma isn’t more than 3m and when there is the wave motion offsetting machine Kyansera, they can easily prevent it. His discernibly poor body seems to be hardly suitable for combat and he doesn’t seem to win a battle.



(Or does he have a ability that we don’t know&h.e.l.lip;?)



Since the devils appeared in this world, a long time has pa.s.sed.When “SHADO” was established, the first century was going to pa.s.s and innumerable devils are confirmed all over the world until now. All of them are recorded and acc.u.mulated in the database of the headquarter.



Because most devils are low-level, the range of their magic is several m at most and their magic also temporarily manipulates human´s minds and plant hatred and fear. Unusually the type with strong magic power that is called normal-level devil appears too and has a range of ten metres, but basically their magic isn’t threatening. The humans whose heart and body were influenced by the devil rather than threatened are killed or wounded with guns and lethal weapons.



In case of this time target, he is a typical low-level devil and a Inma too. Inmas plant pleasure and greed and not hatred and fear and it is also proved that the threat is lower than a general devil by current data.



In other words, as far as you believe the enormous databases and a.n.a.lysis calculated from there and by all odds a member of “SHADO” can’t be defeated by a general Incubus.



“&h.e.l.lip;I, I know where she is&h.e.l.lip;guu&h.e.l.lip;”



While coughing blood, the naked Kenichi says so in a painful voice. Bright red and fresh blood begins to flow from his nose and mouth and drip down on his thighs and floor.



“Then, how do you contact her? Did you meet that child?”
“&h.e.l.lip;Sh, she said that she wanted to see you&h.e.l.lip;. Calling your name while I embraced her”



Yuusuke and Arisa look at each other for the answer unintentionally. For a little while, the silence continued. Breaking the faint tension, Kenichi raised his swollen face.



“It’s because I like her too. The p.e.n.i.s of her boyfriend wasn’t enough to satisfy her all the time. After I went inside her and her eyes where opened she clinged to me. When I rubbed her huge chest, she said that she fel pleased&h.e.l.lip;”



Kenichi says such a thing to provoke him on purpose.



“Dont tell a lie! Liar!!”



Yuusuke who cried unintentionally can’t cover his face full of fear and despair. What kind of fate a woman who became the prey of an Inm has is known by him from past experience and knowledge all too well.



“&h.e.l.lip;In addition, the loss of her a.n.a.l virginity is also an unrivaled item&h.e.l.lip;and I seem to have been the first who invaded it so I kept enjoying myself with her a.s.shole which is similar to her p.u.s.s.y&h.e.l.lip;both holes are great and she became my personal meat toilet”



Kenichi twistee his b.l.o.o.d.y face and grin, while his face is filled with superiority.



“Huu, you’re joking!!!”



With a piercing glance, Yuusuke talked back.



At the speed of lightning as soon as he said this, his right leg kicked Kenichi. Kenichi is blown off his seat to the floor and just lay sideways and doesn’t move an inch.



“Ju, Just for a moment, I had the intention to kill you!!”



Due to this instant event, Yuusuke’s deadly high-speed spin kick is stopped. Yuusuke who is once in serious battle mode, is invisible in “SHADO”. His body and martial art were forged by intense training which was his biggest weapon.



“Aah! That guy, I will kill him!!!”



He run up to the naked Kenichi who still lay sideways while saying so and a.s.sault his body which couldn’t move anymore without mercy. He keeps kicking Kenichi’s bare body, arms and legs.



As if he lost his consciousness, Kenichi doesn’t even raise a voice anymore. He lies down while being tied to the chair in an exhausted state. The angry Yuusuke who was beside him can’t show mercy and becomes like a evil spirit and use severe violence.






Noriko his lover was insulted and polluted by Kenichi and Yuusuke who removed his limiter already become a murder weapon. He twists his body to pile up his power and tries to kick Kenichi’s head with his full strength.



Arisa just looks at this state. She is pushed towards the force of Yuusuke who runs wild and let his anger off, without doing anything.



(Hii! Die!!)



The kick to this man´s head will kill him like a ripe watermelon. Foreseeing it between her eye winks that this person dies, Arisa closed both her eyes unintentionally.




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