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If 250 Mecha Clan received the land clearing mission, it must be the doings of Ling Lan’s ‘fair’ father, Ling Xiao. There was no other way such a mission with bountiful rewards would be handed over to a ‘useless’ mecha clan like hers.

Ling Lan would not reject this mission but she felt this mission came too early. Land clearing missions were extremely dangerous. She felt that the members of 250 Mecha Clan were still lacking in some areas. Additionally, there would be other mecha clans from the 23rd division partic.i.p.ating in this mission. This meant that they needed to collaborate with other mecha clans. Ling Lan had not done any training on collaboration. She was not sure if something would happen to her clan members if she brought them on this mission.

Ling Lan’s head started hurting when she thought about this.

“Master, if anyone doesn’t listen to you, you can let me eat them up.” Little Blossom felt Ling Lan’s frustration so he popped up and tried to help her.

In her mindscape, Ling Lan flicked Little Blossom’s forehead. As expected of a Doomsday Flower, he only thinks about eating!

However, Little Blossom’s words reminded Ling Lan, she could just beat someone up if a person didn’t listen to her. She was more powerful than all the other mecha operators. She believed that she would be able to subdue them.

Ling Lan gathered all the team leaders, the person-in-charge of the logistics, Lin Zhong-qing, the person-in-charge of the medical department, Li Shiyu, and the person-in-charge of the experiment department, Chang Xinyuan. They had a discussion and decided to leave behind the mecha operators and logisticians who performed poorly. In the end, Ling Lan brought close to 200 mecha operators and almost 300 logisticians with her. She asked Lin Zhong-qing to prepare all the equipment they needed. If he lacked anything, he must report it to her so that she could ask He Xuyang for it.

Poor He Xuyang. To Ling Lan, he was her big fat cash cow… oh, no, he was her best helper. If she needed to find anything, she could just look for him.

Soon, the time of the mission arrived.

The commander-in-chief of the Rising Sun fleet of the 23rd division received an order to pick a mecha clan up. He looked at the said mecha clan in disbelief. He looked at his order again to make sure that he was not under an illusion.

The useless mecha clan, 250 Mecha Clan, was in this mission too? Had his superiors given up on this mecha clan so they let them seek their own death through this mission? Qi Aiming couldn’t help but think this way. All the higher authorities in the 23rd division knew the background of 250 Mecha Clan and knew what kind of mecha operators were in there.

He felt a little frustrated. He thought that only his Rising Sun fleet was partic.i.p.ating in this mission. However, since there was another mecha clan, he needed to remove some people from his fleet. The number of starships for each mission was fixed. Luckily, 250 Mecha Clan was a useless mecha clan so Qi Aiming felt that they would not s.n.a.t.c.h resources with them.

Speaking of this, we need to know that each division had its own personal fleet. This fleet only serviced the people from their division. They would rarely be an occasion where people needed to board a starship belonging to a different division.

Qi Aiming was puzzled as to why the headquarters gave this order but he still ordered one of the ships to fetch the 250 Mecha Clan. Fortunately, the 250 Mecha Clan would only be taking his ship temporarily. Once they reach the new planet, he wouldn’t need to care about them anymore.

Qi Aiming felt that the problematic mecha operators from the 250 Mecha Clan would definitely cause trouble on the new planet. The person who was in charge of them was unlucky. He just hoped that they would not ruin the reputation of the 23rd division.

A large fleet of starships floated in the universe. It looked magnificent. The entire universe seemed to be filled with starships.

All the 23 divisions and those independent divisions sent their ace fleet over. They all tried to reduce their numbers but there were still many starships. After all, there were close to 30 divisions sending in their people.

The 250 Mecha Clan was in one of the starships among the fleet. They were not the only mecha clan on the starship. To increase their chances of finding a natural resource vein, Qi Aiming had maximized the capacity of all the starships.

He thought that the 250 Mecha Clan would be a nuisance on the trip but luckily, everyone from 250 Mecha Clan stayed in their room and rarely came out. Qi Aiming couldn’t help but feel relieved.

The fleet journeyed for more than ten days before reaching the infamous Road of Aiguta. The Road of Aiguta was a place where many black holes congregate. There were more than 10,000 black holes here. Normally, the presence of a black hole would exhibit a strong gravitational force around it. Once any starship came near it, they would be torn into pieces.

However, the Road of Aiguta was different. The gravitational force around each black hole was at a normal level. A starship could get near it easily. A few powerful countries knew the secret that some black holes could lead to another unknown planetary sector. To prevent other smaller countries from being aware of this, powerful countries sealed the route to the Road of Aiguta and collaborated with one another to explore the unknown planetary sector together.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

When there were benefits to be gained, everyone would choose to cooperate with one another no matter how deep their grudges were.

The new planet they found this time was within an unknown planetary sector. Since the Federation discovered this new planet, they got the right to excavate the resources.

Why were the gravitational forces of the black holes in the Road of Aiguta so low? Researchers concluded that it might be because the different gravitational forces from the various black holes somehow managed to reach equilibrium and created a node where the gravitational forces are low. They also felt that there was a probability that one day, this equilibrium might be disrupted and the Road of Aiguta would become the Road of Death.

Without the exact data of the positions of the black holes, starships could get lost easily. After all, only a few of the 10,000 black holes were safe. Those starships that entered this area accidentally, normally disappeared without a trace.

Because of this, the Road of Aiguta was also known as the Aiguta Maze. Starships could get lost here forever.

