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Everyone valiantly boarded their chariots. From the looks of it, they were prepared to travel to the battlefield and have a b.l.o.o.d.y battle.

Lin Ze Yang’s eyelids jumped uncontrollably a few times, he deliberately tried to stop Xue Peng from showing off, but before he could even finish speaking, Xue Peng had already jumped onto his own car, and then, stepped on the throttle and left aggressively.

On the carriage, the lieutenant was inevitably a little worried. He asked, “Sir, are you sure that this battle is not too different from what we imagined?”

Xue Peng had a confident look on his face as he lit up a cigarette and blew out the smoke ring. “Looking at Lin Ze Yang’s expression, this matter is not as complicated as we thought.”

“No matter what you say, however, there will be fierce exchanges of fire between the two sides. Once they do, there will be casualties.”

Xue Peng did not mind as he shook off the ash on his cigarette, “No matter how intense the exchange of fire is, we’ll just sit in the car and wait. Some people will even rush forward for us, we’ll just sit here and enjoy ourselves.”

The aide nodded, “You’re right. As long as you don’t show up, you won’t have to worry about losing your eyesight.”

Xue Peng opened the car window and casually threw the cigarette b.u.t.t out, “I am clearly here to s.n.a.t.c.h the credit this time, no matter what happened, we have to seize the best opportunity, and pick up the best advantage, so that the people up there have no reason to attack me.”

“As long as we are able to return in triumph this time, it can be considered a merit.”

“Hahaha.” The two of them looked at each other and smiled, and they became more and more proud of themselves.

Sunlight penetrated through the gaps of the trees and scattered on the gra.s.s like stars.

One figure after another cautiously walked through the seemingly deserted jungle. Occasionally, there would be a few wild animals scuttling past them.

As one person held a gun, his forehead was covered in sweat. Under such high intensity pressure, everyone moved with extreme caution.

“Lieutenant Colonel, do we continue the search?” A soldier on the other side asked softly.

The man who was called lieutenant colonel nodded, “The authorities said that we must take care of these two. They have evidence against us.”

This was, after all, the territory of the Hua Nation. If the Hua Nation soldiers discovered any clues about this, not only would their mission fail, they would also face an international trial.

Sweat trickled down the man’s face, and soon soaked his collar.

It was obvious that the forest was filled with overbearing Yin Qi, which should have been caused by the cold wind. However, everyone was still drenched in sweat, and even their breathing had become heavy.

“Gu gu gu.” There was the sound of birds soaring from the treetops, flopping down a bunch of withered yellow leaves.

“officer.” Inside the gra.s.s, xiaoqing2 saw many figures walking past the gaps between them and called out to them in a low voice.

At her side, shen shen feng1102 was also completely focused on observing everyone’s direction, and he asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I just heard the sound of a car. Did Senior Lin and the others come over?” xiaoqing2 could feel the ground trembling slightly. It should be because a few cars were approaching.

“If it’s the cautious Lin Ze Yang, he wouldn’t have driven here at this time. He would have stopped at a location around one kilometer away, and then walked in on foot. With such a large battle formation, he would have alerted us.”

“You mean another party is coming?”

shen shen feng1102 declined to comment, “Human nature is greedy, it is not common to see someone providing charcoal in the snow, but meritorious services can be seen everywhere.”

“You said Xue Peng is here?” The corner of xiaoqing2’s mouth raised slightly, “With his well-developed intelligence, wouldn’t coming here be a waste of his head?”

“Let’s wait and see.” shen shen feng1102 slowly retreated out of the bushes.

xiaoqing2 followed his movements and left the area in twos and threes.

Xue Peng’s car was parked on the small path, b.u.mping and b.u.mping along the way, he almost blurted out all of his internal organs.

Deputy Li San opened the kettle and said, “Sir, please have a drink.”

As the vehicles behind them approached one after another, all the soldiers jumped off the vehicles in one go. They all held their heads high and lined up orderly, waiting for their leader’s final order.

Xue Peng drank a mouthful of water, and immediately felt much more comfortable, he then pointed to the direction of the vast forest, “Everyone rush in, take out our Qi and force the enemy to retreat, let’s go.”

With that, all the soldiers carried their weapons and ran into the forest.

Xue Peng leaned on the door of the car, looking extremely pleased, “Next up, we will be waiting to reap the rewards.”

Li San was a little worried. “Sir, it’s so quiet in here, could it be counterproductive?”

“What’s there to be afraid of? The people of X who snuck over saw us suddenly appear and ran away in fright. How could they dare to resist?”

“You’re right.” Li San covered the kettle.

xiaoqing2 climbed up the tree and observed the cars from above.

