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Read It’s Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future Chapter 748 – Little Crybaby!

It’s Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future is a web novel completed by 汝夫人, Madam Ru.
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Read WebNovel It’s Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future Chapter 748 – Little Crybaby!

Chapter 748: Little Crybaby!

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The atmosphere in Planet Azure’s Central Scout Academy was fervent. Every student had excitement on their faces because the first person who had brought honor to their academy, Li Lanfeng, was coming to the academy today.

Li Lanfeng led his companions in their seventh year to break through the virtual barrier. They also broke the record that had always been kept by Doha’s Central Scout Academy. At the same time, he was the only one to get into the best academy of the Federation, the First Men’s Military Academy. These records were not broken by anyone to this day. The Azure Central Scout Academy slowly rose up the ranks and became a well-known Central Scout Academy in this sector starting from his year.

After entering the academy, every Azure Central Scout Academy cadet would be informed of Li Lanfeng’s legendary past by the instructors, and thus encouraging every cadet to set their goal to be the next Li Lanfeng. This also made Li Lanfeng be held at a huge importance in the hearts of the academy’s cadets when compared to their other seniors. He was even considered to be an idol for some cadets.

In the high-cla.s.s canteen, many special cla.s.s cadets had already sat down on their seats. They were somewhat restless and were waiting for the academy to announce the arrival of Li Lanfeng.

Yu Zhengyuan was among them with Little Jin and his other team members sitting beside him. Yu Zhengyuan, who was originally calm and collected, actually had a hint of anxiousness and embarra.s.sment on his face.

“Captain, are you actually nervous?” Little Jin asked worriedly. Although Li Lanfeng was indeed very strong, in his eyes, Li Lanfeng wasn’t that much better than his captain. If it wasn’t for the fact that they had performed poorly in their seventh year, they probably could also have achieved what Li Lanfeng had achieved.

Hearing this, Yu Zhengyuan took a deep breath and replied, “You don’t understand!” Perhaps many cadets believed that Senior Li could reach such a height was because he was lucky to some extent. Only Yu Zhengyuan knew that there was no luck involved in his achievements, and Senior Li completely used his own hard work and determination to bring the world to its knees. This made him see Li Lanfeng more as an idol. The reason was because without Li Lanfeng’s teachings, Yu Zhengyuan might not have been able to walk the path he was currently on. It could be said that Senior Li had changed his future.

At that moment, Yu Zhengyuan’s memories of when he had just arrived in the Central Scout Academy years ago began to come back to him…

Yu Zhengyuan who was physically weak, small, average talent, quiet, introverted, and was frequently bullied by a few strong and muscular cadets. Additionally, he was also a student of a standard cla.s.s.

Like always, he was beaten with cuts and bruises all over his body. He struggled as he crawled up from the ground and slowly left the training dojo. He wanted to find a place where no one knew about and cry his heart out.

Back then, he was a real crybaby!

On that life-changing day, he was beaten to the point where he was completely disorientated. Unknowingly, he walked into the forest area of the academy. The forest area was usually the place of the upper graders and forbid the lower graders from entering. Perhaps it was a coincidence or perhaps no one paid attention to him when he walked into the forest area, he successfully walked past every security point and into the deep parts of the forest area. When he found out he had went the wrong way, it was already too late. He had already gotten lost in the forest area.

Back then, he was walking aimlessly in the forest area and couldn’t get out for a long time. He was so hungry and afraid. In the end, he was so tired that he fell asleep beside a large tree. He didn’t know how long he had slept for, but when he woke up he heard some noises. He walked towards the direction of the noises and discovered that there was an upper grade senior going through their basic physical skills training again and again. Every motion was perfect enough to be printed into a textbook. However, even though the movements were perfect, the senior seemed to be dissatisfied. The senior continued until he was fully exhausted.

Perhaps he was too entranced, or too afraid to be alone in the forest, or perhaps he was curious as to why a senior would focus on training his basic physical skills, Yu Zhengyuan, who usually kept to himself, actually didn’t choose to leave. Instead, he watched the senior cadet go through the training again and again, until he was completely entranced by it.

“You’ve already watched for this long. You should come out now.” The senior cadet sat on the floor, but his face was facing Yu Zhengyuan’s direction while he spoke in a calm manner. It seemed that from the very beginning, when Yu Zhengyuan had set his eyes on him, the senior cadet had already discovered him. Yu Zhengyuan didn’t know why the senior cadet didn’t stop him from watching and allowed him to watch for such a long time.

What really confused Yu Zhengyuan was that this senior cadet had a metal face mask covering half of his face. Usually, only people with distorted features would need these types of high-tech equipment to live like a normal person. In order to make changing and examining equipment easier, these people would often don a metal face mask like the one on the senior cadet. He didn’t know whether this senior cadet had problems with his eyes, his ears or perhaps his vocal cord.

Yu Zhengyuan walked out from behind the huge tree with a confused look on his face. Yu Zhengyuan’s outer appearance wasn’t the best because of his fear and the fact that he was hungry, tired and had tear marks on his face.

“You’re new here?” This senior cadet in front of him wasn’t as cold and proud as normal senior cadets. Instead, he was full of smiles and waved at him. He didn’t know why the senior cadet had half of his face covered, but he could still see him smile. Well, the senior cadet did indeed smile at him warmly. This warm feeling was something Yu Zhengyuan would never forget.

