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Read Into the World of Medicine Chapter 97 Part7

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Not good.

These two words surfaced in Murong Qingyan’s mind, once she observed Lin Guangxiong’s expression and manner. Although he was trying to hide it, a trace of a schadenfreude could be noticed on his smug face.

Yet, even knowing that nothing good would come out of it, she still followed him to the hall.

As soon as she entered the hall and noticed the audience, the earlier two words couldn’t help but emerge in her mind once again.

Murong Xiong sat on the seat of honor, his expression was so dark that it could drip ink. Three elders who rarely showed up were all present. Murong Xiong’s sons and consequently Murong Qingyan’s uncles, Murong Xili and Murong Xiyi were both there as well.

Taking the whole situation in her eyes, Murong Qingyan didn’t know what was going or what would happen, but she was absolutely sure, it would be nothing good.

“You, abomination, still not kneeling down!” As soon as Murong Xiong saw Murong Qingyan come into the hall, he suffered a bellyful of anger and yelled at her, pounding on the table.

Faced with Murong Xiong’s rage, everyone shrank onto themselves. Even though they knew it was not directed at them, their hearts still jolted with a lingering dread.

Only Murong Qingyan’s expression didn’t change, upon witnessing Murong Xiong’s rage she remained calm and composed: “Family head, even if you rule a punishment, don’t you have to tell me first what I’m supposed to be guilty of? As for you calling me an abomination, I am not one at all. And even if I was, then let me ask you, what it makes you as my grandfather?”

“Murong Qingyan!” When Murong Xiong heard her, he grew even angrier: “What you’ve done, don’t you know it best yourself? At first, I thought you’re just a disobedient brat with an unruly behavior, but who could have thought that your courage is so big that you even dare to steal!”

When it came to Murong Qingyan, Murong Xiong held only extreme disgust and loathing towards her in his heart. Even though she won the champions.h.i.+p at the Clan a.s.sembly and brought unparalleled glory to the Family, he couldn’t find even a sliver of fondness towards this girl. The facts also showed that not only Murong Qingyan wasn’t a waste, her talent was even extremely high, but all of that was meaningless to him since she couldn’t be used by the family.

If a talent couldn’t be of help to the family, then what was the worth of such talent? That was why he didn’t even try much to rope her in.

He didn’t expect that Murong Qingyan would act so brazenly and steal from the treasury.

When it was discovered that Rejuvenation pill was stolen, he ordered an investigation and all its clues pointed towards Murong Qingyan. As soon as he learned about it, his rage couldn’t be suppressed. If Murong Qingyan was in front of him at that moment, without any hesitation he would have instantly killed this evil creature.

“Theft?” Hearing this accusation, Murong Qingyan lowered her eyes as she recalled the latest major event in the family.

The theft of Rejuvenation pill.

“Murong Qingyan, you are truly too audacious,” exclaimed Murong Rui, who saw sitting just below Murong Xiong: “You’ve unexpectedly dared to steal from the family treasury! Do you even know what kind of punishment such a deed deserves?”

Unlike Murong Xiong, Murong Rui was a person who treasured talents. Even though he knew that Murong Qingyan didn’t hold Murong family in her heart, he still appreciated such a talented person.

“I didn’t do it,'” faced with this accusation, Murong Qingyan wasn’t anxious, she merely stated her case with indifference: “Regarding the theft of the Rejuvenation pill you are accusing me of, all I can say is that this matter has nothing to do with me.”

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