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Read Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 805 – Back to Huatian Palace

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Chapter 805: Back to Huatian Palace

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The main reason why Mo Wen rushed back to the capital was that the Martial Arts Circle Convention, which happened once every five years, was around the corner. This time, the Martial Arts Circle Convention seemed to be different from usual. w.a.n.g Yinru sent a letter to him and asked him to come back to the Dafang Sect immediately.

Previously he had agreed to treat w.a.n.g Qinghan’s illness, yet he had put it off for so long. She was most likely getting impatient about it.

The Dafang Sect right now was already totally different from before. Its name shook the Jianghu; almost everyone knew about them. The reason was due to the Crimson Star Sect issuing a martial art circle announcement about them. The Crimson Star Sect announced that they would eradicate the Dafang Sect, shocking everyone. However, the ending was a turnaround. Not only did the old sect leader of the Crimson Star Sect die unexpectedly, the new sect leader even went to the Dafang Sect to beg for forgiveness.

To everyone’s surprise, the Crimson Star Sect, which was ranked fourth in the Jianghu, suffered great losses in this incident. At the same time, the fame of the Dafang Sect had been greatly hyped up.

Many people were speculating about the ident.i.ty of the sect leader of Dafang Sect. He could actually suppress the Crimson Star Sect to such an extent.

In the back garden of the Dafang Sect, w.a.n.g Yinru had just finished attending to some matters. Then, she rushed towards the entrance. It was because Mo Wen was back. This news was no doubt a surprise to her. He had disappeared for a few months. So he did still remember about returning to the sect.

Compared to a few months before, Mo Wen was not much different. The only difference was that his demeanor seemed less ruthless, and he looked calmer and steadier.

“While you were gone, the Huatian Palace sent you a letter.” w.a.n.g Yinru placed the letter in front of Mo Wen. Some time ago, Mo Wen had completely disappeared from her reach. Even the Huatian Palace could not locate him, so they could only send the letter to her.

“Huh? Letter?”

Mo Wen was momentarily stunned. The Huatian Palace would only send him a letter if it was an urgent matter.

Upon opening the letter, Mo Wen saw that there was only one line on it. However, it was enough to make Mo Wen narrow his eyes. In the letter, it said that Yun Xiaoman’s whereabouts had been discovered. But no details were given; it only asked Mo Wen to go to the Huatian Palace.

Mo Wen was not surprised that Yun Xiaoman’s whereabouts had been discovered. As long as they were willing to spend the time and resources, it was rare that the Huatian Palace would be unable to find the person.

The only thing that surprised him was that the letter did not actually explain more and instead asked him to pay a visit to the Huatian Palace to discuss the matter in detail. That was somewhat out of the ordinary. Mo Qingtian clearly had misgivings about something.

“They have found the little girl Yun Xiaoman?”

w.a.n.g Yinru took the letter from Mo Wen and smiled slightly. She had also sent out people to search everywhere for Yun Xiaoman. She had leveraged on many relations and connections, but they found no trace of her. w.a.n.g Yinru had already guessed that the people who kidnapped Yun Xiaoman were not ordinary people.

“This matter is most likely not as simple as it seems on the surface. I will head over to the Huatian Palace later.” Mo Wen sighed softly. He had not expected that this little girl Yun Xiaoman would actually be involved in so many problems. Who had kidnapped Yun Xiaoman, making even Mo Qingtian have misgivings?

“Are you leaving soon?” Upon hearing this, w.a.n.g Yinru felt dismayed. Mo Wen had just returned to the Dafang Sect. He had barely settled back in and was about to leave again immediately.

“This matter cannot be delayed. It had better be settled as soon as possible.” Mo Wen was afraid that if he delayed for too long, something might happen to Yun Xiaoman.

