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Isekai Nonbiri Nouka is a web novel completed by Kinosuke Naito.
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My name is Maron.

I’m the eldest son of the president of the Goroun Company. I’m also the next president.

I take pride in my smooth sailing life since I was a child.

My only complaint is how busy I am.

The size of the Goroun Company was more than doubled these past several years.

Isn’t father working too hard?

I heard him saying that he’ll retire some time ago.

Just the other day, he had an audience with demon king-sama when he went to the capital.


So influential.

How many times has father met with demon king-sama?

As expected of father.

Ah, he can’t retire now for sure.

You still have to work hard.

I won’t let you meet my son or daughter if you retire soon.

By the way, the Big Tree Village is the one responsible for the growth of the Goroun Company these past few years.

I thought that it was some sort of secret code at first.

I thought that the other party is something that can cause public concern to the demon king’s kingdom so we can’t have a public deal with them.

Crops I’ve never seen before are delivered one after another.

However, father insists that that village really exists.

Said that it is located at the center of the forest of death.

Said that the blood-sucking princess, the angel of annihilation, the angels of holocaust, high elves, onis, lizardmen, elder dwarves, dragons…..

Horde of demon spiders and pack of inferno wolves are living in that village.

What kind of fairy tale is he making?

He probably wants to intimidate his rivals but I think he should make a more believable story.

Though I’m a bit sad that he’s not telling me the truth, I know that he must have his reasons for not telling me.

It really doesn’t bother me.

I trust my father and I know that he’s doing his best for the company.

When he knew that I was doubting him, he tied me up and brought me to the gate-keeper dragon’s nest.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for doubting you.

I never thought that the gate-keeper dragon even serves tea to his guests.

What a valuable experience.

This tea is great.

Ah, this came from Big Tree Village?


After that, I am now convinced that Big Tree Village exists.

Therefore, don’t take me to that village. Being brought to the gate-keeper dragon’s nest is enough.

It is mentally challenging that I need to change my underwear given my age.

This is something that my wife, my son, and my daughter must never know.

One day, when I was working seriously, my father called for me.

It is an immediate summon.

This is unusual.

My always calm father is obviously panicking….what on earth happened?

「Village chief of Big Tree Village has come to this city.」

Ah, father is the only person in charge of things related to that place.

Do your best.

It was the first time in a long time that father gave me an arm lock.

Jo-joke, it was a joke.

I’ll help you, get off, get off!

It will be frustrating if I’m the only one involved so I called for my cousin and Randy.

Ah, Milford too.

He’s reliable.

He’s someone we can count on.

I’m not sure if we need the ability of this former rank six adventurer but I have no choice!

Alright, he gave a good reply.

Now, I have to tell them the situation.

We need to look for a person named village chief.

Get on your own mount and let’s start searching.


You don’t know what village chief looks like?

That’s alright.

He is being accompanied by a beastkin warrior Gulf.


The champion of the martial arts tournament.

He is also called swordG.o.d.

Easy, right?

And it’s not like they’re going to escape.

They are not our enemies.

Just use him as a landmark.

Gulf is famous so he is easy to find.

This morning, there was a disturbance at the east gate?

Thus, he is currently covering his face.

Then, he can’t be our landmark?

Don’t panic.

Gulf is wearing a bright red mantle.

Got it?

Let’s go.

Village chief’s destination is Big Roof Shashaato in the north.

Big Roof Shashaato?

It was that recently completed building.

Father personally talked to the merchant’s guild for it….it is a store that sells curry.

I went there yesterday.

I don’t know who gave it the name Big Roof Shashaato or why it is named that way.

If I’m not mistaken, it is only a temporary name in order to register it at the merchant’s guild.

Is he already at the store?

That might be the case.

….there’s no signboard yet so I guess no.

Okay, so village chief’s destination is the curry store but he hasn’t arrived yet.

It is very likely that he doesn’t know where this store is located.

In other words, he’s lost.

Looking at father, he’s saying something like if we can’t find him soon, we will be in danger.

Ah, don’t exaggerate.

Village chief won’t even face danger here.

Ehto….why are you comparing him to demon king-sama’s daughter….you want me to think that the one missing is royal princess-sama?