The huge fleet of starships carefully pa.s.sed through multiple black holes. At that moment, the navigator on the starship was extremely nervous. He knew that a single mistake from him could result in the death of the entire fleet.

Luckily, all the starships managed to arrive at the designated black hole safely. Soon, the fleet vanished. The Road of Aiguta became peaceful again. It was as though the thousand starships fleet never existed…

The moment Ling Lan entered the black hole, she noticed that her comrades, who were talking to her, suddenly froze. She seemed to be the only one who was conscious. What is happening?

Ling Lan felt cold sweat on her forehead. This scene was too eerie. She didn’t dare to touch her friends. She was afraid that her rash actions might harm them.

Just as Ling Lan was at a loss, a loud bang was heard in her mindscape. A small and plump little body dropped from the sky and landed right in front of Ling Lan.

“Ouch!” Little Blossom’s eyes were filled with tears as he rubbed his head that was hurting.

When Little Blossom appeared, Ling Lan felt calmer. At least she was not the only person left in this world. Just now, Ling Lan felt like she was abandoned by her friends. She was having a minor mental breakdown from the loneliness.

“Master, Number Five kicked me when I was sleeping!” Little Blossom immediately rushed over and hugged Ling Lan’s leg when he saw her.

“Why did he kick you?” Ling Lan rubbed Little Blossom’s head as she consoled him. He was the one who calmed her down so she was exceptionally gentle towards him.

“Ah, I remember now. Number Five ask me to tell master something.” Ling Lan’s words allowed Little Blossom to remember what Number Five said when he kicked him.

“What is it?” Ling Lan asked curiously. Number Five seldom said anything. He normally asked Ling Lan to experience his h.e.l.lish training personally. Most of the training that Ling Lan gave the 250 Mecha Clan were inspired by Number Five’s training. The only difference was that she was not as harsh as Number Five.

“Tell that idiot, Ling Lan, that if she wants to solve this problem, suppress her spiritual power until it’s below level five.” Little Blossom repeated every single word Number Five said.

Number Five had been observing everything so when he heard what Little Blossom said, he held his forehead and sighed. “What an idiot!”

“So I’m an idiot?” Ling Lan gritted her teeth. She knew that Number Five always talked about her behind her back but she still felt furious when she heard his words personally.

Of course, this little person in front of her was an idiot too! Ling Lan instantly flicked his forehead. Little Blossom started groaning in pain. He didn’t know why his master changed her expression so suddenly. Sob… give back my gentle master.

Ling Lan calmed down and started pondering over Number Five’s words. She immediately understood that this must have happened because of her strong spiritual power. Additionally, she practiced the spiritual power cultivation technique from the Divine Command sect which strengthened her spiritual power. However, Ling Lan never tested her spiritual power before since she didn’t have a spiritual mutation so, she didn’t see the need to test it. Therefore, she was not sure what level her spiritual power was at.

Only hackers and people with spectre abilities would go and test their spiritual power. No one else would do such a thing.

But, even without a test, Ling Lan knew that her spiritual power was above level five. When she was six or seven years old, Little Four told her that he had set her spiritual power to level 5. After so many years of cultivation, her spiritual power would only be higher.

Ling Lan was relieved after finding out the reason. Just as she was about to suppress her spiritual power, she thought about something. She looked at Li Lanfeng.

Li Lanfeng’s tense body started relaxing after he noticed Ling Lan’s gaze. He opened his mouth but no sound came out.

Li Lanfeng was frightened. What was happening?

Ling Lan noticed that Li Lanfeng couldn’t speak and frown. She tried to talk but realized she couldn’t make a sound too. She thought about what Number Five said and was enlightened. The image she was seeing now was feedback from her spiritual power. This was the spiritual world. The five senses could not be used in the spiritual world.

This meant that she was not able to communicate with her mouth. She needed to use her spiritual power…

“Lanfeng, don’t worry. This is our spiritual world. Our body is frozen just like the others.” The anxious Li Lanfeng heard Ling Lan’s voice and calmed down instantly. Why was Ling Lan able to talk when he couldn’t?

Ling Lan noticed his doubt so she continued, “I’m using my spiritual power to communicate with you.”

Li Lanfeng’s eyes lit up. Then, it dimmed again. He must have learned this skill from Ling Xiao’s sect. Ling Lan had given him many things. He couldn’t be too greedy.

“When I’m free, I can teach you.” Ling Lan replied generously. She understood what Li Lanfeng was thinking. There were many minor techniques like this available in the learning s.p.a.ce. Even if she didn’t teach the technique from the Divine Command sect, there were other similar skills she could share.

Li Lanfeng was elated. He seemed more vibrant now. Ling Lan smiled. Sometimes, the black-bellied Li Lanfeng was quite cute too.

“This happened to us because our spiritual power is above level five. We need to go below level five,” Ling Lan explained their situation to Li Lanfeng.

Li Lanfeng nodded. He had spectre abilities so he knew what level his spiritual power was at.

“As long as we suppress our spiritual power, this problem will be solved.”

Li Lanfeng nodded. He closed his eyes and started suppressing his spiritual power. Soon, he got out of the spiritual world.

After Li Lanfeng succeeded, Ling Lan felt at ease and started suppressing her spiritual power too. However, just as she was about to go below level 5, her spiritual power suddenly went out of control.

d.a.m.n it!

Ling Lan was shocked. She wanted to try suppressing her spiritual power again but she realized that she could no longer control it.


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