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219. Soup



「Now, what soup should I make~.」


 When I murmured unintentionally so, Aya from the side……


「Just make whatever you think is fine!」


 said something irresponsible.


「Aya, it will become a yami nabe then.」


「Yami nabe is good! Then, it has been decided!」

「Don’t arbitrarily decide!」



 Since there are a lot of orcs, the meat of an orc would be fine for the meat.

 If I did that, it’s going to be a pork miso soup containing orc meat.

 Since it’s an orc meat, it’s not going to be『Pork miso soup』but『Orc soup』……

 since it sounds strange,『Pork soup』is fine.



 I will have Hilda help me make a fire.


 When I went to the a.s.sembly hall, Elena and Hilda were able to take a break since the healers’ magic power had recovered.


「I’m sorry to ask you during your break but since I’m going to cook outside, can you help me, Hilda?」



 Hilda is full of energy.


「Seiji-sama, I will also help.」

「You healed a lot of injuries, aren’t you tired, Elena?」

「I’m fine!」


 Elena seems to be full of spirit too.



 When we went out of the a.s.sembly hall,

 the townspeople who were healed from their injuries followed in succession from behind.

 I wonder if they heard that we are going to cook.



「Well then, please wait a moment since I’m now going to make a kamado[1].」


 I make everyone fall back and try to make a kamado near the large pot.

 However, the townspeople are gathering one after another and it has become the center of attention.


 It’s hard to do it……


「Onii-chan, do your best!」


 s.h.i.t, I’m already burning.

 But on second thought, I think『it’s good to attract attention』!



「Here I go!!」


 I fired myself up and exclaimed,

 with my mind focused like some warrior race[2], I put all my power into my whole body.


 As a bonus, I make my hair stand up using static electricity,

 and also imitate the generation of electric discharge phenomenon on purpose.


「What!?」「What on earth is happening!?」


 The onlookers have started to become noisy.



 I vigorously slams both of my hands on the ground,

 along with an earth tremor, the kamado is being constructed with【Earth magic】.


 Of course, the earth tremor is also a staging.



 and, a somewhat exaggerated kamado was completed.





「Next, water. Will you please, Elena?」




*Joro joro*


 Elena gets on top of the stand I’ve made in order to put things inside the pot and has poured water with *joro joro*.


「Elena, can you do it a little bit more energetically?」

「Y-, yes.」


 Somehow or other, it seems she is embarra.s.sed doing *joro joro* with everyone watching.

 It can’t be helped, I will look at Elena firmly too.


 Finally, Elena finished doing *joro joro*,

 her body was shivering for some reason.


 It’s just really an ordinary water, right? Right?



「Next, fire.

 The situation is good, I leave it to you, Hilda!」

「The situation is good?

 I understand!」


 Aya, Mai-san and I put firewoods into the kamado,

 and sent a signal to Hilda.



 Hilda raised the magic stone of oil’s rod and poured her magic power into it.

 At the same time as Hilda opened her eyes widely―

 a『Flame tornado』burst forth.





 The onlookers who were a little scared and moved back

 found out the it was safe and burst into applause.


「Incredible, I haven’t seen such a great Fire magic before.」


 That’s right, that’s right,

 I trained Hilda. How’s thattt!?



 Hilda’s magic didn’t end with that,

 three firebirds jumped out from the flame tornado.


「What’s that!!?」


 A commotion arose from the onlookers.


 And then, the firebirds,

 entered into the kamado as if they were returning to their nest―


 The firewood in the kamado flared up vigorously.




 A loud cheering arose from the onlookers,

 Hilda had been embarra.s.sed.


 Well, what she did was merely lighting up the firewood of the kamado, right?



 Why are we doing this kind of exaggerated performance you say―

 it is to make the heart of the townspeople calm down even a little.


 Attacked by the devil-kin, it has led to a large number of victims.


 However, the people who survived……

 have to rebuild this town after this.



 Food is what the people here now worried about the most.

 Most of the town’s food has been robbed off by the devil-kin, even if they ask the other town for support,

 the round-trip will take four days and the food preparation and the likes will take a day, they can’t rely on food support for at least 5 days.


 That’s why I showed a large quant.i.ty of food and there needs to be an exaggerated cooking in a huge pot.



 With that said, I prepare the pot,

 I finely cut the vegetables and throws it in,

 I have Hilda to dismantle an orc and throws it in,


 and finally-!

 it’s the 10 kg『Miso with soup stocks for professional’s use』which I bought from the supermarket for business purposes.


 The 10kg miso with soup stock has been thrown into the pot.


 Then, a nice aroma of miso wafts through the surroundings.


「Somehow, it’s a savory aroma!」


 Each of townspeople searched for the one which will likely be the container and began to line up in a row.


 I created a『laddle』with a wooden stick and a suitable metal,

 and served the people who lined up a pork miso soup.




 It seemed that they liked it somehow or other, everyone unanimously said ‘delicious, delicious’ as they ate.



「Now, the distribution of food has also been completed, should I go to Lela’s place?」

「Onii-chan, what are you going to do by going to Lela’s place? A tryst?」


「Why did it become so.

 I’m going to report that the Ebisu town was attacked.

 And, I will ask for support too.」

「Ah, it’s that, huh.」


 There is only that.


「Well then, I will leave the rest to you for a while.」



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