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Read It’s Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me Chapter 73 – ****!!

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‘ To love is to share life together , to build special plans just for two , to work side by side , and then smile with pride as one by one , all dreams come true . You belong to me , to my heart , to my soul . The only one , who can have my heart , my soul, my body is you . I want to take every step of life for you ….with you ‘ .

To calm down his beating heart , to wash the dirty thoughts , Mu jun walked forward , trying to avoid Kim lans gaze . That gaze , which could make his heart go wild , which could make his cheeks go red and arouse him down , he wanted to avoid it . Slapping his chest , trying to ease it , he mumbled along the way ‘ no , no …I should be strong , I can’t loose control , stay strong , stay strong ‘ .

Kim lan who followed him behind quietly , chuckled seeing his expression. She could already guess what was going on in his mind .

‘ Dont worry baby , your little heart won’t be stable tonight ‘ she said inwardly and smiled .

Reaching the room, Mu jun and Kim lan entered it before locking it from inside as a precaution . It was quite a large room , with a king size bed and an attached bathroom and a hall with a balcony . The room was painted with maroon colour , with bright lights on , a sofa and a TV were in the hall , the room looked pretty good . The bedroom had a king sized bed in the middle with a table beside . Their was also a cupboard to arrange their dress. From the balcony, they could see the dark sky with twinkling stars .

Looking at the big bed in the middle , Kim lan could not help but have wild thoughts in her head . In a mischievous tone, she said in a low voice ” theirs only one bed , what should we do now ” she said and turned around to look at Mu juns reaction .

Hearing Kim lan , Mu juns face turned bright red . Diverting his gaze, with his shaky eyes , he muttered ” I…I will s…sleep on the coach , you…you can sleep on the bed ” he said and turned around , before he could run away Kim lan asked mischievously from behind , ” what if I dont want to ? ” .

Mu juns cheeks turned bright red , with his wide eyes but did not answer for her question , he said hurriedly before he ran away ” you must be tired , g…go have a bath , I.. I’ll order some food ” .

In a blink of an eye , Mu Jun dissapeared from Kim lans sight as soon as he said that .

‘ you cant escape from me baby ‘ Kim lan said inwardly and headed in to the bathroom .

After taking a hot shower , Kim lan came out wearing a white robe around . Her cheeks were flushed red and her eyes were teary . The white fluffy bathrobe was just above her knees . From the time she came out of the bathroom, Mu jun did not dare to look up . He always avoided her trying not to look up at her . Taking the towel and the robe swiftly, he ran into the bath room . Instead of taking hot shower , he took cold shower to calm his nerves .

While Mu jun was showering , their dinner was delivered to their room by the hotel staff . As a token of sincerity , the hotel had even sent them a wine bottle and Kim lan happily accepted it not knowing that the wine bottle was actually provided by Suzy.

While arranging the dinner on the table , Mu jun came out of the room wearing a white pluffy bathrobe . His hair was still damp , with water droplets at the end of his hair which were dripping down .

‘ Ah , what a s.e.xy sight ‘ Kim lan mumbled , as she started to feel hot everywhere .

” the dinners ready ” Kim lan said and sat at one end of the table . Pulling out the chair , Mu jun set on the other end and started to eat silently with his head down.

Instead of eating , Kim lan kept looking at his fair well built chest which was was peeping out of the robe . Feeling certain gaze , Mu jun looked up only to see Kim lan staring at him , at a certain part . Following her gaze , he saw his chest peeping out of the robe . In a swift motion , he grabbed both the side and closed it before yelling ” hey ! What are you looking at , pervert ? ” , his face turned pinkish red and for some reason , he was having .

” sigh ! , what a beauty ” she said and stood up from her table and went towards Mu jun . By now , Kim lan was already half drunk . Kim lan slowly walked towards Mu jun and sat on his lap before encircling her arms around his neck , as she said ” wouldn’t it be a waste if we loose such an opportunity ” Kim lan said winking at Mu jun .

Mu Jun offcourse understood what was going in her mind . He was having a very hard to control both his arousal as well as nervousness . ” yo…you , what are you doing ….just get up ” he said stuttering .

” are you sure you want to miss the chance , hmm ? ” Kim lan asked suggestively , frightening Mu jun once again .

” he…hey , get up….yo…you are drunk ” he stuttered .

Smiling mischievously , Kim lan pulled her bathrobe aside , revealing her right leg which looked much s.e.xy and asked again , in a low seductive voice ” are you sure you dont want to !! ”

Looking at her naked leg , Mu jun could not help but gulp , but still he shook his head vigorously , and started to take deep breath , trying to calm down his nerves and not to loose rationality .

Seeing him not accepting her invitation , with no choice Kim lan had to use different method . Holding the robe tight , she said

” sorry ”

Hearing ‘ sorry ‘ out of nowhere , Mu Jun was quite confused as he asked ” wh..why? ” , but he was already having a bad feeling.

” because I’m gonna **** you ” she said and kissed him on the lips . By the sudden kiss , Mu jun was utterly shocked . His eyes were wide open , his heart started to beat loud , his eyes started to turn dark . When Mu jun did not respond for her kiss , Kim lan was angered as she kissed him hungrily , trying to push her tongue inside his .

when the gentle kiss started to turn ferocious , the last strand of his self control was also lost. Holding her waist tight , Mu jun also returned back the kiss with same pa.s.sion . They kissed until they were out of breath . moving away from each others lips , With their forehead and nose touching each others , both of them were breathing heavily as they looked at each other eyes and started to kiss again.

Lifting her up , Mu jun placed her on the table , pulling her closer to him , and kissed her hungrily . Their hands were moving all around their bodies as they kissed . Slowly moving her hand , Kim lan untied his robe and pulled it down from his body . His s.e.xy , six pack body was just a feast for her eyes .

Pushing him away , Kim lan breathed heavily. Her chest moving up and down , her eyes teary , her cheeks flushed and her lips were swollen . Slowly getting down from the table , she moved a step forward and slowly removed her robe playfully . As soon as her robe was Removed , her naked body was displayed for Mu juns hungry eyes .

As soon as he saw her naked body , he could no longer hold on to his self control. The desire to devour her also bursted out and in the next moment , Mu jun walked forward and grabbed her head before kissing her hungrily .

His hand slowly moved down from her head to neck , to her shoulder then slowly to her waist , circling his arms around her tiny waist, he Lifted her up and encircled her legs around his waist , and took her to the bedroom and slammed the door close . Soon the room was full of moans and groans and the creek sound of bed . the pa.s.sionate love making continued until the dawn.


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