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Read Into the World of Medicine Chapter 138: Stolen Bone Forming Elixirs 5

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Read WebNovel Into the World of Medicine Chapter 138: Stolen Bone Forming Elixirs 5

Chapter 138: Stolen Bone Forming Elixirs (5)Translator: Sissy That WalkSeeing this, Murong Qingyan’s heart sank, she knew she had a battle to fight.

“Kneel, you evil creature!” Murong Xiong pounded the table on seeing Murong Qingyan.

Everyone cringed on hearing how furious Master. Murong was even thought they knew this fume was not targeted against them.

Murong Qingyan was an exception, she met Murong Xiong’s gaze without flinch, “Master. Murong, I have no idea what I have done wrong to deserve such rage, I demand an explanation. What’s more, I don’t deserve to be called evil creature, I’m a Murong like you, like everyone else sitting in this hall after all.”

“Murong Qingyan!” Murong Xiong was more furious, “You know it very well what you have done, I have always thought you were just stubborn and disobedient, who knows the length you would go for your own good? How dare you to steal Elixir from the Treasury?”

Murong Xiong loathed Murong Qingyan from the bottom of his heart, even though she had won the t.i.tle of The First Family for them. He didn’t see any saving grace from this granddaughter even though she proved to everyone that she was not a good-for-nothing, she was actually very talented instead, a genius on cultivating to be accurate.

But a genius that could not be tamed was no difference than a good-for-nothing.

What had exasperated him was all clues had pointed at Murong Qingyan for who had stolen the Elixirs, how he wished he could smash this evil creature!

“Stealing?” hearing that, Murong Qingyan narrowed her eyes and recalled the big event that had recently taken place in the family.

One Recovery Elixir was stolen.

“Murong Qingyan, how very dare you.” Murong Rui who was sitting on the left side of Murong Xiong sighed, “Do you know what severe crime you have committed by stealing from the Treasury?”

Unlike Murong Xiong who was headstrong on everything, Murong Rui cherished talents, even though he was well aware no way could they convince Murong Qingyan to work for the honor of the family, he still wanted the best for her.

“I haven’t stolen anything.” Murong Qingyan kept her composure, she just said indifferently, “I have nothing to do with this Recovery Elixir, if that’s what you guys are referring to.”

“That is such chicanery!” Murong Xiong was more furious seeing Murong Qingyan’s att.i.tude, “How can you still lie brazenly upon valid evidence? Tell me now, where is the Elixir?”

Murong Xiong still wanted to try his luck even though he knew chances were the Elixir could never be retrieved.

This Elixir that was stolen was of great value, it was a Recovery Elixir of Fifth Grade, which was very rare in general. The Recovery Elixir of Fifth Grade could cure any injury or wound.

Murong Xiong had kept this Elixir in the Treasury for a long time now just in case one day they need it to save someone’s life.

“I have no idea what you are talking about,” Murong Qingyan stood in the hall with her head held up high, “I don’t know who it is that has stolen your Elixir, but I do know it’s not me.”

“That’s absurd!” Murong Xiong didn’t buy it at all, “It’s of no avail just denying, just tell the truth and you will receive a lighter sentence. If you are willing to return the Elixir, I will consider granting some leniency.”

“As I’ve said, it wasn’t me!” Murong Qingyan’s voice had turned grim, “Believe it or not, I don’t care. Why would I put myself in such a dangerous situation when the Elixir is useless to me?”

Hearing that, all of the attendants were lost in deep thoughts, it was true the Recovery Elixir of Fifth Grade was a rare item, but it was useless to normal people. Stealing Recovery Elixir didn’t make sense when she could steal other Elixirs in the Treasury.

However, someone broke the silence in the hall.


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