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Chapter 181

Even if the separation was of 10000 miles, they would not be able to escape the Violent Sky young master’s control .

When Qin Tian unleashed his abilities, the Violent Sky young master had made his decision .

As for what was his decision, only he would know .

The appearance of the imprint caused the Evil Demon city’s City Leader to frown . No matter how strong the Violent Sky young master was, he was only at the Void Piercing realm . How could he escape Zi Yue, a Universe realm’s sense? However, after giving it some thought, Zi Yue decided not to inform Qin Tian .

She left an imprint in Qin Tian’s mind .

During a critical moment, it could protect his life .

After finishing off Feng Yu Lei Dian, Qin Tian continued on his journey back . On the way, he was pondering on why did Gu Cang escaped . As he could not think of any answer, after a moment of frustration, he became too lazy to continue thinking about it .

Midway, Hei Yan parted ways with them .

Hei Yan was well aware that he was Flowing Clouds Sect’s disciple . Regarding the death of Yao Qing, Flowing Clouds Sect would definitely investigate it . It wouldn’t take long for the investigation to trace to him . For the sake of not giving trouble to Qin Tian, he decided to travel towards the horizon .

Qin Tian did not urge Hei Yan to stay and just reminded him to come to Tianji Sect to find him if he faced any problems .

During these short months, Hei Yan’s character had returned . Though there’s still wound in his heart, he’s now able to face forward with a positive att.i.tude . With this, Qin Tian was secretly relieved .

The journey was in silence .

The first thing Qin Tian and Meng Fanyi did when they returned to Tianji Sect was to go to the inner achievement hall . Their appearance immediately caused a commotion .

On the black pillar, the mission to find the dark ocean mysterious flame had disappeared .

This also sparked an enormous commotion in the hall .

“There’s actually someone who completed it . ”

“Who is it? This is one of the top 3 most dangerous mission . ”

“Could it be a disciple at the Rebirth realm?”

“It can’t be . Within these few months, there’s only a person who accepted this mission . ”


Within the achievement hall, almost half the disciples p.r.i.c.ked their ear as they wanted to know who was it that was so powerful to be able to complete such a dangerous mission .

This was a mission that was personally issued by the Fierce Sun Pillar . If it was really completed, that person would definitely receive numerous benefits .

That person might even be summoned by the Fierce Sun Pillar’s master . If that person was to become the Fierce Sun Pillar’s disciple, that person’s life would definitely experience a drastic change .

Among the 8 halls in the Tianji Sect, when comparing strength, Fierce Sun pillar and its master were the worst . The pillar master was only at the Void Piercing realm, and had not made any break through for 200 years .

However, if they were to really fight, only the Southern Sun Pillar, Jian w.a.n.gwu, could win against her .

If comparing influence, Fierce Sun Pillar’s was definitely the strongest .

On this continent, there weren’t many tool refining masters . Those that were at the master level were even rarer . In Tianji Sect, almost half of the disciples’ tool was from the Fierce Sun Pillar .

The tool created by the Fierce Sun Pillar’s master, Shen Yan, contained extraordinary power . In other words, tools that came from her hands would definitely not be ordinary .

There was a saying in the society that it was better to fight against a peak Void Piercing realm cultivator than Shen Yan who was at Rank 1 Void Piercing realm . With just her tools, she would be able to crush you .

With Tianji Sect, Fierce Sun Pillar’s influence was the biggest, and it was also the most difficult to enter . Many people made many different sorts of attempts to enter the Fierce Sun Pillar, but none succeed .

Fierce Sun Pillar is very strict in recruiting disciple and every time, it was personally done by Shen Yan .

Those chosen by her, even the Sect Leader have to give in .

This showed how influential the Fierce Sun Pillar is!

“It was that Rank 6 Spirit Refining realm fellow . What was his name again?”

“Qin Tian?”

“Yes, that’s him . He was the one that was nearly killed by w.a.n.g Ye . ”

“It was him who had completed the mysterious flame mission? A Rank 6 Spirit Refining realm cultivator is able to complete it? Even if I were to be beaten dead, I would not believe it…”


While the achievement hall become very noisy, Qin Tian and Meng Fanyi were on the top floor drinking good quality tea which only inner sect elders could drink . Though it seemed like they were relaxing, they were secretly feeling very nervous .

“Boss, this time we are really becoming famous . ” Meng Fanyi excitedly laughed . Just now when they came here, all the disciples’ gazes were filled with envy . This kind of feeling was very refreshing .

During the trip to the dark ocean, Meng Fanyi had gained many benefits . Not only did he break through to the ascension realm, he even received the Flowing Cloud Sect’s ability, Taixu Swordsmanship, and comprehended the Taixu sword intend . He had managed to find his own dao of sword .

All of these are to be credited to Qin Tian .

In his heart, as long as he followed Qin Tian, there would be endless opportunities .

