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Read It’s Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future Chapter 1316 – Suggestion!

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Read WebNovel It’s Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future Chapter 1316 – Suggestion!

1316 Suggestion!

“General Ren, you seem to have poor health recently.” The First Marshal opened his eyes and asked in concern.

“I think so,” Ling Xiao smiled and replied. At the same time, he turned to everyone and said apologetically, “I’m sorry that I interrupted your thoughts. To make up for it, let me provide a suggestion.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up when they heard this.

Ling Xiao continued, “Actually, I feel that there’s no need to be so complicated. Aren’t there three candidates for the position of the general of the 23rd division? I remember that the 23rd division still doesn’t have a deputy.”

Ling Xiao looked at the host with uncertainty as if he was asking if his statement was true.

The host quickly nodded. “Yes, General Ren is right. From the founding of the 23rd division, there hasn’t been a deputy.”

Lieutenant General clapped his hands and smiled instantly. “That’s great. The person with the highest number of votes will be the general while the other two will be the deputies. That way, even when Lieutenant General Ling becomes the general, the two deputy generals can command the division during war times.”

The First Marshal immediately smiled. “General Ren’s suggestion is not bad. It’s worth considering.”

The Second Marshal and the Third Marshal were enlightened. No matter what the result was, they managed to successfully put their men into the 23rd division. Moreover, the position wasn’t finalized yet. Their men might become the general of the 23rd division.

“This is good too. Whatever the result is, everyone will be satisfied emotionally, even if Ling Lan is just a deputy general.” The Second Marshal smiled. He chose his words carefully. He hinted to everyone that Ling Lan didn’t need to be the general. The position of deputy general was enough for him.

“I agree.” The Third Marshal smiled and nodded. This was a good solution for everyone. At the same time, he felt that his man might have a chance to become the general too.

Since the three great marshals had already agreed with General Ren, the people from their factions wouldn’t disagree. The neutral parties didn’t want to see one faction taking control of the 23rd division so they happily accepted this decision. Thus, very soon, this suggestion was accepted.

Lan Luofeng heaved a sigh of relief when she heard this solution. No matter what, Ling Lan would at least be a deputy general of the 23rd division. She believed that as long as Ling Lan had a position, she would be able to take complete control of the 23rd division using her own methods. She was extremely confident in her daughter.

Lan Luofeng looked at Ren Feiyu gratefully. His suggestion saved Ling Lan. Lan Luofeng knew that if her fatal weakness wasn’t solved, it was almost impossible for Ling Lan to get the general’s position. Yet, this suggestion pushed the focus away from her weakness while making sure that Ling Lan had a position in the 23rd division. This suggestion was beneficial to Ling Lan from all directions.

Ren Feiyu lowered his hands and placed them on the handrails after he finished speaking. He didn’t care about what happened in the conference room anymore. It seemed like he only gave the suggestion because he disturbed everyone a minute ago.

Lan Luofeng retracted her gaze. She silently remembered this favour. The other person might have done it unconsciously but she wouldn’t forget his help.

No one knew that Ren Feiyu was holding the handrail tightly with his other hand when Lan Luofeng looked over. Then he slowly released it. After that, he remained indifferent.

The results came quickly. Everyone had no worries anymore so they decided to go with their emotions. Thus, unsurprisingly, Ling Lan won the voting with a high amount of votes.

The result caused Lan Luofeng to cry in joy. The representatives from the 23rd division started clapping too. They had two more deputy generals now but at least their general was Ling Lan. They just needed to last until Ling Lan came back. Ling Xiao’s confidants, which was led by He Xuyang, believed that Ling Lan would definitely be able to come back and control the 23rd division.

Ling Xiao smiled secretly after hearing the results. He won this match.

The Second Marshal and the Third Marshal weren’t really satisfied with the results. However, on the positive side, Ling Lan was still missing. Their men were only deputy generals but in actual fact, their power was the same as the general. In order to control the 23rd division, there would definitely be a fight between the two deputy generals. No one knew who would be the winner.

The Second Marshal and the Third Marshal exchanged glances with each other. The atmosphere between them was tense. The fight between their factions was imminent.

Both of them completely forgot about Lan Luofeng.

The conference ended. On the third day after the conference ended, a celebration was held.

It was a carnival for the soldiers. The entire Planet General was locked up. Only soldiers and their family members could enter.

As the special guest for this celebration, Li Yinfei had reached Planet General a long time ago. She was rehearsing diligently for her performance.

Her performance was able to start. Li Yinfei changed into her performing attire and forcefully pushed down her excitement.

“Yinfei, if you perform well this time, you’ll be able to enter the military. You’ll get a rank and become an officer.” The manager looked at the beautiful stage from the backstage with bright eyes. He couldn’t hide his ambition.

The performance department of the military had told them that if Li Yinfei performed well in this event while gaining the approval of the powerful people in the military, she would be given a military rank. He probed the person from the performance department continuously before he finally managed to open his mouth. He was told that the lowest rank they would give Li Yinfei was a major rank. If she performed well, the rank would be even higher.

He was extremely excited when he heard this. It should be known that he was tied to Li Yinfei. As long as Li Yinfei entered the military, he would enter too. He would be able to get the military rank he had always dreamt of.

Many people felt that Li Yinfei had a glamorous life but that was only in the eyes of the normal citizens. If someone powerful really wanted to do something to her, Li Yinfei wouldn’t be able to protect herself. The reason why she was able to stay safe in the entertainment industry for so long was because the Li family was protecting her.

However, there were still problematic matters that the Li family didn’t care about so Li Yinfei had to deal with those small matters personally. She suffered many times so she really wanted to have the power to protect herself. Thus, this idea of entering the military came into her mind.

Once she gained the recognition of the military and obtained a military rank, she would be able to rise above everyone else. Although she would have no real power, she would still be protected by the military. It meant that she wasn’t an ordinary singer anymore. She would be a soldier who everyone respected.

Li Yinfei lacked a powerful ident.i.ty. Once she got the military rank, she would have an ident.i.ty. She would finally have a say in the matters of the Li family too. She would also be able to obtain more resources from the Li family.


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