“Next month, the Martial Arts Circle Convention will be held in Dragon City. Rumor has it that this Martial Arts Circle Convention is different from the previous ones. However, the Huatian Palace has not yet specifically announced why this was the case. Right now, all the various sects are trying to get intel, but none of it goes into detail. What do you intend to do? Is our Dafang Sect going to join in the fun?”

w.a.n.g Yinru naturally knew about the Martial Arts Circle Convention. She had even represented the Dafang Sect when she was young, following her family members in partic.i.p.ating once. However, the Martial Arts Circle Convention was an event that encompa.s.sed the entire martial arts circle. The Dafang Sect was only a supporting character. Their purpose in attending was also just to see how big the difference was between them and the other sects.

“This Martial Arts Circle Convention will most likely involve a wide range of sects. Our Dafang Sect naturally will partic.i.p.ate,” Mo Wen said after pondering it for a while.

He did not know much about the Martial Arts Circle Convention, but this time around, he had heard some news about it from members of the Martial Arts Grandmaster Palace Hall. Rumor had it that it would be unusual and the prize would be grand. Even the Martial Arts Grandmaster Palace Hall’s Martial Arts Grandmasters were moved. Unfortunately, they didn’t belong to a sect and could not partic.i.p.ate in such an event.

“If that’s the case, then I will make preparations. However, the Martial Arts Circle Convention pays much attention to the overall ability of the sect. With just you, it will be difficult to achieve much in the Martial Arts Circle Convention.”

w.a.n.g Yinru sighed. The entire Dafang Sect was actually held up by Mo Wen alone. Everyone was living under his protection. They sorely lacked experts. Aside from Mo Wen, all of them, including her, would have a hard time standing out in an event like the Martial Arts Circle Convention. With just Mo Wen, the chances of the Dafang Sect claiming a position in the Martial Arts Circle Convention would most likely be very low.

“Hmm, don’t worry. I will make arrangements about this matter when I return.”

Mo Wen understood her concerns. The Dafang Sect was but an average sect in the martial arts circle. It did not have anything that it could bring to the table at all. With the current heritage of the Dafang Sect, wanting to stand out in the Martial Arts Circle Convention was almost impossible. However, since he was prepared to partic.i.p.ate, he naturally would not just join to check things out. He would still give it a shot and contend.

Mo Wen instructed w.a.n.g Yinru on a few matters and then left behind a lot of pills to help the Dafang Sect develop again. He left in the evening.

The Huatian Palace was situated in another s.p.a.ce. Previously, Mo Wen did not understand much about the Huatian Palace, but from the looks of it now, the Huatian Palace must be an existence similar to that of Inner worlds. It was close to the main s.p.a.ce and was almost connected with it. Hence crossing between them was comparatively easy. As long as they knew how, ordinary ancient martial arts pract.i.tioners could also do so.

It was unlike the large worlds such as the Underworld and the Devil Kingdom. No one knew how great the distance between them and the main s.p.a.ce was. Even Mighty Immortal Cultivators would find it very difficult to cross between the two Realms.

There was a Door of s.p.a.ce in the Tianshan Mountain range that led straight to the Huatian Palace headquarters. As long as one had a keepsake of the Huatian Palace, as well as the special pa.s.sword, they could pa.s.s through the spatial barrier.

With a flash of light, Mo Wen walked out of a large palace hall. The spatial energy behind him still lingered. The Huatian Palace’s Teleportation Main Hall had many teleporting stratagems, all heading to different places. Mo Wen knew of and also had the authorization to use only a few of them. He did not know where the others led to.

Huatian Palace had too many secrets. Even for him, a member of the Martial Arts Grandmaster Palace Hall, it was impossible to know much. If he wanted to know more about the Huatian Palace, it was likely that he needed to be promoted to the Senate to gain even a basic understanding.

“Where have you been this past half a month? I actually could not find you.”

Before coming, Mo Wen used the special communication method to inform Mo Qingtian of his imminent arrival. Hence, once Mo Wen arrived at the Huatian Palace, he immediately saw Mo Qingtian. Mo Qingtian looked at Mo Wen in astonishment. It was because half a month ago, Mo Wen seemed to have disappeared. Even with the Huatian Palace’s intelligence capabilities, they could not locate him.

“Enough chit-chat. What’s the matter with Yun Xiaoman?” Mo Wen said with a frown. Mo Qingtian kept him guessing. Mo Wen already had a bad feeling about this.


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