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It Is Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future is a web novel created by Madam Ru.
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This young person was Ling Lan. In the Ling family’s house, a loyalist with a similar body structure and voice was used to disguise as Ling Lan. The loyalist pretended to be her and laid in the healing pod. Little Four also left a replica of him at the house to oversee the security of the house. Even if someone from the military headquarters came, they wouldn’t be able to see past the disguise.

This time, Ling Lan just travelled based on luck. She would point to a location on the map casually and visit that place. She didn’t expect herself to come to Planet Muyang. She didn’t even know about this planet in the first place.

The little girl’s house was in a small town. It was a little far from the platform so the little girl brought Ling Lan onto a hover bus. The bus travelled for an hour before reaching the little girl’s house.

Just like what the little girl said, her house was small and the exterior was old but it was very clean. Many ornaments in the house were handmade. They were exquisite and pretty. Some were very cute too. Compared to the cold hotel rooms, this place felt much more homely.

Ling Lan was satisfied with what she saw. She gave the little girl 200 Federation credits. The rest of the money would be used to pay for her food.

Ling Lan didn’t lack money. She could have given more to the poor family but she didn’t want to break this fair deal between them. Treating them fairly was a form of respect too.

She tidied her luggage in her room. When she finished, she noticed that it was still early. She wanted to go to the town to take a walk. Suddenly, a little head popped out from the door. The little boy was looking at Little White longingly.

Along the way, Ling Lan found out what the names of the two children were. The little girl was called Liu Aihua while the little boy was called Liu Aijun. It was obvious that this family loved their country and the military. (‘Hua’ refers to Huaxia while ‘Jun’ refers to the army and Ai means love)

“Aijun, come in,” Ling Lan smiled as she said.

Ling Lan’s gentle and friendly manner won over Liu Aijun’s trust. He hurriedly stepped inside Ling Lan’s room.

“Brother Jiang Hui,” Liu Aijun called Ling Lan. Ling Lan was using the name ‘Jiang Hui’ now. Little Four went to look up the Federation’s database and found those people that liked to travel, would always disappear for one to two years, and had the same age as Ling Lan. Ling Lan was able to use any of their names.

Ling Lan looked at the broken mecha model in Liu Aijun’s hands. She asked curiously, “You like mecha models?”

Liu Aijun nodded. “Yes, my father bought this for me. My father is a powerful mecha operator. I want to become a mecha operator in the future too.” He took out the mecha model and started playing with it.

Ling Lan felt her heart pounding, as she hadn’t seen the man of the family anywhere. “Where is your father?”

“He is protecting the country in a faraway place. He is a hero.” Liu Aijun looked up with a proud face.

Ling Lan didn’t expect herself to stay with the wife of a soldier. It was hard for a woman to bring up two children when the man was not at home. No wonder they needed to come out and look for ways to earn more money.

‘No, the treatment of soldiers in the Federation is very good. The descendants of soldiers would be sent to schools and all their expenses would be deducted. These expenses include their living and food expenses.’ Ling Lan remembered Liu Aihua saying that she was not able to go to school because their family couldn’t afford the miscellaneous fees. They were currently working hard to earn the fees for Liu Aijun to enter school next year.

This meant that either Liu Aijun’s father was not a soldier and his mother lied to him or the government on Planet Muyang took all the funds given to the soldiers’ family. Ling Lan remembered the gentle but strong-willed woman she saw just now. She immediately denied the option that Liu Aijun’s mother lied to her son.

‘I didn’t expect to meet such an interesting event on a random planet I came to.’ Ling Lan’s eyes turned cold. After experiencing the cruelness of the battlefield, Ling Lan couldn’t bear to watch anyone treating a soldier unfairly. Undeniably, the actions of the government of Planet Muyang had angered Ling Lan.

However, Ling Lan wasn’t going to solve this issue personally. She asked Little Four, who had similar thoughts as her, to collect all the evidence of corruption by the government of Planet Muyang. She planned to send this information to Li Lanfeng after she leaves Planet Muyang and let them handle this issue. This was a test she created for her friends.

Ling Lan made her decision and left Little White behind to play with Liu Aijun. She went to walk around the small town alone.

‘Sob, my master abandoned me again’ Little White laid on the table and cried. If it didn’t agilely sneak into its master’s backpack, its master would have left it behind at the Ling family’s house. ‘Why is it so difficult to be a pet?’

The town was small but it had everything she needed. However, the price was much higher than the other planets. Some of the necessary utilities were even twice as expensive. Ling Lan frowned again.

Planet Muyang was a primitive planet. However, there was a mecha maintenance shop here. Ling Lan walked into the shop curiously.

A young man was arranging some mecha components When he saw Ling Lan entering the shop, he stopped what he was doing and asked, “What would you like?”

“I’m just taking a look around,” Ling Lan smiled.

The young man smiled and continued what he was doing.

“Brother Jiang Hui, what are you doing here?” Ling Lan suddenly heard a familiar voice. She looked up and saw Liu Aihua. She had changed into an old working attire and was waving to her from the entrance of the shop.

“Aihua, what are you doing here?” Ling Lan was surprised.

The young man heard Aihua talking to Ling Hua and turned vigilant. “Aihua, who is he?”

“He is staying at my house recently. His name is Brother Jiang Hui.” Liu Aihua quickly introduced Ling Lan. “This is Brother w.a.n.g Qi. He is the son of the owner of this shop.”

Ling Lan nodded at w.a.n.g Qi friendly. When she heard his name, she had guessed his ident.i.ty. The name of this shop was called The w.a.n.g Shop.

w.a.n.g Qi let down his guard after hearing Liu Aihua’s explanation and gave Ling Lan a smile.

Liu Aihua explained to Ling Lan, “I’m helping out with the maintenance of mecha components at this shop. Grandfather and Brother w.a.n.g Qi are good people. He allowed me to earn some money here.”

Ling Lan nodded. ‘It seems like the owner of this shop wanted to help Liu Aihua. If not, how can an 11-year-old little girl be able to find a job?’

“Little Aihua, who are you talking to?” A muscular middle-aged man walked out and patted Liu Aihua’s head.

“I’m talking to my tenant. Also, Grandpa w.a.n.g, stop touching my hair,” Liu Aihua said with frustration. She had just tied her hair up but it was in a mess now.

The middle-aged man looked at Ling Lan. His eyes shone brightly. “Young man, why did you come out and play when you’re injured?” His eyes were sharp so he saw the bandages hidden under Ling Lan’s clothes.

“Ah, Brother Jiang Hui, you’re injured?” Aihua was dumbfounded as she asked in concern.

Ling Lan raised her hand and revealed the bandages beneath her leather gloves and clothes. She smiled. “It’s just a small injury. It doesn’t hurt anymore.”


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