Surely if royal princess-sama got lost, we will face demon king-sama’s anger.

We’re in that kind of danger?

Okay, that’s really something serious.

I’m glad that I understand now.

Let’s do our best in searching.

We were able to join him safely.


Village chief-san seems to be considerably close to father.

He seems to be a gentle person.

But no matter how I look at him, he looks like a normal human.

Is this person really the village chief of Big Tree Village?

No, I shouldn’t doubt it.

Throw all my doubts.

Gulf is right next to village chief and he perfectly obeys his command.

That alone means he’s no ordinary person.

I was right.

A riot broke out as soon as we reached Big Roof Shashaato and village chief settled it immediately.

TN: Sounds awful but that’s how it is written in engrish so not gonna change it.

What the, how skillful is he?

Moreover, he gave instructions one after another and opened the curry store in no time.

Is he really a village chief of a village?

Could he be a member of an old company?, Randy, and Milford are already acting as his subordinates.

His calculation speed is also extraordinary.

He’s also used to handling people.

But I would like to ask…..where did those people come from?

Aren’t those onis?

In other words, they brought them here from the village?

Also, those on that side are not ordinary elves….high elves?

The man eater?

Why are they acting like carpenters?

And there’s also these elves with different skin tone, they are even bossing around Gulf….

And why is he making father stay at his side?

Ah, he’s not that knowledgeable with the circ.u.mstances of this city?

I see.

He knows what he lacks and he was able to supplement it…..

What an amazing person.

Though I’m a little conflicted when he offers to sell the curry for free in order to settle the trouble earlier. That’s too much.

It’s like throwing food.

He also didn’t just attract the customers, he also attracted the owners of the neighboring businesses.

And I, as a member of the Goroun Company, stepped forward to negotiate.

The big cloths that village chief asked’s group to prepare were laid on the floor and served as markers.

Seeing those laid on the floor, one can easily imagine the s.p.a.ce for rent.

A town was made in the store in no time.

This is the perfect example of someone using the power of concept.

Village chief, aren’t you too amazing?

As for what happened, the Goroun Company benefitted too.

It is not money.

It is knowledge.

We were taught with a new concept of business.

Gathering customers by gathering stores.

When businesses of the same type gather, the result is completely different from everyone’s expectations which is sales drop.

You can compare this to a festival.

When similar stalls form a line, they will gather customers.

It is also applicable in our daily lives.

The same thing can happen anywhere.

But the Goroun Company only learned of this now.

Even so, this is a great fortune.

Even the small things they’ve done are great ideas.

Since there are illiterate customers, make a menu with pictures.

Customers don’t need to calculate themselves since the clerk will do that for them.

Even if you’re not eating, you can sit on a table you want and you can even get free water. This will surely attract customers.

There is also a gaming area. There are games with charge and games with no charge but looking at people happily playing is satisfying enough.

The money exchange office doesn’t make sense but it is probably not a bad thing because all of the sales of all the stores here will increase with this setup.

TN: Money exchange office = where you buy token/exchange ticket for prizes in an arcade.

Though it is already expected, the slots for stalls where you can exchange money as their main business is limited.

Also, there’s a stage.

There will certainly be people who’ll use it.

Therefore, a theatrical or a musical play can be performed here.

I already thought of calling some famous orchestra or theatrical company but I hold myself back.

In any case, anyone who can rent it can use it.

The first performance there was a drama formed by the wives of the neighborhood.

I can’t give it a good compliment but everyone excitedly watches it.

It can also be used as a place for presentation.

Never thought that it has a lot of uses.


「Father, I feel like I’m still immature.」

「That’s normal, I think so too.」

「I need to be more pa.s.sionate….by the way, can I ask you one thing?」

「What is it?」

「That person at the last lane…..could I be mistaken?」

Demon king-sama?

「That person is the chief magistrate. There is no need to mind it. Put your heart on the match. Do your best.」

「…..I-I understand.」

Big Roof Shashaato, Bowling tournament.

I’ll do my best to claim victory.

I got third place.

The first place is a regular customer of this store.

He’s good.

I’ll just have to move on.


It seems like the tournament attracted more people by giving showing them a goal.

It is really a good learning experience.


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