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Read Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 511 – Fool, You Shall Die

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Chapter 511: Fool, You Shall Die

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“We can’t kill another one. My Soul power is insufficient,” Mo Wen said to Xia Kunqian as he waved his hand to burn the cadaver of yet another Sacred Flame Sect’s elder.

Killing four elders of the Sacred Flame Sect in a row had expended too much of his Soul power. For now, the killing couldn’t continue. Of course, Mo Wen knew that he couldn’t go beyond his bottom line. Regardless of the situation, he should always hold back a trick. It was unwise to exhaust all his Soul power to kill the elders of Sacred Flame Sect.

Xia Kunqian nodded as he heard him. He was already extremely shocked by the fact that they had been able to attack and kill four elders of the Sacred Flame Sect. It was unbelievable that Mo Wen possessed soul power of such frightening strength.

He suspected that even the Soul power of the martial arts pract.i.tioner in the acme of Golden Elixir realm paled in comparison to this youngster. Moreover, even the martial arts pract.i.tioner in the acme of Golden Elixir realm wouldn’t be able to give out such a Soul attack. This youngster was a complete enigma in the eyes of Xia Kunqian.

“At a distance of about a kilometer from us, there is an elder of the Sacred Flame Sect, but next to the elder, there are more than ten martial arts pract.i.tioners in the Embryonic Breathing realm. The elder must be leading the troop in an attempt to force their way through the stratagem.” Xia Kunqian took out the compa.s.s once again. After casting a look at it, he immediately identified a target.

The two of them didn’t hesitate at all. The more than ten martial arts pract.i.tioners in the Embryonic Breathing realm were naturally nothing in their eyes. Even if the elder in the beginning stage of the Golden Elixir realm appeared, they would also kill him.

A distance of a kilometer to the martial arts pract.i.tioner in the Golden Elixir realm was merely a half-a-minute journey. The two of them hurried to that region instantly.

The spectacle in front of them was totally different from their expectation. As well as a troop of martial arts pract.i.tioners of the Sacred Flame Sect, there was also another troop of martial arts pract.i.tioners of the Intentionless Sect. They were having an extremely intense fight.

As Xia Kunqian had removed the symbolic s.h.i.+eld of the Intentionless Sect’s compa.s.s previously, he hadn’t detected the Intentionless Sect’s people during the scanning.

The leader of the Intentionless Sect was a middle-aged man who was not too old but was an elder in the Cultivation of Golden Elixir realm. As for the Sacred Flame Sect’s side, they were led by a man in a black robe who seemed to be fond of covering his head. He had wrapped his entire person in black. However, his Cultivation was relatively high and he was neck and neck in his fight with the elder of the Intentionless Sect.

“Eldest elder!”

“Eldest elder is here…”

When Xia Kunqian and Mo Wen appeared, a group of Intentionless Sect’s disciples instantly noticed them. Even as they fought, they couldn’t help but greet Xia Kunqian, their eyes full of uncontrollable excitement. With the Eldest elder being here, the group of people from the Sacred Flame Sect would be defeated immediately.

Mo Wen swept his eyes across and immediately surprise flashed in his eyes as his lips curled into a smile mischievously. It was simply too coincidental. The elder who led the Sacred Flame Sect’s troop was actually Luo Shan, whom he had previously met in Panli City previously.

Mo Wen and Xia Kunqian had arrived openly, so Luo Shan would naturally detect Mo Wen at the first instant.

“It’s you!” Luo Shan bellowed as if he had just seen a ghost. He simply couldn’t believe his eyes. That abnormal youngster had actually appeared in front of him once again and now was in the fighting ground of the Sacred Flame Sect and Intentionless Sect.

If there was someone in this world that Luo Shan didn’t want to encounter, it would be the abnormal youngster he had met in Panli City. If possible, he wished he would never see him again in his life. However, the heavens didn’t seem to favor him. After merely a few days, he was now faced with this abnormal youngster again. It was like being possessed.

“Why do you appear here?” Luo Shan screamed in shock. Wasn’t this the fighting ground of the Sacred Flame Sect and the Intentionless Sect, the inner city of the Intentionless City where the Sect had set the Psychedelic stratagem for the past half a month to seal this region? How did this youngster get in here without being detected by the Sacred Flame Sect?

Luo Shan’s body turned cold, like a basin of cold water had been showered onto him from head to foot. He was so shocked and his face turned pale as their last encounter flashed in his mind. Now, merely a few days later, he had again met Mo Wen, this time in the most impossible situation. Luo Shan wondered if he was being possessed. Perhaps he had offended a deity?

“Grandson, why can’t I appear here? Can it be that you don’t wish to see your ancestral grandfather?” Mo Wen curled his lips into a laugh.

“Retreat! Retreat quickly.” Luo Shan didn’t respond to Mo Wen and hit a palm at the middle-aged elder directly to push him back. Then, he moved quickly in retreat, like a distressed stray dog escaping with his tail between his legs.

The appearance of this abnormal youngster in the Intentionless Sect would definitely be the greatest variable which would cause a terrifying reaction. He must hurry back to tell his Sect Leader immediately, otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.

With the abnormal youngster around, he had a sudden urge to give up encircling and annihilating the Intentionless Sect and to retreat back to the Sacred Flame Sect. Perhaps this was the wisest choice.

Not only were the people of the Intentionless Sect completely dumbfounded by Luo Shan’s actions, but the people of the Sacred Flame Sect also had disbelief in their eyes.

