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Read Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 164 – Bodyguard Team

Invincible Kungfu Healer is a web novel created by Azuresky, 天下青空.
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Chapter 164: Bodyguard Team

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The FRB breathed out coldly and had given even Mo Wen a fright. He looked at the pretty girl beside him absurdly. Who was she talking to?

However, in the next moment, there were a couple of men who were dressed in black suits standing up suddenly in the back of the bus. They were tall and big with firm and resolute expressions. At a glance, it was obvious that they were not people to be provoked.

The few of them walked to the front rows and the first man simply threw a fist at that fierce hefty man. The punch was fierce and had been executed instantly.

With a bang, the hefty man who was at least 1.9 meters tall had been sent flying. Along the way, he had knocked down a couple of his companions before finally rolling down into the driver’s cab.

The sudden turn of events had caused the fierce hefty man to be at a loss of what to do for a moment. Normally, they were the ones bullying others and n.o.body had dared to resist. Today, they had actually come across someone who dared to take action against them.

“d.a.m.n it, you’re looking for death,” the hefty man who was at the front and received the punch covered his nose which had blood flowing out of it. He grabbed a steel pipe and fiercely smashed it towards that man in the black suit. The moment he lashed out, it was obvious that he was going for blood as his aim was directed at the vital organs.

However, the hatchet man of the unlicensed hotel who had a smooth-sailing path thus far had met his match this time. Clearly, the few men in suits who had jumped out had quite the skills and with two to three hits, they had knocked the hefty man onto the ground once again.

The pa.s.sage in the bus was too narrow and could only accommodate one person at a time going through. Hence, although there were many of the hatchet men of the unlicensed hotel, they were unable to a.s.sert dominance by surrounding and attacking.

That hefty man had seemingly also known that continuing like that would only be a disadvantage to them. Hence, they all jumped off the bus one after the other and they stood at the door shouting loudly.

“d.a.m.n you, if you have the guts, come down and fight.”

“F*ck, we will get rid of you once you come down. Come down if you have the guts.”

The chaos outside had attracted the attention of the other people in the unlicensed hotel. In no time, there were more than ten people das.h.i.+ng out. In order to beat them up, other than rods and pipes, there were even some who were holding on to knives. That meter-long chopper started to sparkle in the sun. A single look at it would make someone’s heart tremor. How could the average pa.s.senger be a match for these people?

The unlicensed hotel was opened in the deserted wilderness specially to do such immoral things. Normally, there would naturally be some conflict with others. The fact that this unlicensed hotel was able to be established meant that their power and influence was rather significant.

In just a short time, there were already 15 or 16 people running out. They were all armed and ready to fight it out with people at any time.

The four that seemed like bodyguards looked at the crowd gathered down the bus. Then they looked back at the FRB lady as if to get her opinion.

“Can you win?” The FRB looked down the bus at the people who totaled up to be more than ten as she asked a little doubtfully. After all, she only had four people by her side.

“Don’t worry young lady, it is just a bunch of unqualified gangsters so they won’t be of much threat,” the bodyguard at the front looked at the bunch of people below and said dully.

“Go down then and beat them up. They’re really too much,” the FRB let out a light humph and looked at the group of people down the bus coldly. There were no traces of fear in her eyes. It could be seen that she had already seen things beyond her years and was not like the average Young Lady of a household.

“Alright,” the four serious bodyguards said and immediately piled down the bus one after the other. It was as if they did not even see the bunch of armed people as a threat.

Mo Wen looked at the FRB beside him oddly. This scene was too dramatic. The little lady beside him was not an average girl, she had to be someone of a certain status.

“Are you alright?” the FRB raised her eyebrow and asked while looking at Mo Wen who was beside her. She remembered that the hefty man had seemingly kicked him. At that time, she had no time to react.

“What can possibly happen to me?” Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders and covered his sun hat once again to return to sleep.