However, shen shen feng1102 raised his spear, and the muzzle of his gun was not aimed at the enemy, but Xue Peng.

xiaoqing2 was surprised, “officer, what are you trying to do?”

shen shen feng1102 smiled playfully, “Playing a game.”

xiaoqing2 understood their officer’s words and raised his spear as well.

The forest was as quiet as ever, causing people to feel anxious. Xue Peng looked at the time, and walked around the carriage twice.

BOOM! The bullet penetrated through the tree and touched the morning dew. It hit the mirror in front of the car and shattered the mirror into a spider web.

Xue Peng subconsciously retreated, and his right leg lost its calm as it tripped over his left foot, and fell on his b.u.t.t on the ground.

When Li San heard the sound, he instinctively hugged his head and squatted down.

Xue Peng panicked and wanted to crawl up from the ground, but just as he moved his body, a bullet landed between his two fingers. Because he was too close, he could almost feel the heat emitted by the bullet.

“Ah!” Xue Peng was so shocked that he rolled and crawled as he stood up. He took a step forward and another bullet landed between his legs.

Each bullet was accurately placed in the middle, but it was as if the strike had missed its target.

Xue Peng’s entire body was so stiff that he could not move at all. He raised his hands up high and trembled, “I surrender, I surrender.”

xiaoqing2 took back the sniper rifle in his hand, and could not help but ask: “officer, he seems to have urinated.”

shen shen feng1102 covered her eyes, “Alright, enough to play around, let’s clear the area.”

xiaoqing2 shot a final glance at the man who was holding onto his legs and leaning on the carriage door, not daring to move, and could not help but add another shot.

BOOM! The bullet had pa.s.sed right above Xue Peng’s head, and landed on a tree behind the car, sticking close to his head.

“Ah!” Xue Peng closed his eyes, his legs shaking even more. He couldn’t hold in his own breath, he felt a warm sensation in his chest, and looked down at his pants.

“Sir, sir.” Li San crawled on the ground and carefully probed with his head.

Xue Peng touched his head. It was a little ice-cold, but there didn’t seem to be any blood flowing.

“Sir, get down.” Li San reminded.

Xue Peng slowly got down, and the two of them rolled into the car, nervously looking around.

Li San asked, “Did they leave?”

Xue Peng answered, “I don’t know, why don’t you go out and take a look?”

Li San shook his head. “Sir, we should still hide at the bottom of the car. It’ll be safer this way.”

Xue Peng nodded, “You’re right. Even if it’s a bit embarra.s.sing, your life is the most important.”

A gentle breeze blew past, covering the leaves layer after layer.

The situation in the forest was on the verge of breaking out.

The group of people who had just entered could already feel the invisible pressure under the tranquility. Everyone was a recruit who was content with the current situation. They lacked the experience to face such a sudden situation.

A person asked, “Do we still need to go any deeper?”

Another person answered, “Let’s ambush them first. We’ll catch them when the enemies come in.”

Thus, the group of people spread out and waited for the enemies to step into their encirclement.

BOOM! A bullet from an unknown source landed on one of the men’s arm.

Before anyone could react, the bullets came cras.h.i.+ng down in all directions. The group of people carried their wounded comrades and ran away in a sorry state.

“Retreat.” The people of X jumped down from the trees one by one. Knowing that exposing their whereabouts would definitely cause a counterattack, they had no choice but to retreat.

The panicking group of people did not hear any more gunshots. They all stopped and looked at each other, gasping for breath.

Another person asked, “Do you still want to run back and fight?”

The other person answered, “Wait a moment, don’t chase after them. They are definitely waiting for us to bite back at them.”

“Then what should we do now?”

That person continued, “We are also here to ambush them. Sooner or later, they will catch up with us.”

Therefore, everyone scattered once again and jumped into the bushes to observe what was happening in front of them.

The forest returned to silence.

State X and his group were getting closer and closer to the border. They only needed to go forward another hundred meters before they could completely leave the Hua Nation.

BOOM! As the sound of gunfire rang out, the man in the lead lost his balance and fell to the ground. Before he could react, a figure had kicked the weapon out of his hand and sent it flying several meters away.

shen shen feng1102 looked at the surrounding people who did not dare move, and grabbed the man up from the ground, “This is Hua Nation.”

The man pretended not to understand and turned his head away.

shen shen feng1102 was too lazy to argue with him. The gun moved downwards and the bullet directly landed on the man’s lower leg.

“Hm.” The man involuntarily cried out in pain.

shen shen feng1102 once again placed the muzzle of the gun under his chin, “I’ll say it one last time, this is the Hua Nation.”

“We are here to hunt down the rebels.” The man said.

