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Read Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari Chapter 205

Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari is a web novel completed by Katsu.
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205. Children’s privilege



 It was necessary to give a communication item to Lyle Gewalt but……


 we decided to visit the mana crystal of earth and darkness while we were at Shinju town.



 It’s for Mai-san and Hilda to visit the temples.


「Mana crystal of Earth? What’s that?」

「Well, it something like a huge jewel which you can acquire magic by touching. Mai-san.」


「It’s also something very convenient, huh.

 What kind of things can Earth magic do?」

「Aya and I frequently use it as support when standing firmly, kicking the ground or running.」

「I see! That’s good.」


「However, the problem is that the admission fee is quite expensive.」

「How much?」

「4, 500 Aurum.」


「4, 500 Aurum!?」


 It wasn’t Mai-san who was surprised when hearing the price but Hilda.

 Well, it was understandable since Mai-san didn’t know how much the value of Aurum was.




 S-, Since I don’t use Earth magic, I don’t have to go.」

「N?  There’s no need to hold back, you know?

 You’ve been properly studying, right?」


「Y-, Yes but……」



 I calmed Hilda who has been freaking out when she heard the amount of money,

 and we went to the『Earth temple』.



「Excuse me, these two would like to visit please.」

「Yes yes, that would be 20 Aurum for two people.」


「N!? 20 Aurum??

 Isn’t it 4, 500 Aurum per person?」


「Oh, that’s the adult rate.

 Children of 10 years or younger are 10 Aurum.

 The redhead child over there is a little older but……

 Well, you should be 10 years old so the discount is fine.」


 That’s quite suitable.



「I’m 19 years old!」


 Oh, Mai-san. If you say that!



「Haha. If ojou-san wants to become big,

 eat a lot and play a lot, okay~.」


 It seemed to have been taken as a child’s joke.

 Sorry, Mai-san.


 After paying 20 Aurum,

 the sullen Mai-san and the relieved Hilda

 went inside and visit the mana crystal of earth.



 After a while, the two people came out.


「How was it you two?」


「It was amazing……」


 Mai-san has become unusually excited.


「The magic(?) around the big jewel flew about.」


 So it looks like that when you can see magic, huh!


「How was it when you touch the mana crystal?

 Was there any reaction?」


 Some magic……

 entered inside my body forcibly……

 and it burst inside my body.」


 Her speaking style almost has substance……


「How about you, Hilda?」

「I’m not sure.」


「Well then, I’ll try to use【appraisal】.」



 When I appraised Hilda, the earth magic was level 1.

 Well, it’s only natural since she has been studying diligently.



「Can I use【Appraisal】on you as well, Mai-san?」

「A-, Ah, it’s fine.

 I’ll just endure……」


 Is endurance necessary when being【appraised】?……



 When I took her at her word and used【appraisal】,

 Mai-san had acquired level 2 earth magic.


 But, Mai-san fidgeted and blushed all the time when she was being【appraised】.

 It seemed to be kinda naughty…..



「It seems you two managed to acquire it.」




 Both of them somehow managed to acquire earth magic,

 then, they will also visit the mana crystal of darkness next.





 the both of them didn’t manage to acquire the【darkness magic】.



 Hilda looks extremely sorry.


「Well, neither Aya nor Elena was able to acquire too.

 Darkness is the only one we don’t understand the condition of the acquisition well~.」


「When I touched the darkness mana crystal, I felt somehow rejected by it.」


 Does it feel like that when it can’t be acquired?



 Currently, only I was able to acquire the darkness……

 Is there a power of darkness sleeping inside me?


 That’s, if I remember correctly, when I was second year junior high school,

 I felt that the power of darkness dwells in my right hand……

 Perhaps, the power at that time……



 I’d also like to acquire the【Light magic】quickly.


 What will it become when darkness and light are combined?

 Will it become the strongest power or……

 or will I become insane and die…holy cow! There’s no such thing, right?



「Your face looks strange, onii-chan.」

「What!? It’s nothing.」


「You were thinking something strange after all, right?

 At times like this, you always look strange.」



 I can’t retort……




│Name: Hilda

│Occupation: Magician

│Level: 17

│HP: 370

│MP: 664

│Power: 32 Endurance: 28

│Ability: 33 Magic power: 61


│ Fire 3, Earth 1

│ Short blade techniques 1

│ Dismantling 3



│Name: Kawai Mai

│Occupation: Karate pract.i.tioner

│Level: 22

│HP: 3, 137

│MP: 1, 861

│Power: 273 Endurance: 270

│Ability: 22 Magic power: 186


│ Fire 3, Earth 2

│ Body reinforcement 3

│ Magic power perception 3

│ Body techniques 5, Staff techniques 5

│ Sword art 3, Short blades techniques 4


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