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Journey Towards Greatness is a web novel created by Evil_God_ZARAK.
This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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Poor Julian he didn’t think that things would go down like this, being seen as a paedo was a huge strike to his ego, well this was his point of view if he knew what the old man was thinking he would puke blood from embarra.s.sment.

The village chief didn’t want to leave his precious granddaughter with Julian anymore so he decided to tag along with Cynthia and show them to the guest house.

Village Chief “Selice”

He called her out.

Selice looked at her grandfather awkwardly, she noticed her grandfather’s gaze on her suddenly changed, she knew her grandfather, she knew he has come up with another stupid accusation of his own again, she didn’t want to embarra.s.s him in front of her idols so he stayed quiet.

Selice “Yes, Grandpa?”

Village Chief “Let’s escort our guest to the guesthouse”

He said.

Selice “Ok, you stay here while I show them to there”

She said.

She didn’t want to get embarra.s.sed by her grandpa again but her grandfather had other plans.

Village Chief “Don’t worry, I have to see our guest to their quarters push me over with them”

He said.

Selice sighed and decided to do what her grandfather said, she then pushed her grandfather towards the guest house as Cynthia and Julian followed them, once they arrived at the guest house Julian sighed in relief, the house was pretty well built and s.p.a.cious so they won’t have any trouble staying here, even some of their pokemons can sleep inside.

Village Chief “We will be leaving now, Miss Champion please rest well”

The chief said and signaled his granddaughter to take him away, she sighed and glanced at Julian before deciding to leave, of course, the old man saw this and got irritated but he couldn’t come forth to scold his sweet granddaughter.

Julian smiled awkwardly and decided to walk into the house and ignore the old man, for now, their main goal is to save the elite team that is currently holding the attack for the Underworld’s elite guards, these guards are no joke, they are trained to kill so it will get harder for the elite agents of the League to hold them off after some time.

Luckily the agents form the League had already established a base for themselves so they have a lot of stored supplies and they can keep the Underworld’s elite guards in a stalemate before reinforcements arrive.

From what he learned from Cynthia the Elite agents of the League can still hold on for a day or two before they run out of food and bullets to defend themselves, the Elite Guards of the underworld have cut away their way to make an escape trapping them in a corner, what they didn’t expect that the Elite agents would have a lot of supplies backing them up.

Both Cynthia and Julian entered the house and checked out the rooms, everything was well maintained showing that the village had spent quite a lot to build this guest house since their village is very close to Mt. Coronet many rich and influential people come here for vacation and this village is a perfect place for them to stay, the village is surrounded by beautiful scenery and fresh air and they are far away from the civilization many people who come here to escape from the busy and fast city that they live in.

Julian sits down on the bed and sighs, seeing him like this Cynthia is confused.

Cynthia “What happened?”

She asked.

Julian “Didn’t you notice how the Village Chief was looking at me?”

He asked.

Cynthia “No”

Julian “Well, I think he doesn’t like me, I have to clear my name or I will feel very uncomfortable”

He said and laughed.

Cynthia “I see, that’s why he was acting weird when it came to you”

She said and chuckled, she knew Julian didn’t like being mistaken for something he is not so it came to no surprise to her that he was acting as such.


Back in the village chief’s house the Village Chief and his granddaughter entered, the Village Chief turned towards his granddaughter and sighed at her.

Village Chief “Look Selice, I know you are young and you want to try new things but I think you are still young to fall in love and be with a man”

He said and lowered his head in sadness, well he was overacting because he loves his granddaughter too much.

Selice is shocked by hearing this, she wondered what her grandpa came up with this but she didn’t expect him to come up with such a stupid scenario.

She turns red in embarra.s.sment as she heard this.

Selice “Grandpa……”

She said in a low voice and stared coldly at the old man, seeing his sweet granddaughter looking at him like this the Village Chief realized that he made a huge mistake.

Selice “Why are you always so eager to embarra.s.s me, do you even know who that person is?”

She shouted while pointing her finger aggressively at her grandfather.

Village Chief “I don’t but it’s not like he is any special compared to the champion right, you always said that you are a big fan of the champion Cynthia but when I saw you having no interest in her I thought you fell in love with that pretty boy”

He said in a low voice wanting to prove that he is not guilty.

Selice “That person is not just anyone, he is Julian, knows for his undefeated record and the previous champion of Kanto region, if he hadn’t given up that position he would still be the Champion of Kanto”

She said.

Hearing this the Village Chief’s eyes went wide as he realized what he just did, he picked a fight with someone who has even more influence than their champion, he has heard about Julian, young people of this generation are obsessed with his name, everyone wants to be like him, remain undefeated and reign over his opponents with pure power, but being old, he was not interested in the current world affairs.

He just wanted to live in peace, he never watched television of following the current world affairs, he knew about Cynthia is because she is their region’s current champion and his granddaughter’s idle but he didn’t know that Cynthia’s place was already taken away by Julian during his reign as the champion of Kanto.

When Selice saw how Julian battled she became a huge fan and Cynthia moved to second in the list of the people she admired.

Now that her idle was here in their village her grandpa ruined everything by embarra.s.sing her in front of him.

Selice “Grandpa, I hate you don’t talk to me ever again”

She said and rushed into her room and closed the door behind her leaving the old man stunned, he didn’t think his lovely sweet granddaughter would ever say that to him.

Village Chief “Seliceeeeeeeee, forgive your old man, I promise I won’t do it again, please talk to me”

He started to wail in front of his granddaughter’s room but it was of no use and she completely ignored him.

If Julian knew about this he wouldn’t stop laughing seeing this situation.


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