As for what was happening outside, he simply did not care. As long as it did not affect him in any way, nothing mattered to him.

He could tell from a single glance that those four bodyguards in black suits were not ancient martial art pract.i.tioners. However, their body conditions were very good and their experience in battles were also sufficient. Evidently, they had gone through special training.

Hence, he knew that it would not be too tough for the four of them to go against those gangsters from the unlicensed hotel. There was also no need to worry that those gangsters would come up the bus once again and ruin his mood.

“Sigh…” The FRB looked at this weird youth and was speechless for a moment. This person was too rude, she had even saved him just a while ago.

If she had known earlier, she should have let him get a beating from those guys before cutting in.

The FRB let out a light humph as she thought internally.

Down the bus, the fighting sounds had gotten more and more intense. It had continued for a consecutive five minutes. Finally, all the people from the unlicensed hotel had fallen while those four bodyguards of the FRB still remained standing by the end. In fact, they had only sustained minor injuries.

At that moment, it was a scene of chaos below. The people of the unlicensed hotel had all run out and naturally, their business could not continue for now. The people who were eating had also stopped and run up the bus one after the other, hiding inside and refusing to budge.

Some of whom have yet to eat took the opportunity to run back to the bus and avoid eating at all. A lousy hotel yet its food was even more expensive than a five-star hotel. Only a ghost would want to eat.

Under the command of the FRB, those four bodyguards in the black suits had walked into the unlicensed hotel and smashed everything, before returning to the bus.

At the moment, the driver of the bus had already returned to the driver’s cab. His face was pale and he lowered his head, afraid to look at those four bodyguards. Everyone knew that he had driven to this unlicensed hotel specially to bring the pa.s.sengers over and he was unsure if those fierce-looking bodyguards would also beat him up.

However, it was lucky that those few bodyguards did not have the intention to beat him up. The driver let out a sigh of relief and started the bus, hurriedly going onto the expressway and continuing on the journey.

The night gradually pa.s.sed and unknowingly, there was a golden ray coming out from the horizon as the sun started to rise.

Mo Wen removed the sun hat from his head. After sleeping for over 20 hours, he was also unable to sleep any more. He looked at the time. They would probably be able to arrive at Baishan City at about 12 in the afternoon. From Baishan City to the depths of Baishan, it was estimated to take about another day.

“Don’t you want to eat something?” the FRB beside him was not asleep. Seeing as Mo Wen had woken up, she looked at Mo Wen and asked curiously.

It had already been a day and yet this person still had not eaten a thing. Was he a robot that did not need to eat?

“I’m not eating,” Mo Wen looked at the FRB beside him and he wondered why the girl beside him was so curious.

“How about eating this?” the FRB took out a chicken drumstick that was still sealed from her bag and pa.s.sed it to Mo Wen. She looked at Mo Wen’s clothing and concluded he appeared rather poor. She got the impression that he was trying to save money and purposely bearing the hunger. Hence, she felt empathy rising up within her.

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows and looked at the chicken drumstick in the FRB’s hand. He rolled his eyes and did not have any interest at all as he said, “I’m not eating.”

“You…” the FRB widened her eyes. The person in front of her was simply too… She did not even know how to describe this youth anymore. He was even looking down on the food in her hands. This was not any junk food. Rather, it was chicken drumstick imported from California.

She fiercely stuffed the chicken drumstick into her bag. So what if he didn’t want to eat, it wasn’t her problem if he was going to starve to death.

“You have four bodyguards by your side and yet you take the bus?” Mo Wen tilted his head and curiously looked at the FRB while asking. This girl was obviously well-to-do. She even had such strong bodyguards by her side so by right, she shouldn’t be riding the bus.

Not talking about a private jet, she should at least have a private car, right? It was interesting that she had ended up squeezing with others in the bus.

“How is that any of your business?” the FRB glanced at Mo Wen from the corner of her eyes and looked at him uncaringly. Humph, she finally had the chance to let out her anger.


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