“I only observed your crossing.” shen shen feng1102 looked at the others, “All of you should be aware of the crime of carrying weapons across the border on your own accord.”

The man’s body trembled. “Even if we die, we will still be honored.”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As the man’s voice faded, the tanks at the border ascended the hill one by one. The muzzles of the cannons were currently facing the group of people in front of the forest.

The man shot a cold glance at shen shen feng1102, and said indifferently, “You can kill me, or even arrest me, but I believe that the cannons of our army will fearlessly blast towards us.”

“Do you think they dare to fire?” shen shen feng1102 asked.

The man proudly raised his head. “Our rebel soldiers are still hiding here. For the sake of safety, will they … do you believe that?”

shen shen feng1102 released his hand, “I believe these people must have something of value in their hands.”

The man squinted his eyes, but he didn’t dare to tarry and could only give the order, “Retreat.”

xiaoqing2 stood beside shen shen feng1102, and seeing that the fish in her hands had slipped away, she asked doubtfully, “I thought that State X would not dare to open fire, why did officer still let them go?”

“Catching a few furry fish won’t fill our stomach, we still have a big fish to catch alive.” shen shen feng1102 retreated back.

xiaoqing2 knew who the big fish in his mouth was, and followed closely behind, “We have observed, but we did not see anyone sneak in.”

“Let’s look around first. They will definitely send people to find these people before they cross the border again.”

“Yes, officer.”

Carrying his spear, xiaoqing2 ran all the way.

The noon sun was scorching hot and the dew on the gra.s.s was completely evaporated.

Xue Peng laid on the ground, feeling pain in his back and waist. He really couldn’t take it anymore, so he struggled as he prepared to crawl out.

“Sir, let’s wait a little longer.”

Xue Peng kicked him away, “This daddy has been afraid for two hours already, if there was anyone here, they would have already come out. We are idiots lying at the bottom of the car for two hours, would they be idiots watching us lying at the bottom for two hours?”

Li San felt that the officer’s words made sense and slowly crawled out as well.

Both of them stood up straight at the same time, stretched their waists and waved their arms. They immediately felt that being able to stand up straight was a wonderful thing.

Xue Peng opened up his arms and shook his head.

Li San suddenly raised his hand stiffly.

Seeing his strange movements, Xue Peng snorted: “Even if it’s very comfortable to come out, you don’t have to be so comfortable.”

The corner of Li San’s mouth twitched as he pointed behind his superior.

Xue Peng turned his head around, a gun was so far from the back of his head, about three centimeters away from him, as if he could give him a bullet at any time without sparing him any face.

“Sir.” Li San smiled bitterly.

Xue Peng pouted, held his head and slowly squatted down.

The man stared at him expressionlessly. “Soldiers of the Hua Nation?”

Xue Peng nodded, “Yes.”

The man’s index finger seemed to have intentionally slipped past the trigger, creating a crisp sound, “Take off your clothes.”

Xue Peng’s eyes were wide open as he looked up in disbelief. His eyes stared unblinkingly at the X Nation person who was threatening him, this man was around 1.9 meters tall and powerful, even more so as he had the back of a tiger and the waist of a bear.

But what did this capable person want to do to him? Although all these years he had been nouris.h.i.+ng the 033 Regiments and raising them white and tender, he believed that he was not particularly handsome, not even having shaved for two days, and he looked very sloppy. He was actually so hungry that he wanted to make a move on him?

“What are you standing there for? “Take off your clothes.” the man repeated.

Xue Peng clenched his teeth, and silently took off his clothes.

“You take it off too.” The man pointed at Li San.

Li San did not dare to think too much. He stripped himself of all his underwear.

The man picked up the clothes on the ground and slowly retreated.

Xue Peng had already made the preparations that he would be turned over and over by the other party any time, as long as he was still alive.

However, after covering his head with his hands and waiting for a few minutes, why hadn’t the other side pounced on him yet?

He braced himself and raised his head. The man in front of him had left at some point and was now completely empty. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was stripped to his underpants, he would have thought he was hallucinating.

A clear and cold wind blew past. It was unknown when the sun had hidden itself into the clouds, causing the surroundings to turn cold.

“Sir.” Li San laid on Xue Peng’s shoulder and cried.

Xue Peng wiped his own snot and hugged him as well.

The moment xiaoqing2 walked out of the forest, he heard the wails that sounded like his parents had died. Instinctively, he glanced in officer’s direction.

shen shen feng1102 knocked on the car door, “Don’t cry.”