Yu Zhengyuan walked towards him without having any guard up. He nodded at the senior cadet, telling the senior cadet that he was right. Before the senior cadet could speak, Yu Zhengyuan’s stomach began to rumble, causing him to blush from embarra.s.sment.

“You’re hungry and lost. You’re really something, actually walking into the forest area…” The masked senior cadet began laugh. He took out a portion of food that he had prepared from his bag and handed it to Yu Zhengyuan. This act of kindness moved Yu Zhengyuan to the point of him bursting into tears. Ever since he entered the academy, this senior cadet was the first person to be kind to him.

“You can cry your heart out!” A warm hand patted Yu Zhengyuan’s head. Before the senior cadet said that, Yu Zhengyuan held in his tears in fear that it would irritate the senior cadet. He didn’t think that not only did the senior not become irritated, he was even comforting him.

“Waaah…” After receiving the other person’s consent, he cried his heart out. It wasn’t like the previous times when he hid in a corner and cried without making noise. He cried loudly as though to let out all of the misfortunes and feelings of being wronged from the past.

After letting out all of his emotions, Yu Zhengyuan finally stopped his crying. He began to wipe away his tears as he blushed as he looked towards the senior cadet who treated him warmly with a look of embarra.s.sment.

The senior cadet laughed lightly and poked Yu Zhengyuan’s forehead softly, “Did you cry enough? If you did, that’s good. Remember, you can’t cry anymore in the future. Since we’re already in Scout Academy, then we don’t have the right to be babies anymore when everything could be resolved by crying.”

Yu Zhengyuan nodded with great force, with his eyes glistening.

The senior cadet saw the bruises and cuts from Yu Zhengyuan’s face that were still there and asked, “You were bullied?”

Yu Zhengyuan eyes reddened. However, he remembered that the senior cadet told him that he couldn’t cry anymore. He could only hold the two droplets of tears in his eyes and said pitifully, “My physical const.i.tution sucks, my talent isn’t good and I don’t know how to speak to people. I don’t know how to talk with the other students… so there might be some misunderstanding. They always come to me and look for trouble.”

“Physical const.i.tution, talent and way of speaking are all useless. The most important thing you need to have is capabilities. Then, you won’t be bullied by anyone.” The senior cadet suddenly became cold. This sudden change in pressure made Yu Zhengyuan become so afraid that he didn’t dare to speak.

“Did I scare you?” The senior cadet smiled lightly, “That’s the real way of surviving in the academy. If you don’t want people to bully you, then become strong for me.”

“But my physical const.i.tution…” Yu Zhengyuan had no confidence in himself.

“Bam!” Yu Zhengyuan was flicked on the forehead with great force, “I don’t want to listen to your excuses. I just want to see whether or not you’ve made an effort.” The masked senior cadet stood up and put on his clothes with white edges. He was actually a valedictorian… Yu Zhengyuan’s eyes showed an expression of admiration.

“When I first enter the academy, I was just like you. I was also weak and bed-ridden. Everyone looked down on me, but I still managed to stand at the highest point of this academy…” After hearing those words, Yu Zhengyuan realized he had already gotten out of forest area.

So strong! He didn’t even feel anything and actually was taken out of the forest by the senior. Yu Zhengyuan was pumped. Could he also reach the level of that senior cadet?

He thought about the fact that the senior cadet was practicing basic physical skills. Is that the secret to his success? Although Yu Zhengyuan was quiet and introverted, he had already made a decision that he would not change himself for other people. He began to work hard on his basic physical skills. When other cadets had the chance to learn mid-level to high-level physical skills, Yu Zhengyuan was still practicing basic physical skills. Everyone laughed at Yu Zhengyuan for wasting his time. However, after training for five years, Yu Zhengyuan finally discovered the advantages of training his basic physical skills to perfection. After practicing to its perfect form, basic physical skills could actually increase a person’s physical const.i.tution and talent…

After discovering this, he searched through the virtual world for any information regarding it, but he couldn’t find anything… He was stunned and knew that that he may have discovered a secret that strong individuals might have hidden away. Being the intelligent person that he was, he also kept this secret to himself and didn’t dare to tell anyone. Of course, he also knew that even if he had said something, it was possible that no one would believe him.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he saw Senior Li practice the basic physical skills countless of times with the perfect motions and movements, carving it into his memories, or else he might not be able to perfect his basic physical skills within a decade. He also wouldn’t know about the otherworldly secret that was hidden within it.

Yu Zhengyuan knew very well that the reason he was able to change his fate in the sixth year, enter the special-level cla.s.s, acquire the position of valedictorian, and even have a completely different path in the future, was because of the fated meeting back then, with him receiving the opportunity to observe Senior Li and Senior Li giving him pointers about what to do to solve his problem.

That person was the person who brought an incomparable honor to Planet Azure’s Central Scout Academy, Li Lanfeng! After knowing who that person was, Yu Zhengyuan saw him as his idol for life. He had already decided that he would definitely get into the First Men’s Military Academy and walk the path of his idol. And in the future, enter the 23rd Division and go to the clan Li Lanfeng resided in…

Yu Zhengyuan clenched his fists and thought to himself, “I definitely need to do that to not make Senior Li look bad.”

Of course, if he could see him today, he would definitely tell Li Lanfeng that the crybaby from the past was now a tough valedictorian who would never cry again.


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