An elder of the Sacred Flame Sect was actually so afraid of a youngster, like a mouse which had seen a cat. Moreover, this youngster had even reprimanded Luo Shan as a grandson and called himself his grandfather, yet Luo Shan didn’t dare to talk back. It was simply like seeing a ghost, a weird thing that had never before been seen.

As for Xia Kunqian, he was not as surprised, but he furrowed his brows. He had already realized that Elder Luo Shan of the Sacred Flame Sect must already know about Mo Wen’s ability in order to react this way. However, he didn’t know if he had reported this matter to the Sacred Flame Sect’s Sect Leader. If the people of the Sacred Flame Sect knew about Mo Wen’s existence, that wouldn’t be a good thing.

“Where are you going?” Xia Kunqian asked Mo Wen. He laughed sardonically as he flashed his body to give chase.

“Eldest elder.” The Intentionless Sect’s middle-aged elder appeared in front of Xia Kunqian, greeting him with a doubtful look in his eyes. He looked at Mo Wen’s receding back, baffled. He wondered what was so frightening about the youngster in order for the elder of the Sacred Flame Sect to become so terrified.

“You shall kill all these people of the Sacred Flame Sect. Spare none and don’t let anyone run away.” Xia Kunqian didn’t have time to explain anything to the Intentionless Sect’s elder. He simply gave an order before he flashed his body to chase after Mo Wen. Since Mo Wen hadn’t performed Soul attack technique on the spot and had chosen instead to chase after Luo Shan, he definitely didn’t want anyone to know this secret. Xia Kunqian thought that Mo Wen’s secret shouldn’t be revealed too easily and even among the people of the Intentionless Sect, there shouldn’t be too many who knew.

Therefore, Xia Kunqian didn’t bother to discuss the matter any further and flashed his body to follow Mo Wen. As for those martial arts pract.i.tioners in the Embryonic Breathing realm of the Sacred Flame Sect, the elder of the Intentionless Sect naturally wouldn’t let them run away.

“Kill! Spare none.” Although the Intentionless Sect’s elder didn’t know the reason, it was definitely a serious matter since the Eldest elder had given the order so seriously. Therefore, he didn’t dare to be careless in any way, so he personally attacked and killed those martial arts pract.i.tioners in the Embryonic Breathing realm of the Sacred Flame Sect.

Mo Wen chased after Luo Shan unhurriedly, neither fast nor slow. It was as though he was flying a kite. When both of them were a distance away, Mo Wen said indifferently,” Grandson, you dare to run when you see your ancestral grandfather.”

Luo Shan who was running frantically ahead of Mo Wen suddenly had a bolt of thunder sound in his mind, like a mine had exploded there out of the blue. His body stiffened and he nearly fell from the air.

In a blink of an eye, Mo Wen appeared beside Luo Shan. He thrust his leg at him and sent Luo Shan flying tens of meters away. Like wild geese diving onto the ground, Luo Shan smashed onto the snowy ground with a thud.

“Haven’t I already apologized to you the last time? What do you want? I don’t seem to have offended you at all.” Luo Shan spat out a mouth full of snow. He spoke in a very aggrieved manner. It seemed as though Mo Wen was his incubus. All Luo Shan wanted to do was disappear from this youngster’s sight.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m just curious and need to ask you a question. Did you tell anyone about my secret?” Mo Wen asked. He was grinning and looked extremely amiable.

“No, I’m the only one who knows and I will never tell anyone.” Luo Shan’s head instantly shook like a rattle-drum. What he said was indeed the truth. After all, he had been hesitating for the past few days about whether or not he should report the incident to the Sect Leader. The abnormal incident outside Panli City was so embarra.s.sing to him that he didn’t want anyone to know about it.

Furthermore, a youngster with such ability was simply too weird. He was also worried that his Sect Leader wouldn’t believe him and would even think that he was insane or had an ulterior motive.

He really wouldn’t tell anyone about Mo Wen’s secret.

“Not bad, very obedient.” Mo Wen nodded satisfyingly. With his Soul power, he would able to detect sensitively if Luo Shan was telling a lie.

“I swear. I never tell anyone about your matter and it will rot in my heart.” Luo Shan lifted his hand to swear. He was an elder of the Sacred Flame Sect and actually was being coerced to such extent. It was simply too asinine and cowardly.

At this moment, he also realized that Mo Wen had looked for him perhaps because he didn’t want too many people to know about his ability to perform the Soul attack. However, since he didn’t want anyone to know it, why hadn’t he killed him the other day in Panli City?

“Good att.i.tude. I am pleased.” Mo Wen nodded and looked appreciative. Luo Shan was delighted to see that and thought that this youngster would let him off again. After all, he knew that this youngster was a fool who fasted and prayed to Buddha and didn’t like killing.

However, Luo Shan’s wonderful dream was shattered as Mo Wen continued, “But I think only dead people will keep a secret forever. Hence, your ancestral grandfather will send you to see your array of ancestors then.”

“What! Don’t you hate killing? You can’t kill me. Buddha said that saving someone is better than building a seven-storied paG.o.da for the G.o.ds and taking a life will cause one to suffer in infernal h.e.l.l forever.”

Luo Shan was utterly shocked. His face turned as white as a sheet as he shrieked in fright. How was it possible for Mo Wen to be so cruel? Wasn’t it true that he disliked killing?

“Buddha my foot. Fool, you shall die.” Mo Wen really didn’t want to bother about this idiot. He released a Soul attack and hit him directly.


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