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Outside the hall of Sky Beyond Sky.

“Sovereign, do you want to……”

The old man asked Long Xiaotian. Although he did not complete his sentence, the meaning could be deciphered from his expression.

Killing intent emerged.

Long Xiaotian gazed towards the sky and heaved a sigh, “No need to be overly anxious.”

“Understood.” The old man retreated, no longer speaking.

Of the 10 great Sky Beyond Sky disciples, 2 died. To Long Xiaotian, it wasn’t simply 2 deaths, but a damage to his prestige too.

He could still accept the fact that Wutian killed Zhaowu, for Wutian is the Thousand Snake Valley’s young master. If not for the fear he had towards Wutian’s saint father, the Thousand Snake Master, he would never tolerate Wutian acting so presumptuously in Tianji sect.

With regards to strength, Zhaowu’s death is also due to his cultivation not matching Wutian.

However, Zhao Changkong’s death made Long Xiaotian discontented. The strength Qin Tian revealed startled him. As someone in the Ascension realm, it would not be possible to kill someone at the peak of the Rebirth realm even by relying on a divine ability.

However, the impossible had occurred, Zhao Changfeng became a corpse. Facing Long Xiaotian’s anger, the entire Sky Beyond sky trembled.

His personal disciple died in the hands of a rank 4 Ascension realm cultivator. This was a huge blow to Sky Beyond Sky’s prestige.

Qin Tian angered him, but there was no hatred in his heart. On the contrary, he got more and more interested in Qin Tian, wanting to learn more about his divine ability.

Not limited to Long Xiaotian, many of the powerful cultivators of the older generations could not understand Qin Tian’s divine ability.

Divine ability is far greater than normal abilities, comprehended from the profoundness of the world. However, it cannot be cultivated to rise in ranks.

Qin Tian’s abilities were similar to skills in online games. Separated into 10 ranks, every rank up requires many repeated uses. With enough Qigong value and proficiency, it would rise in rank, becoming stronger.

Seven Lore Formation was an ability of Yang Hong, whom could only wield its first layer. The sight of Qin Tian using Seven Lore Formation baffled Yang Han, how could the power Qin Tian displayed be 10 times greater than his father?

From the few rounds, Qin Tian seemed to become increasingly mysterious, like he was covered in many layers of veil, unable to be seen through. Some wondered what other secrets he was hiding.

Why could the divine ability exert so much might?

Why was he able to learn an ability he never cultivated before after killing, and even displaying a greater might?

Why did his cultivation advance in 1 rank after killing w.a.n.g Ye?

Many did not notice, but some paid attention to Qin Tian.

The might of his abilities was what Qin Tian relies on.

Prior to the compet.i.tion, he was clear in his heart that only by relying on the greatness of his abilities would he be able to pave a road with blood.

Rank 5 Berserk contains power far beyond the norm……

On the stage, the compet.i.tion continues.

The judge announced the start of the fight between the top 25.

“Qin Tian against Lai Bai……”

Immediately, the crowd started to remark.

2 black horses had clashed.

One with an unparalleled divine ability, while the other with a terrifying sword intent.

Qin Tian’s divine ability was extremely powerful, while Lai Bai’s sword intent was extremely profound. The meeting of those two would undoubtedly decide who’s the biggest black horse.

“Who do you think would win?”

On Fierce Sun Pillar’s viewing platform gathered 7 Pillar Masters and 8 great elders, all holding authority within Tianji sect.

Hearing Wuyue, Thousand Sun Pillar Master replied, “What’s there to discuss about? Of course it would be Qin Tian.”

“Right, definitely Qin Tian. Rank 9 Rebirth realm Zhao Changkong wasn’t his opponent, what’s more a rank 1 Ascension realm Lai Bai.”

“Lai Bai’s comprehension of sword intent is amazingly profound. Don’t forget that he also defeated a Rank 9 rebirth realm disciple.”

“Lai Bai isn’t simple either.”

“Who is going to be this year’s greatest dark horse?”

“Want to bet? I’ll bet on Qin Tian’s victory……”


The others sank into silence, unwilling to bet.

On the stage, Qin Tian and Lai Bai stared at each other with a cold expression. None moved, as if the first person to take action is the loser.

A long time later, Lai Bai laughed all of a sudden. Bitterness could be felt from his laughter.

“I admit defeat.”

With that, he exited the stage resolutely.

Right after Lai Bai left, cold sweat emerged. Qin Tian’s blood essence was in turmoil. Just now, every second felt like a thousand years.

From the time Qin Tian stepped onto the stage, he felt the ferocious sword intent of Lai Bai. The battle had already begun in their minds at that moment.