Qin Tian put down his teacup and gave a faint smile, “Being famous isn’t always a good thing . ”

From what he understood, the power struggles within the Tianji Sect were very complicated and were filled with trickery . Additionally, with the strange disappearance of the previous Sect Leader, Cang Tianji, and with Long Xiaotian seizing the opportunity to take the position as the Sect Leader, it caused all sort of dissatisfaction . Though this was a unanimous decision made by the Sect’s revered elders, there were still some people that objected to this decision in their hearts, especially the direct force of Cang Tianji .

Hence, the current power struggles within Tianji Sect were very complicated . On the surface, everything was very peaceful, but deep beneath it, the undercurrent was very fierce .

To Qin Tian, the more chaotic, the better .

The more chaotic, his chances would be much greater .

However, to be famous at this time was indeed somewhat bad . For a Spirit Refining realm cultivator to complete one of the top 3 most dangerous mission, it didn’t matter whether it was due to good luck or outstanding strength, it would attract all sort of attention .

Qin Tian wanted to keep a low profile .

“Boss, say, Elder Xiao wants us to wait here for who? It couldn’t be Fierce Sun Pillar’s master?” Meng Fanyi’s body slightly trembled with shock as he looked at Qin Tian with delight . “Boss, if we really meet Fierce Sun Pillar’s master, you must seize this opportunity . I heard that within Fierce Sun Pillar, it is filled with so much immortal rank tools that the Fierce Sun Pillar’s disciples were too lazy to examine . Later, you must request to enter the Fierce Sun Pillar . I believe the master will agree . ”

“After all, this is the mysterious flame from somewhere out of the Tianyuan Continent, it isn’t easy to get it . ”

Qin Tian smiled but did not answer .

It was soon to be the 100 strong disciples ranking compet.i.tion . It would be best if he could find a backing before that compet.i.tion . If possible, Fierce Sun Pillar is a pretty good choice .

As long as the Fierce Sun Pillar’s master made an appearance, Qin Tian believed that even the Violent Sky Faction would not dare do anything to him, nonetheless Yang Han .

However, everything is not confirmed . He had yet to meet the Fierce Sun Pillar’s master, so he could not determine what kind of person she is .

It was rumored that she was a very kind person, but to what extent? He could only personally verify it .

Xiao Feng chuckled and walked out, “I’ve let the both of you wait quite long . ”

Qin Tian immediately stood up and greeted with respect . Previously, if it wasn’t for his help in the achievement hall, he might have already died under w.a.n.g Ye’s hand .

Therefore Qin Tian was deeply grateful to Xiao Feng, thus the extra respect .

Xiao Feng glanced at Qin Tian and already had a good feeling about him as at the very least, Qin Tian wasn’t arrogant after completing an extremely difficult mission .

Though he was the inner sect elder of the achievement hall, he had little power .

Many powerful disciples do not give him face . On that day in the achievement hall, it was because he could not stand w.a.n.g Ye’s arrogant and despotic att.i.tude that he lent a hand, saving Qin Tian . Now, it seemed like he did not save the wrong person .

“The two of you, wait for a little longer . Fierce Sun Pillar’s master will arrive soon . ” Xiao Feng faintly smiled at Qin Tian and thought in secret, “There’s very little thing that could really make Fierce Sun Pillar’s master take notice . ”

“Boss, like I said, Fierce Sun Pillar’s master will personally come . Haha…” Meng Fanyi was so happy that he wanted to leap into the air .

After he said that, another person suddenly appeared in the room .

It was a woman that seemed to be in her 30s, donned in plain colored clothing . She looked very approachable .

Xiao Feng immediately stood up and respectfully greeted with a hold fist salute, “Welcome, Pillar master . ”

Following which, Meng Fanyi and Qin Tian stood up together and bowed, “Welcome, Pillar master . ”

“There’s no outsider here, no need be reserved . ” The woman lightly touched Xiao Feng’s hands and said .

Xiao Feng was flattered as he retreated to a side .

Qin Tian was secretly shocked . How powerful are the Tianji Sect’s 8 pillar masters? As the boss of their pillars, how could she not have an arrogant demeanour? Shen Yan’s looks were ordinary and her aura was gentle . There were traces of kindness in her eyes . Gentle and elegant, it was hard to see that she was someone from a high position .

“No trouble, no desire, to be at peace with oneself?” Qin Tian secretly thought . Could there really be such a person in the world?

“Elder Xiao, you can go first . ” Shen Yan softly said . Her tone was gentle without a trace of ordering .

Xiao Feng immediately stood to bow respectfully before leaving the room .

Shen Yan approached Qin Tian and asked, “Was it you who completed the mission?”

Qin Tian took out a spatial ring which was prepared beforehand and pa.s.sed it to Shen Yan . “In here are 10 drops of mysterious flame . I hope they would be useful in helping you to refine a peerless tool . ”

Though her expression was calm, her hands were slightly trembling . After receiving the spatial ring, Shen Yan became dazed . When she recovered, her eyebrows rose, expressing her surprise and happiness . “Not bad, it’s the mysterious flame . ”

These slight changes could not escape QIn Tian’s eyes .

