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It Is Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future is a web novel completed by Madam Ru.
This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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The peace during this period of time caused all of them to let down their guards. They felt that with their capabilities, they would be able to protect the weak people around them. They even thought that since there were many domain realm masters on their side, no one would dare to touch them. This arrogant and overconfident att.i.tude caused them to make mistakes and give those traffickers a chance to kidnap not just one but two of them.

‘I am to be blamed too!’ Ling Lan took a deep breath and stopped feeling relaxed. Her gaze turned cold and deep just like how they were when she was in the military.

She couldn’t deny that she had started to become more relaxed after she knew that she might have to leave the military soon. Her vigilance and sense of crisis also had decreased after she knew that fact.

‘Ling Lan, this is not a safe place. Unless you become a lady that doesn’t go out of your house, you’ll meet all kinds of dangers. Once you let down your guard, you’ll cause a calamity to yourself and your friends.’ She thought to herself.

Ling Lan self-reflected. Then, she smiled. She was laughing at herself as well as feeling enlightened and the lazy aura around her disappeared.

Ye Shao and Dibi Luya felt the change in Ling Lan’s aura. They were stunned. They exchanged glances with each other as they wondered why a relaxed person suddenly became so focused.

Beep beep beep! The three teams that were waiting for further orders from their boss all received a message on their communicator.

“There’s a new order.” Everyone quickly looked down. There was only one word. It was an astonishing word.


This was a word that represented killing and blood. Even Liu Furong, who was an old veteran who had been on many battlefields, felt gooseb.u.mps on his head when he saw this word.

However, this was what their regiment commander would do. If someone touched his bottom line, he would mercilessly annihilate all the evil.

Everyone gasped and they looked at their targets coldly. This time, they would become the G.o.d of death and clean these evils up.

“Little White, its time for you to eat again,” Li Lanfeng told Little White.

Little White clapped and waved its tentacles in the air. Then, it disappeared in front of Li Lanfeng again.

Li Lanfeng walked towards the old village slowly. An old man near the entrance of the village saw Li Lanfeng returning and became vigilant. He wanted to touch the hidden b.u.t.ton under his seat to remind the people inside, but he realized that he couldn’t move.

‘What is happening?’ The old man was in shock. Suddenly, he heard a clear voice beside his ears.

“Although you will still die, I don’t want this ma.s.sacre to be too b.l.o.o.d.y or else, Rabbit will be angry.”

Li Lanfeng, who was supposed to be 50 meters away from the old man, suddenly appeared beside him. He had a smile on his face as though he was asking the old man for his favorite food.

The old man was not a powerful person but he could feel how dangerous this young man was. He was definitely not a normal person.

He thought about the young man’s performance before this, and felt that he had an ulterior motive.

The old man tried to struggle free, but Li Lanfeng just snapped his fingers and a black ray of light shot towards the old man.

The black ray of light entered the old man’s body and the old man started shining. In the next second, the old man exploded into small particles and disappeared without a trace.

“You’re lucky. You’re the first person to enjoy my technique.” Li Lanfeng’s smile got brighter when he saw this.

Li Lanfeng didn’t need to use most of his domain energy when he wanted to format someone. Ling Lan had been asking him to practice controlling his domain energy. The results were good. Li Lanfeng was able to gain a deeper understanding of his domain technique and controlled it better. He was even able to use his technique without wasting his domain energy.

Li Lanfeng walked deeper into the village. Multiple black rays of light shone around him. No matter who touched the rays of black light, they would turn into tiny particles.

There was one to two domain realm masters stationed at every base. While Li Lanfeng walked towards the center of the village, a fat old man and a skinny old man who were at some underground bunker, hugging a naked woman each and enjoying some wine.

Just as they were about to have s*x with their woman, they felt a strong killing intent as well as a faint and unfamiliar domain energy in the vicinity.

Their expressions changed. They pushed their woman away and stood up immediately.

“There is an enemy.”

Li Lanfeng’s blatant killing intent had alerted them.

They exchanged glances with each other and grabbed their gowns. Then, they disappeared instantly.

Li Lanfeng detected something. He looked up at the roof on his left and said calmly, “You are finally here.”

It was difficult for him to find them. It was their base after all. It was easier for them to find him than it was for him to find them. Hence, he didn’t restrain his force of presence and allowed it to spread all over the village. He wanted them to discover him.

“You know that we’re here but you still dare to come here. Are you not afraid of death, youngster?” The fat old man scoffed when he saw that their enemy was just a young man.

Li Lanfeng smiled and didn’t say anything. Instead, he flicked his fingers continuously and two rays of black light shot towards the two old men.

The two old men waved their hands to block the rays. However, the black rays pa.s.sed through their sleeves and pierced into their skin.

The two old men were stunned. They quickly used their hands as knives and sliced the part of their skin which got infected by the black light.

Two pieces of meat got sliced off their arms. The moment the piece of meat left their body, it turned into particles and disappeared.

The two old men looked at Li Lanfeng with frightened expressions. They finally felt fear in their hearts. What kind of domain was that? If they didn’t react in time, they might have disappeared from this world just like their pieces of meat.

“Who are you? Why are you at the Hades Palace?” The skinny cupped his hands hurriedly. He no longer underestimated this young man so his tone was full of respect now.

That single attack was enough to prove that this young man was not someone easy to deal with. The Hades Palace was able to make a name for itself in the Chaotic Lands and did business smoothly because they never provoked powerful people. Of course, they had powerful people backing them up too.

“Who am I? You don’t have to know that. As for why I’m here…” Li Lanfeng’s smile got brighter. “I came to kill.”

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” The fat man was furious. They didn’t want to provoke powerful people but that didn’t mean that they would bear with them if they offended them.

There was only one outcome if someone wanted to become the enemy of the Hades Palace.


The two stomped their feet and charged at Li Lanfeng.


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