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Lin Guangxiong didn’t speak, apparently, he also thinks the same.

However, Murong Qingyan didn’t get scared a bit. According to her current level, she could escape even though Lin Guangxiong will be her opponent. And even if she is still not that good in a fight, Murong Qingyan didn’t put him in her eyes. Lin Guangxiong is only a servant, so why would she?

Besides, she’s still sure that Lin Guangxiong wouldn’t lay his hands on her. After all, he swallowed her existence for so many years now.

if something unexpectedly happens to me,

“Nangong Clan just break off my engagement. And if I suddenly got into an accident, Murong Clan’s reputation will tremendously get damaged. So, can you still say that the Grandmaster will not pursue the issue?”

After she finished her words, Murong Qingyan calmly looked at Lin Guangxiong and then smile. After all, what she said is true.  The Nangong Clan just break off their engagement, but she immediately got into an accident. The outside people would find it strange and the Murong Clan won’t be able to tolerate the issue.

After listening to Murong Qingyan’s words, Lin Guangxiong’s eyes flash with an unknown light. Obviously, he understands the meaning of her words.

“Since it is Weiwei who’s at fault first, this old man doesn’t have anything more to say in today’s issue.” Lin Guangxiong understand that he could only step back now, so he said: “So, excuse us Eldest Miss.”

After he finished, he tried to pull Lin Weiwei to leave.

“Grandpa, why are we just leaving?” When Lin Weiwei saw that Lin Guangxiong was just going to leave, she couldn’t restrain herself and said: “Didn’t you said earlier that you will seek justice for me?”

“Weiwei, let’s just go back for now.”

Lin Guangxiong’s face turns dark and pulled Lin Weiwei. Unfortunately, they haven’t taken a few steps when Murong Qingyan suddenly said.

“It seems it’s very easy for Housekeeper Lin to just come and leave ah! If I am not familiar with you, I would even think that you are the owner of this mansion! I’m afraid that Murong Clan will soon be called Lin Clan.”

You just want to go like that, but I’m afraid it won’t be that simple.

“Eldest Miss, you don’t need to push your luck.” Hearing Murong Qingyan’s words, Lin Guangxiong naturally can’t just walk away. After all, if those words reach the Grandmaster’s ears. He needs to jump into the Yellow River to be washed away.

“I’m just telling the truth.” Murong Qingyan shrugged her shoulders and disdainfully said: “But if those words spread out, it has nothing to do with me ah!”

“What do you want?” Lin Guangxiong looked Murong Qingyan and tried to open his mouth.

He really just wanted to go and leave, but he couldn’t. And today, he was supposed to deal with Murong Qingyan, but that would be impossible right now. Murong Clan just faces a sensitive issue, so the Grandmaster will definitely investigate it.

And just like what Murong Qingyan has said, even if she is just a waste her surname is still Murong. Grandmaster can tolerate any issues from the inside, but outsiders shouldn’t know it.

But, looking at Murong Qingyan’s face now. He knows he will surely get in trouble. And if things really got big, Murong Qingyan will not lose anything, but he might even lose his position.

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