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It Is Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future is a web novel produced by Madam Ru.
This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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Read WebNovel It Is Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future 970 Little Four’s Mercenary Team!

Luo Yi’s mercenary level was not low too. He was an A level mercenary. Soon, everyone finished registering. The staff member asked in a daze, “What is the name of the mercenary team?”

“Lingtian!” In Ling Lan’s mindscape, Little Four raised his hands and shouted happily. Lingtian Battle Clan, Lingtian Base, they should have a Lingtian Mercenary Tam now.

Ling Lan looked at the excited Little Four and smiled. “Little Four Mercenary Team.”

“Sorry?” The staff member was waiting for a formidable-sounding and pleasant name. Hence, when he heard Little Four Mercenary Team, he was stunned.

“Little Four Mercenary Team.” Ling Lan answered carefully. The danger that Little Four went through a while ago made her realize how important he was to her. Although she didn’t have the power to let him appear in front of her friends, she could let him appear in their world in another way.

“Boss…” Little Four understood Ling Lan’s intention. His eyes turned red.

Ling Lan rubbed his head with a firm gaze. One day, she would let Little Four appear in front of everyone personally so that he could become one of them.

Everyone was surprised by the name of their mercenary team, but no one had any objections. Even if their name was the Cat Mercenary Team or the Dog Mercenary Team, as long as their Boss chose it, they would accept it.

Hence, the name of the mercenary team that would become widely famous in the future was given with a single sentence from Ling Lan.

Before they left, Ling Lan reached out and tapped the staff member’s forehead with her finger. She smiled, “Thank you.”

“Erm, you’re welcome.” The staff member felt a warm presence in front of him. However, his forehead felt cold.

The staff member was in a stupor as he watched as Ling Lan’s team leave the hall. After a while, he slapped his forehead and muttered to himself, “Why am I in a daze?” He lowered his head and shouted, “022.”

“Oh right, the Little Four Mercenary Team seemed to have quite a few people.” The staff recalled the mercenary team that had just registered. Then, he realized that he couldn’t remember any of the details of the team members anymore. But, this was normal for him, as he had to handle a few hundred mercenary teams every day. Unless the mercenary team was very special or powerful, it wouldn’t give him any lasting impression.

After the people with the number 022 came up to him, the staff member forgot about Little Four Mercenary Team entirely. He didn’t know that the Little Four Mercenary Team’s details were now locked by Little Four.

That meant that people could only see the level of Little Four Mercenary Team. They were unable to see the details of the members of this team anymore. Ling Lan had to nod her head before anyone could see the members’ details.

“This feels good. We can finally go on a mission with Boss.” Qi Long came to the mission corner of the hall. He couldn’t contain his excitement anymore so he raised his hands and shouted.

Before this, Ling Lan never took part in any missions with them. She wanted her friends to become independent, so usually they would follow other mercenary teams to complete their missions. But now, they had their own mercenary team.

Ling Lan smiled. “You only have one month.”

The maximum duration of a soldier’s holiday was one month. A month later, they had to go back to the military and they wouldn’t be able to take part in normal missions anymore.

The excited group of people got dejected suddenly. They lowered their heads in sadness. Their ident.i.ty as a soldier took over their freedom.

Only Luo Chao and Han Xuya were not affected. They looked at the mission on the screen together and talked among themselves. They had already decided that they would follow their boss wherever she went.

As female soldiers, they had more freedom than male soldiers. The military didn’t place much importance in female soldiers so they could change their positions easily. They were not like Qi Long whose capabilities had caught the attention of the higher authorities. If Ling Lan got removed from 250 Ace Mecha Clan, it wouldn’t be easy for them to continue following her.

Ling Lan knew that this was possible so she registered this mercenary team. She knew that relationships required time to nurture. If everyone got scattered, the precious relationship they had from growing up together would dissipate slowly as time went by. Even if they were able to gather together again in the future, it wouldn’t be the same anymore.

“Boss, Boss, mission 7821, mission 7821…” Han Xuya and Luo Chao, who were discussing silently among themselves, started shouting at Ling Lan excitedly.

Everyone got energetic again and their sad emotions disappeared.

Since they knew their mission number, Ling Lan led them to an optical supercomputer at the side of the hall. She searched the details of mission 7821. Soon, the information appeared on the screen.

Mission number: 7821

Mission level: B

Mission requirements: Adventurer team. Level requirement: None.

Mission details: The employer wants to hire a few adventurer teams to escort a huge merchant fleet to and fro the Chaotic Lands. Starting point: Planet Shanghai from the Huaxia Federation (8 am, 23rd of May). Checkpoints: Chaotic Lands (One week). Final destination: Planet Shanghai from the Huaxia Federation (Estimated date of arrival is the 17th of June).

Ling Lan looked at the estimated date for the end of the mission. A few days after that would the end of their one month leave. Most importantly, they just formed an adventurer team and their lowest level mercenary was a level E mercenary. Normally, they would only get D and E level missions. After acc.u.mulating some points, their adventurer team’s level would increase and they would be able to apply for higher level missions.

There were no requirements for the adventurer team’s level for this mission. It seemed like the merchant needed to leave immediately. If not, it meant that the rewards for this mission were too little, so the powerful adventurer teams didn’t want to waste their time and take this mission.

Ling Lan scrolled to the end of the mission and saw the 4 pathetic zeros behind the number ‘3’. This proved that the rewards for this mission were not just a little, it was extremely little. This amount of money wasn’t even enough to pay the monthly salary of the mercenaries. It was reasonable that the powerful mercenary teams didn’t want to take this mission. From the looks of it, only teams that had just registered and wanted to improve their grades would disregard the reward and take the mission. Mercenary teams that were low in funds might also take it to get some money.

Ling Lan’s team was filled with people from wealthy families in the military so they didn’t care about the reward. When they saw that they could visit the Chaotic Lands, they got excited. They had only heard about it from rumours. They rubbed their hands in excitement and prepared themselves to gain new experiences there.

Of course, there were still people who cared about the money. w.a.n.g Qi and Liu Aihua’s eyes lit up when they saw the 30,000 Federation credits. ‘Omg, this is close to 600,000 Muyang credits. It is enough for us to spend for the rest of our life.’

The difference in response was due to each individual’s outlook and experience. It had nothing to do with the character of a person.


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