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Invincible Kungfu Healer is a web novel completed by Azuresky, 天下青空.
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Chapter 63: The Eastern Heretic, Dongfang Yi

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The ravine was really secretive. Mo Wen and Qin Xiaoyou finally came out after wandering half a day in the mountains. After coming out, Qin Xiaoyou would not be able to go back to the ravine even if she were to try.

As for Mo Wen, he was mindful and memorized the route while coming out of the ravine. Once out of the ravine, both their communication devices sounded at the same time.

Mo Wen fished out the communication devices and looked at them. He realized there were several messages from w.a.n.g Yuan and Liu Guangwen. They were not about other matters but sent to tell him that both of them had returned to the military region to receive treatment and had ended the field survival training in advance.

There were also messages from the military headquarters of the military region informing students to switch their radio signals to the maximum this morning. This was so that the military helicopter would be able to find them and transport them back to the military region successfully.

After a while, a military helicopter flew slowly towards them and hovered above the forest that Mo Wen and Qin Xiaoyou were before dropping a rope ladder towards them and picking them up successfully.

The military training had finally ended. After a month of training, every student had more or less changed a little.

At the moment of departure, many people shed tears even though they had wished for the military training to end earlier so they could return to the comfortable and easy life. A life without any more drills, trainings, or missions from the instructors to be completed.

Perhaps everyone knew that after they left, they might never return here nor would they return to the days in which they would jump out of bed in response to the sound of the whistle.

That’s why everyone was filled with a bit of reluctance, a bit of being moved and a bit of separation sadness.

However, all good things must come to an end. When the fleet of trucks filled with throngs of students left the Tai Hang mountains, it signified the end of the military training.

That very afternoon, the vehicles of the military region had sent the students back to Hua Xia University.

Mo Wen was on his way to the dormitory in an exceptionally good mood. He had a huge backpack on his back. It was the military backpack that he had besought from his instructor in which he put all the treasures he had found in the Ming Cult historical abode.

With his great performance during the military training, his instructors would naturally fulfill his little requests. These items were easily taken out of the military region without any inspection or questioning.

When he returned to the dormitory 805, the whole level of the eighth story in the dormitory building was pin-drop silent like a vacant level of that building.

Mo Wen was not surprised at all after understanding the uniqueness of the Freak Dormitory. He somehow understood his own living environment.

The door of the dormitory was not locked. The door was left ajar and might open with a casual push.

Dormitory A-16-205 didn’t need to be locked as normal people would not dare to enter.

When he entered the dormitory, he found a person sitting in the hall. That person sat on the sofa with a gla.s.s of red wine in his hand and was tasting it quietly.

When Mo Wen walked in, he didn’t seem to notice as his attention was completely absorbed by the gla.s.s of wine in his hand.

Mo Wen took a glimpse of that person, kept quiet as well, and sauntered back to his room; minding his own business.

The decoration in the room was simple: a double bed, a desk and a wardrobe. Other than these, there was basically nothing else.

Mo Wen kept his backpack into his wardrobe, then walked into the bathroom lazily, and came out after a shower.

The youngster, who was tasting the wine on the sofa, seemed to finally notice Mo Wen and casted him a look with interest while asking, “You are the new one?”

Mo Wen sauntered to the sofa opposite him and sat down, “Mo Wen. How should I address you?” He looked at the youngster opposite him with much interest too.

The youngster was very good-looking with defined features, masculine with a tinge of gentleness and yet looked indescribably sinister.

In terms of appearance, he was almost perfect and one could barely pick out any flaw on him. This basically made him a complete extreme of Ren Liusha. Moreover, this person pursed his lips tightly with a pair of deep set eyes which didn’t like to look at people. He seemed like someone who didn’t like to talk but was an adept thinker.

Dongfang Yi curled his lips and looked at Mo Wen ruminatively, “Dongfang Yi. Your name seems interesting?”

“I loved to ask my mom who my father was when I was young. As a result, my mum always told me, “Don’t ask”. As time pa.s.sed, I was affectionately called Mo Wen [1],” Mo Wen smiled broadly as he was sometimes curious about his own name too. Perhaps he was given this name because he liked to ask his mother many questions when he was young.

Dongfang Yi didn’t expect Mo Wen to give such answer to his question but from Mo Wen’s eyes, he knew he was not lying. Then he asked, “Would you like to know who your father is?”

Mo Wen gazed at Dongfang Yi with much interest and a flicker of radiance flashed in his eyes, “You know?”

“Of course. No matter who your father was, as long as he is not from an extraterrestrial world, I’ll be able to find out,” Dongfang Yi smiled but his tone offered no room for any doubt.

“No matter who you are, I am sure you are unable to find out,” Mo Wen shook his head as Dongfang Yi didn’t know his family background. If he did, then he wouldn’t have said that.

In fact, Mo Wen had basically exploited all means of investigation, none of the governmental, legal, and commission authorities had any information on his background. Unless Dongfang Yi was a deity, he wouldn’t be able to predict anything.

Although Mo Wen had an ident.i.ty card, the information on the ident.i.ty card was all fake. It stated that he was a resident in the capital and was residing in an orphanage.

Basically no one knew that he came from a virgin forest in the deep mountains. He didn’t even know how his mother managed to get him an ident.i.ty card.

“You seem to be very sure, but I don’t usually just help anyone to investigate as the price is high,” Dongfang Yi laughed but didn’t comment further. There were many who disbelieved him, not just Mo Wen, but if he had to prove to everyone who questioned him, he would be dead tired.

Mo Wen smiled and went straight back to his room. If Dongfang Yi was able to find out information about his father, he didn’t mind asking him for help. However, it was obviously impossible. Regardless of Dongfang Yi’s capabilities, it was an impossible task.

“Interesting. He should also be a martial arts pract.i.tioner but his Qi functionality is weak. His Cultivation was obviously not very high but he gave me very dangerous sensation,” thought Mo Wen to himself.

Dongfang Yi gazed at Mo Wen’s receding figure with a flicker of subtlety in his eyes, “Very strange. He is obviously in the Regulated Breathing realm but why did he feel the dangerous sensation? Moreover, his eyes have very strong influence that naturally make others believe in his words. Such disposition can only be developed in someone who has been in a high position for a long time. He is definitely not that simple. That’s why he is in this dormitory.”

In a short period of contact, Dongfang Yi was able to discern things that many others were not able to see. If Mo Wen knew this, he might be quite astonished.

After Mo Wen went back to his room, he gradually went into deep thoughts.

That person had an outstanding strength, at least in the Sea of Qi realm, a very strong perspicacity with a radiance of wisdom in his eyes. This would make him a person who was very hard to handle. Furthermore, this person gave him a sinister feeling with an indescribable heretical sensation. Could he be the Eastern Heretic of the Five Freaks?

Mo Wen thought for a while, then he put Dongfang Yi out of his mind. Although he had some interests in the Five Freaks of this dormitory, he didn’t attach much importance to it.

Practicing was the most important thing to him. With the fortuitous encounter at the Ming Cult historical abode, the future cultivation should be smooth sailing.

However, before that, he still had to concoct Blood-Heart gra.s.s into Blood, Vitality, and Qi trans.m.u.ting powder so as to reactivate the body’s original potentials.


[1] Mo Wen in Mandarin means ‘Don’t ask’


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