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Read It’s Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future Chapter 1220 – What’s Their Background?

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Read WebNovel It’s Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future Chapter 1220 – What’s Their Background?

Chapter 1220 What’s Their Background?

All the citizens of Huaxia were elated when they heard that General Ling Xiao had destroyed Three Stars Lock. Although an intergalactic war was inevitable, none of them actually blamed Ling Xiao for it.

Some might be unhappy at Ling Xiao’s reckless decision but their voices were drowned out by the excitement of everyone else.

The entire Federation started busily preparing for war. The battlefield of the intergalactic war was at Twilight.

There were only two ways for the war to end. The first way was to have Twilight be destroyed in its entirety. That way, the alliance nations of Twilight wouldn’t have a reason to fight anymore. The second way this war would end was to have the Federation spend all their resources on the war, and thus retreating in defeat.

None of them wanted to lose this war. This meant that the war would definitely be b.l.o.o.d.y and brutal.

The Federation activated their military s.p.a.ceports and entered DEFCON 1.

The goods s.h.i.+pment military s.p.a.ceport was busier than ever before. This s.p.a.ceport was in charge of the transportation of logistics. More than half of the logistics required for the battle was quickly transported out from this s.p.a.ceport fleet by fleet.

The fleets in charge of the transportation of logistics were Logistics Fleet 017, Logistics Fleet 018, and Logistics Fleet 019 of the logistics headquarters. These three fleets had already rushed to the s.p.a.ceport. They would leave once the goods were fully loaded.

A few hover cars suddenly stopped beside the mothers.h.i.+p of Logistics Fleet 017. They slowly lowered their alt.i.tude until it was capable for the pa.s.sengers to walk out of the car.

A few guards stepped out of the hover car, then made a semi-circle formation protecting their superior who was still in the car. Then, a major ranked guard carefully scanned his surroundings before opening the car door.

A major general around 40 years old stepped out of the car. A senior colonel, who was waiting at the entrance of the mothers.h.i.+p, rushed over when he saw the major general. He promptly saluted and said, “Major General Qiu, the commander is waiting for you. This way please.”

Major General Qiu was about to open his mouth but the distant sounds of approaching hover cars attracted his attention. He turned to look to his side to see the new arrival.

A few hover cars were finally revealed in the distance.

Major General Qiu turned and smiled. “Major General Xu is coming. Let’s wait for him.”

“Yes, Major General Qiu.” The senior colonel didn’t dare to reject him.

As they were speaking, the hover cars had already landed on the ground. A major general with bristly white hair stepped out of the car with a stern face. He looked around 50 years old.

Major General Xu saw the incoming figure and nodded at him. “Major General Qiu, long time no see.”

Major General Qiu smiled and replied, “Indeed. We’ve been truly busy with our own missions. I suspect we haven’t met for three years.”

“Well, the Federation is constantly at war.” Major General Xu kept a straight face.

“It can’t be helped. Our nation has never learned the word ‘surrender’. We will only retaliate.” Major General Qiu didn’t mind the unfriendly expression on Major General Xu’s face. They had been working together for many years so he knew this old man’s temper. If it wasn’t for the help of the head of the logistics department, Major General Xu wouldn’t be able to be promoted to this high of a rank.

“All in all, the Federation is still not strong enough. That’s why people still dare to provoke us,” Major General Xu replied coldly.

“But, we are getting stronger, right? We just need to take things slowly. Stop having such high expectations,” Major General Qiu replied helplessly.

“I know. I’m just commenting,” Major General Xu replied in a perfunctory tone. However, Major General Qiu knew he was speaking the truth.

After the two major generals had ended their conversation, the senior colonel, who was waiting at the side, saluted and said, “Major General Xu, Major General Qiu, our commander is waiting for you inside. This way please.”

The two of them followed behind the senior colonel before finally arriving at the control room.

Once they entered the door, they saw a major general standing with his back facing them. There was no one else in the room. He seemed to have waited for a long time.

The major general turned around when he heard the door opening and saw Major General Xu and Major General Qiu. He smiled.

“Major General Qiu! Major General Xu!” “Major General Di!”

The three of them greeted each other before sitting down.

“I invited you this time because I want to discuss the matters about Lingtian Independent Army with you as they will be the ones escorting us for our next deployment.” Major General Di went directly to the point.

Major General Xu and Major General Qiu exchanged glances at each other. All three of them belonged to the logistics transport fleet but they had their own missions so they seldomly interacted with one another, causing their relations.h.i.+p to remain as acquaintances. Thus, they had their guards up when Major General Di suddenly talked to them about such important matters in an upfront manner.

Major General Di noticed their hesitance and smiled bitterly. “I know that it’s suspicious to talk about such important things with you the moment you come in. However, the order is too weird. The Lingtian Independent Army hasn’t contacted me yet so I feel a little worried.”

Major General Xu frowned. “Explain.”

Major General Di replied, “I’ve done my research about Lingtian Independent Army. They are just a newly formed independent army. Normally, newly formed independent armies would only be given missions such as this escort mission after three years from their formation. However, this escorting mission is an important war mission. Why did the higher authorities give the Lingtian Independent Army this mission?”

It was understandable that Major General Di would worry. This supply run was extremely important for the war. There must be no mistakes. Whether it was the 4th division, the 7th division, the 13th division, the 23rd division, or those reinforcements that were going to the battlefield, they would have a shortage of logistics supplies soon. If it wasn’t replenished in time, the result of the war would be greatly affected. The advantage that General Ling Xiao had created would be lost too.

Major General Qiu didn’t reply as he just glanced at Major General Xu. Compared to Major General Di and him, the head of the logistics department trusted Major General Xu more. Maybe Major General Xu might have inside information on this issue.

Major General Xu was unhappy when he noticed Major General Qiu and Major General Di’s blatant stares. His expression darkened. However, since they were old colleagues, he decided to answer their queries. “Maybe they are coming to gain merits.”

Major General Xu was also worried when he received his order. Hence, before he left, he asked his head about it. This was what his head replied to him. It allowed him to understand that the Lingtian Independent Army wasn’t a simple independent army.

“What’s their background?” Major General Qiu and Major General Di were very smart people so they immediately deduced the crucial factor on the issue.


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