Qin Tian was very wary against people, especially towards some people from the TIanji Sect .

To him, there must never be any mistake in every step he took within the Tianji Sect .

A wrong step could perhaps cause his these few years of hard work to be wasted . Cang Tianji’s treasure would also be wasted . One must know that within the spatial ring, it contained Cang Tianji’s lifetime collection of treasures . The amount was shockingly a lot .

Also, after many years of inspection, he found that among the mountains of treasures, there were 1 to 2 saint tools .

G.o.dly tools were things which saint cultivators desired for . One could amount to an enormous amount of RMB from his previous life .

For the sake of the G.o.dly tools, he must do it steadily and surely .

“I can fulfill one wish of yours . As long as it is within my capabilities, I can help you accomplish it . ” Shen Yan was satisfied with the flame so she looked at Qin Tian and indifferently said .

Meng Fan was touched .

His body almost trembled with happiness . He was aware that the Fierce Sun Pillar’s master could refine a half-G.o.d tool . By choosing a tool, even those at the peak ascension realm would not be his opponent .

All of these, Qin Tian understood very well .

However, tools weren’t of much help to him at this point .

Seeing Qin Tian looking very hesitant, Shen Yan smiled faintly then said, “In a few days it would be the hundred strong disciples compet.i.tion . It would be very helpful to you if you get a good tool at this time . If I were you, I will choose a good tool . ”

She continued, “You may choose a half-G.o.d tool too . ”

“Half-G.o.d ranked tool . ”

Meng Fanyi shouted, really wanting to agree in place of Qin Tian . He was more anxious than Qin Tian .

“May I follow you? I wish to become a great tools refiner like you . ” Qin Tian lowered his head and bowed respectfully . His voice sounded extremely sincere that hardly anyone would be able to see through his heart’s desire .

As for why he lowered his head, it was to avoid eye contact and have his heart seen through .

Although Qin Tian believed he had prepared well enough, he still wanted to secure more time for himself .

Still, no matter how well a person conceals, one’s expression would not be able to hide .

“Are you crazy?” Meng Fanyi spoke hurriedly in a low voice, “That is a half-G.o.d tool, which even inner sect elders may not have, yet you rejected!”

Qin Tian’s request was out of the pillar master’s, Shen Yan, expectations .

She did not expect Qin Tian to actually want to learn tools refinement from her .

Before she arrived, she had gained some understanding of Qin Tian . He had provoked Violent Sky young master . “Are you trying to find a backing?”

It was frank and blunt .

“Do you think I will accept?” Shen Yan asked .

“Yes . ” Qin Tian replied .

“How can you be so sure?” Shen Yan was a little curious . Being only a rank three ascension realm inner disciple, what led to him having such confidence?

“You are more clear than me about difficulty level and dangers of the mysterious flame task . A task you are unable to complete is finished by me . I believe you will need me in the future . I am willing work for you I exchange for you sheltering . ” Qin Tian went straight to the point . He believed Shen Yan had gone into the Dark Ocean Territory before announcing the task, as she could not complete it .

Shen Yan was stunned, before laughing, “You are smart, but there are times when it is not good to be so . However, I do like smart people, so I shall agree . ”

“Many thanks, Pillar master . ” Qin Tian grinned .

Other than the concealment of his heart desires previously, Qin Tian no longer hid . He got a feeling that Shen Yan was not as simple as she looked, at least with regards to one’s perception, hers was no weaker than his .

Shen Yan took out a flaming red token . “In the future, you are part of my Fierce Sun Pillar . As long as you are within Tianji sect, Violent Sky young master would not dare to touch you . However, once you are away, I will not be able to guarantee . ”

Qin Tian accepted the token and a warm energy entered him . It felt comfortable . “Many thanks, master . ”

Shen Yan smiled, “In the future, Fierce Sun Pillar is your home . Handle your matters and then join us . ”

Immediately after she had spoken, she turned into flames and vanished .

“Elder brother, that is a half-G.o.d tool . ” Meng Fanyi was still upset about Qin Tian’s choice .

Becoming a Fierce Sun Pillar disciple may be difficult, but how could it be more difficult than getting a half-G.o.d tool .

Of the hundreds of thousands of Tianji sect disciples, how many can own a half-G.o.d tool? Hardly any, yet Qin Tian actually rejected .

Meng Fanyi’s heart was in pain .

“Relax, I’ll refine one for you in the future . ” Qin Tian laughed . Only a half-G.o.d tool . As long as he reaches Void Piercing realm, Violent Sky young master would no longer be able to provoke him .

What he needed now was not a tool, but an unmovable backing .

Only if one’s life is secure can one move the heavens!


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