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Read Journey Towards Greatness 9 Mt Moon & Super Nerd

Journey Towards Greatness is a web novel made by Evil_God_ZARAK.
This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

If you want to read Journey Towards Greatness 9 Mt Moon & Super Nerd, you are coming to the best place.

Read WebNovel Journey Towards Greatness 9 Mt Moon & Super Nerd

As Julian runs out of the Pokemon gym he is greeted by a sound in his head

“*ding* Host has successfully defeated the pewter city pokemon gym leader.

reward – one ultra ball, 20000 Poke dollars”

Julian ‘so I can earn money from defeating gym leaders, System is there any other way to earn money?’

System ‘By working’

Julian facepalms himself and curses at the system for making him feel stupid ‘well I should have asked the question properly, as it doesn’t have its own consciousness to read my thoughts’

Julian ‘what I meant is there any way to earn money through the system’

System ‘there is no other way, the host is required to defeat gym battles and win the pokemon league to earn money’

Julian ‘well that’s a b.u.mmer but on the other hand, the reward is not bad at all and I even got an ultra ball even though I cannot use it right now maybe in future I can’

After figuring out the way Julin starts walking to the leave the Pewter city after walking for a 45 minutes time he finally makes it out of the city, then he sees an even longer and an empty road which will be his path for a day or more to reach the Cerulean city for his second gym battle he sighs and continues walking.

Julian “This much walking will kill me one day, looks like I should get a bike to make traveling easier”

And he starts heading towards Mt moon as he arrives there he sees a huge cave in front of him.

Julian “isn’t this the place where the moonstone is found, well I won’t be needing it so I don’t care, but I have to be careful there are lots of Zubats and Geodudes in this cave”

As he starts to walk inside this complex structure of a cave he gets lost ones or twice but gets back to the original root very easily while he is even attacked by groups of Zubats, Ivysaur and Chimchar get rid of them. After being in this mage like a cave for more than an hour he finally finds the exit but before he gets out he finds two very peculiar stones one has a shape like a snail sh.e.l.l on it and the other has a bulge shape like a ladybug, seeing this Julian gets very excited.

Julian “Aren’t these the helix and dome fossils, haha lucky if I get the perfect person he can help me resurrect these into those rare fossil pokemons”

“Hold it right there” Julian suddenly hears someone shouting behind him, he turns around and sees that its a guy with long black hair with spectacles and very skinny ‘who the heck is this guy” questions Julian to himself

Stranger “Hey those are mine I found them first”

Julain “Huh? you found it first then why didn’t you take them with you and what’s the proof that you found them first”

Stranger “Of course I found them first, can’t you see this thin hand I am not strong enough to carry them like you so I brought this carrier with me to take it with me”

Julian “well you see I have already found them and I will take them with me so bye”

Stranger “Wait please don’t take them I have been searching for these fossils from my childhood”

This strange guy suddenly goes on his knees and starts to cry with whipping the snot with his hand, seeing this Julian first feel disgusted then feels pity for him so he gives him a chance

Julian “Talk”

Stranger “Ah, thank you I am Super Nerd and search for rare fossils”

Julian “Enough of the introduction talk about what you want”

Nerd “Yes, let’s do a pokemon battle whoever wins will take the fossils with them, what do you say”

Julian “Hoooo, ok I accept your challenge, how many pokemons?”

Nerd “two” seeing Julian nod “Ok then, Voltorb go”

Julian “Pidgey you are up”

Nerd “Voltorb use spark”

Julian “Pidgey dodge then use sand attack” Pidgey uses sand attack and blinds Voltorb vision

“Now follow up with tackle then use gust to blow him away” Pidgey does as Julian says and then we see a flying ball blown away as it fainted

Nerd “Voltorb noooooo” he looks at Julian “You have not won yet “Go Magnemite”

Julian “Come back Pidgey you did great” he sends back Pidgey to its Pokeball “Go Chimchar, use scratch”

Chimchar jumps off from his solder and attacks Magnemite with scratch

Nerd “Maghemite dodge then you discharge” discharge successfully hit Chimchar damaging him a little but its no use as Julian follows along

Julian “Chimchar use fire spin and trap Magnemite inside, then finish it of with fury swipes” as Chimchar uses fire spin it traps Magnemite inside it creating rings of fire and then a second later he is a.s.saulted with barrage of fast fury swipes which have been perfected by Chimchar doing all the martial arts training he is doing lately and so Magnemite is also sent flying as he fainted.

Julian “I won so I will be taking these fossils” he carries them and starts to walk away but when he sees Super Nerd super depressed and about to cry he feels pity and walks towards him

Julian “Since you found these I will give you one” he takes out the helix fossil and places it on Nerd’s carries

Nerd seeing Julian giving him one of them he is very grateful and tries to hug Julian but Julian sends him flying with a kick saying “I am not gay”.

Julian “Since I gave you a fossil you answer my questions”

Nerd stands up holding his stomach “Ask away”

Julian “Do you know anyone who can revive this dome fossil”

Nerd “If you go to Cinnabar Island pokemon laboratory you can revive it there”

Julian “Ok then”

Julian takes the Dome fossil and put it in his handy pouch and now he his finally out of Mt Moon.

Julian “Next stop will be Cerulean city, are you ready Chimchar”

Chimchar “Chimchar-char” he happily nods his head as they continue their journey.


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