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Read Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari Chapter 129

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「Because senpais are going to especially stay overnight,
let’s have some temaki sushi for dinner.」

I, according to Aya’s instruction, had come to the supermaket once again.

Elena wanted to come along but was restrained by Aya just to change clothes.

The shopping for the temaki sushi―

Tuna, seared bonito, horse mackerel,
eggs, salmon roe, walleye pollack roe,
lettuce, cuc.u.mber, radish sprouts, green shiso leaves,
crab sticks, canned tuna, canned corn, plum meat tube,

I wonder if these are everything?

When I was done shopping and returned home―
the 4 people were having a DVD watching session.

「Welcome back, oniichan.~」
「Seiji-sama, welcome home.」
「「Welcome back.」」

To be welcomed by 3 + 1 bishoujos……
I’m happy.~

But, why is Aya glaring at me?

Because the 4 people continued to watch the DVD peacefully,
I began to prepare the temaki sushi.

I finished the preparation of the ingredients,
and after the vinegar rice was stirred in the ohitsu,
I get rid of the moisture using Wind magic―

「It smells delicious, oniichan.」

Did you come here to see how things are going because you were tempted by the smell?

After I let Aya carry the ingredients, the temaki sushi party starts.

「How do you eat this, Seiji-sama?」
「Then, observe because I’ll prepare one for you.」

When I prepare Elena’s temaki sushi,
the other 3 want me to prepare for them as well.

This is『hand-rolled sushi』not『rolling sushi by lending a hand1』!!

Elena, who was unable to just watch, rolled one for me.
The sushi that Elena rolled was very delicious.

After that, everyone, rolled one for me……

Aya’s wasabi was too effective; I couldn’t stop my tears. It wouldn’t be on purpose, would it!?
Mai-san’s had a lot of sushi rice that I almost spilled it.
Yurie-san’s had only egg types, eggs, salmon roe and walleye pollack roe. Do you like eggs?

We filled our stomachs and entered the bath in turn.

The first to enter was me,
then, Mai-san and Yurie-san,
finally, Aya and Elena.

Why did Mai-san and Yurie-san, as well as Aya and Elena enter in pairs?
Excited voices in the bathroom could be heard.

Resulting in Yurie-san’s blood rush to her head and nosebleed.

The room a.s.signment when sleeping were,

Mai-san and Yurie-san in Aya’s room,
Aya and Elena in my room,
while I was to sleep in the living room.

Well, it can’t be helped, huh.

 Thanks to the『Wasabi』served by Aya, I couldn’t fall asleep easily.

Anyway, that being the case, let’s check the tracking beacons.

1. Elena
Since she’s sleeping, let’s skip her.

2. Azide-san
Because of the war, I’ve had completely forgotten about him,
It seems that he is still in Shinju town.
Well, I wonder if it was because of the war or some other matters?

3. Lela
When I checked, she was just about to go to bed……


Eh? Lela murmured my name.
Perhaps, she noticed that I’m peeking?

Lela went to bed just like that,
she was squirming for some reason……

『It can’t be viewed in order to not violate the【Private policy】.』

A message popped out and I can no longer view it.
Eh? Is it a violation of【private policy】when sleeping?

Well, let’s keep it in mind.

4. Azos
He was locked up in jail and was docile.
There seemed to be no need to keep track of this guy.

5. Nancy
She was sightseeing Egypt.
When I checked the map, it seems that she went to Egypt via Italy from Greece.
I’d like to see the pyramids as well.~

6. Me
It was the beacon I attached to myself.
Looking into the figure that looks exactly like yourself has a strange feeling.
I’ll take it off later.

There should be 2 of them left unused later.
What should I use them for?

That reminds me, I should’ve put a beacon onto the King of the Demonkind.
By doing so, I could go to the Demon town immediately.

Oh well, I could easily run at lightning speed.

If I think about it, it won’t be necessary to rely on Azide-san’s travels anymore.

 Since I’m not yet sleepy, I tried to check on medicine-related stock.
There were 10 pieces of【Stimulant potion +3】remaining,
and there was no【Strength recovery potion +3】left.
It would be bad if I don’t stock up ingredients.

I want to become able to craft Elixir soon.

It’s necessary to raise the level of potioncraft in order to craft Elixir.
To increase the level of potioncraft, I have to craft curse healing potions2.
In order to craft curse healing potions, purple nettle and holy water are needed……

【Light magic】is necessary in order to make holy water. Should I ask Lela, or acquire【Light magic】?

I wonder where will the purple nettle can be found?
I hope that it’s in towns I haven’t been before.

I became sleepy while thinking such things so I decided to quickly go to sleep.


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