Qin Tian did not have a deep understanding of the Dao of Sword, but he is all for the Dao of killing. So in his mind, his Sword Dao is the Dao of Killing.

Kill, to annihilate anything beneath the heavens!

Lai Bai’s sword intent carried the power of the heavens, extremely terrifying. If not for Qin Tian’s cultivation realm advantage, Qin Tian would have to take some time to gain victory.

“One day, I will surpa.s.s you.”

Lai Bai stepped down the stage. With a pale face, he spat blood. He lowered his head as he mixed himself within the crowd, disappearing soon after.

“Qin Tian wins, advances to the next round……”

The judge announced.

“Yang Han against Ran Qing……”


Yang Han appeared before Qin Tian, blocking Qin Tian’s way, “Qin Tian, don’t die too early, your life is mind to take.”

He spoke coldly while releasing an intense killing intent.

Nanguan Lie rose up and bellowed, “Yang Han, what are you doing?”

Yang Han ignored Nanguan Lie. Giving Qin Tian a disdainful smile, he walked towards the stage. His fists were clenched tightly.

Sensing Yang Han’s aura burning like fire, Qin Tian knew that his rage made him insane and he was close to Qi deviation.

Qin Tian gently stated, “Your father, your brother and your Yang clan ancestor are all waiting for you below.”


Those words triggered something deep within Yang Han. He turned his head and roared, “What did you say?”

Qin Tian smiled and spoke. Although it was not too loud, Yang Han still heard it clearly, ” I said, your father, your brother and your Yang clan ancestor are all died in Laozi’s hands and are waiting for you below……”

“Qin Tian!!!”

Yang Han could no longer control himself. His eyes turned bloodshot. The rage within him could no longer be suppressed. If he gets agitated once more, he would definitely enter Qi deviation.

“Chaotic, chaotic, the more chaotic the better.” Qin Tian laughed coldly inwardly. He took out the heaven domain enclosure and continued, “This is a gift from your ancestor, haha……”


Yang Han lost control.

The stone below his feet turned to dust and he blasted off like a bullet.

The pressure he gave off forcefully made the surrounding disciples retreat.

“Qi deviation.”

Qin Tian smirked. Yang Han’s inner Qi was chaotic, he had already lost his sanity due to his rage.

Now, there was still a sliver of hope for him to save himself, but Qin Tian won’t give him the chance.

The Qi deviated Yang Han had increased strength.

Qin Tian retreated rapidly as he prepared himself, “Rank 5 berserk……”

Feeling his strength multiplying, Qin Tian rushed forward like lightning.


None of the two evaded. Their fists clashed, creating a loud bang.

Both retreated hundreds of feet.

The square descended into a mess. The aura of the two of them were too pressurizing, disciples that had abilities at the lower end could not withstand it.

Screams could be heard.

Evillish aura revolved around Yang Han. A voice in his mind kept urging, kill Qin Tian, kill Qin Tian……

Before he could attack again, Nanguan Lie descended like a meteor and appeared in front of Yang Han, stopping him, “Yang Han, are you crazy?”

“F**k off!!!”

Yang Han’s rage intensified after being stopped by Nanguan Lie and roared. He felt as if the world was against him.

Nanguan Lie’s expression turned ugly and he threw out a slap, “Presumptuous!”

Yang Han was slapped till he could see stars, but did not become sane. Although the redness of his eyes reduced, the rage remains. His heart demon kept chanting, “Kill him, kill him, kill him……”

“Qin Tian, don’t blame me for being impolite if you dare to be provocative again.” Nanguan Lie glared with his cold eyes and the atmosphere turned tense.

As if he was pressed upon by Mount Taishan, Qin Tian breathed heavily. He muttered to himself, “Nanguan Lie, it was you who provoked Laozi first……”

In this lifetime, what Qin Tian hated the most was being pressured.

He truly hated it, the feeling was just too unbearable.

At the next moment, Shen Yan descended with a black iron ring-like weapon. The surroundings trembled and Nangua Lie’s pressure shattered. “Nanguan Lie, you dare to touch my disciple?”

“Zhentian Ring!”

Half-G.o.d tool, Zhentian ring.

Nanguan Lie’s expression darkened. He gave Shen Yan a glance before snorting, planning on leaving with Yang Han.

Meanwhile, Qin Tian secretly gathered his Qi and released the Song of Disorder.

Yang Han’s heart demon which was slightly under control acted up again. He let out a cry and rushed towards Qin Tian. “Ah……

Qin Tian pretended to be startled. “Courting death!”

Having finished gathering his Qi, he waited for Yang Han to approach.


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