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It Is Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future is a web novel made by Madam Ru.
This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

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“If you don’t get up now, you’ll die immediately. You don’t have to wait till the day ends,” Han Jijyun said, glancing at their boss who was looking at them from the corner of her eyes. He gritted his teeth and dragged himself up from the floor. He understood his boss’ personality. If he didn’t continue running now, something bad would happen.

Chang Xinyuan also wanted to get up, but he didn’t have any energy left in him; he couldn’t get up no matter what he did.

The people in front heard the commotion at the back and stopped running. They glanced backward and felt pity for them. After some discussion, Qi Long ran back towards Chang Xinyuan and tried to help him up, but it was at this moment that Qi Long heard Ling Lan say, “Qi Long, seems like you still have energy…”

She took two items from beside her and threw them over.

The items slammed onto the ground beside Qi Long and dust flew in the air. Qi Long got a shock.

“Tie these around your legs and continue running,” Ling Lan said coldly.

Qi Long’s face changed as he bent down to take the things. These two items definitely weighed more than 500kg. Last time, Ling Lan had only tormented them while they were fighting. She had never used such cruel methods to torture them and make them use up every ounce of their strength.

Qi Long knew that he had angered his boss when he tried to help Chang Xinyuan and he also knew that if he pleaded for help, his boss would be even harsher on him; hence, he silently tied the two weights to his legs and ran back.

Chang Xinyuan was depressed. He had implicated Qi Long because of his uselessness. However, he didn’t any energy left.

“Xie Yi!” After settling Qi Long, Ling Lan turned around and looked at Xie Yi, who had been wearing a worried expression. Xie Yi’s heart jumped. Was his boss targeting him now?

Ling Lan pointed at Chang Xinyuan and said indifferently, “Use your lightning bolt on him.”

Xie Yi heaved a sigh of relief. He looked at Chang Xinyuan and felt pity for him. Better you than me. Brother Xinyuan, please forgive me. Xie Yi released his innate talent and a thick bolt of lightning flew out of his fingers which struck Chang Xinyuan.

Xie Yi used the smallest bolt of lightning that he could produce. He showed Chang Xinyuan some mercy, but the lightning bolt still caused Chang Xinyuan to shiver in pain for a while.

“Are you still not getting up?” Ling Lan shot a sideways glance at Chang Xinyuan, who saw the killing intent in his boss’ eyes. Sob, he didn’t want to die! He sprung up in fear and dashed to the front, overtaking everyone else and becoming the leader of the pack.

“See? The potential is still present. It’s just that the torture isn’t enough yet,” Ling Lan remarked with a gentle smile, looking satisfied with herself.

In her mindscape, Little Four shivered in fear when he heard this sentence. Ever since his boss came back from finding Number Three, she had gotten scarier. I have to work hard and be obedient. I don’t want to get struck by lightning… Little Four started crying secretly. He felt that Chang Xinyuan was a depiction of himself in the future.

In order to not get tortured, Little Four was obedient and he hit wherever Ling Lan asked him to. Ling Lan was puzzled. When had Little Four become so obedient? However, it was not a bad thing so Ling Lan didn’t think much about it.

This kind of h.e.l.l training took place every day. Everyone fainted during the training, but the medicine that Li Shiyu left behind were too effective; the recovery period was shortened from around 10 days to less than two days because of his medicine. No one had the time to laze around at all.

Their torture continued. As the team members couldn’t hate their boss, they started directing their anger on Li Shiyu who was at the 23rd Division. “Brother Shiyu, why did you leave so many medicines behind? You can’t harm us like this! We hate you!”

Li Shiyu was currently in a laboratory at the military hospital, researching a new medication, when he suddenly felt a chill run down his spine and his hand shook. The agent that he was carefully pouring spilled…

“Psss!” The additional amount of agent caused the chemicals in the container to make a loud sound, following which Li Lanfeng ran out of the laboratory without thinking and shouted to Li Lanfeng and Zhao Jun who were outside protecting him, “Get down on the floor. Open your shields.”

The two people immediately covered Li Shiyu and activated the shield on their arms simultaneously…

“Boom!” A loud explosion occurred and the generated force destroyed the laboratory completely. Luckily, the shield was strong enough to block the explosion.

“Clank” The shield broke. The shield activating device on Li Lanfeng and Zhao Jun’s arms broke as well.

The two of them looked up only after they confirmed that the danger was over. Li Lanfeng’s face changed when he saw the destroyed laboratory in front of him. He asked, “Li Shiyu, what the h.e.l.l are you inventing?”

Li Shiyu smiled apologetically. “I thought that I could control the amount properly, but I made a mistake.” He knew that he was able to escape unharmed because Li Lanfeng and Zhao Jun reacted fast enough.

Zhao Jun got up and looked at the ruins, then he looked at his broken activation device and got a fright. He said, “Luckily, we have the shield that Chang Xinyuan invented, or else we would have been heavily injured even if we managed to stay alive. It’s a pity that we brought only one with us…”

“No worries. I will send a message to Chang Xinyuan and ask him to send us a few more,” Li Shiyu said indifferently. He wasn’t aware that Ling Lan’s team hated him now—Chang Xinyuan would not satisfy his request so easily.

Li Shiyu got up and remembered something. “Let me go in and see what interesting things were produced because of this explosion.” Although most of the medicine was destroyed in the explosion, there should be something left behind. This was what he was researching on. Hence, Li Shiyu went into the ruins excitedly and started looking for his container.

“Someone is coming.” Zhao Jun heard the sounds of mecha engines far away.

Li Shiyu was not surprised at all. It would have been strange if no one came to investigate after such a huge commotion was caused. He rubbed his forehead. “I am thinking of how to explain this to the leaders of the 23rd Division.” He had merely wanted to borrow the laboratory, yet caused such a huge explosion in the end. Also, it was forbidden to bring powerful energy weapons into the hospital.


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