Xue Peng sneezed, he originally wanted to reply to his father and say goodbye, but after seeing who the person was, he quickly stood up and took out his imposing aura, raising his head up high.

xiaoqing2 turned his back while he was silent.

shen shen feng1102 sized up the man wearing only underpants from top to bottom with a lukewarm tone, “Did an X person steal your clothes?”

Xue Peng originally wanted to ignore this question, but before he could take out his own force to repel the man, he was met with a roar from him, causing him to be stupefied.

shen shen feng1102 emphasized his tone, “Speak.”

“He left that way.” Li San did not even try to hold himself back and directly blurted out.

shen shen feng1102 did not stop for a moment, and walked straight to the side of the small path.

xiaoqing2 also followed behind him. Out of the corner of his eyes, he glanced at the two miserable people and could not help but tease them, “officer, I’m a bit curious as to why those people did not kill those two fellows.”

“It’s a waste of bullets to kill them.” shen shen feng1102 replied.

“After all, we are comrade-in-arms. officer has to at least give them some face.”

“I’ve already given them a lot of face by not acting on behalf of the heavens.” shen shen feng1102 suddenly stopped, and indicated xiaoqing2 to stop too.

The two of them squatted down at the same time.

The clouds dispersed, and the sun shone down about fifty meters ahead.

The two men sat facing each other, probably discussing something.

xiaoqing2 found a good cover, and waved towards their officer, then raised his spear and aimed.

The two seemed to be in a dispute.

“Bang bang.” Two bullets burst out from the muzzle at the same time, landing on their bodies without the slightest deviation.

One of them frantically rolled behind the rock while covering his wound.

The other person was not so lucky. Just as he picked up his gun, he was shot in the head.

The lucky man gritted his teeth and prepared to escape. Just as he took his first step, a bullet landed right in front of him, forcing him back.

xiaoqing2 walked towards it step by step.

The man heard footsteps getting closer and closer behind him, and desperately jumped out from his hiding place.

The sharp blade edge carried a cold glint as it flew towards xiaoqing2.

xiaoqing2 tilted his body backwards, taking the chance to lift his leg and kick, successfully kicking the weapon in the man’s hand into the air.

He raised his hand and grabbed his wrist with lightning speed. He only felt a heart-wrenching pain coming from his skin. As he looked, blood was dripping down his face, drop by drop, onto the red gra.s.s.

shen shen feng1102 grabbed the man’s arm, and twisted it behind him, then knee down on the man’s back where his heart was.

“Ah!” The man spat out a mouthful of blood due to the intense pain.

shen shen feng1102 released the power in his hands, and looked at the man falling to the ground, his entire body spasming non-stop.

“What does officer do now?” Seeing one dead and one injured, would xiaoqing2 resolve this matter too quickly?

shen shen feng1102 squatted down and touched the man’s body.

xiaoqing2 also squatted on the side, “Does officer feel that there’s anything special about him?”

After a while, shen shen feng1102 took out a phone and a plate.

xiaoqing2 took it, “Is this considered as picking up a treasure?”

shen shen feng1102 nodded, stood up, and took out a rope to tie up the man who still had a breath of air left.

Lin Ze Yang was still worried and led a carriage over.

shen shen feng1102 threw the man onto the car, “Bring him back for treatment first, don’t kill him.”

Lin Ze Yang looked around, and indeed, he only saw two officers. He asked, “Where are Senior Xue Peng and the rest?”

shen shen feng1102 sat in the car and looked at the weather, “He might still be in the sun.”

Lin Ze Yang did not ask anymore, and similarly got on the carriage. In short, he temporarily controlled the situation.

Not far away, several military vehicles were waiting quietly.

Xue Peng sat in the car and rested his eyes, watching the sunset from the sunrise.

“Achoo.” Li San’s nose itched and he could not help but sneeze.

Xue Peng glanced at him, “Why is there no news from this group of people?”

“Could it be that the situation of the battle is so urgent that we didn’t have enough time to report back?” Li San replied.

Xue Peng held his arm, “You want to go in and take a look?”

“Sir, I’m not going to cause any more trouble at this time.”

Xue Peng facepalmed, “Whether it’s the good news or bad news, why is there no news at all?”

In the forest, Nightingale had already started to cry out, and was circling around the forest as she flew.

The group continued with their plan of catching the turtle in the jar.

One of the soldiers shook off the ants on his body, he could not bear waiting for too long, so he asked, “officer, why don’t we go over and take a look?”

The man who was called officer shook his head, “The other side must also have had the same idea. This is a war of attrition, we cannot reveal ourselves first, otherwise we will be completely annihilated.”

“But it’s not going to work if we keep waiting like this. It’s going to get dark soon.”

“It’s fine. Wait a little longer, they won’t be able to take it and reveal themselves first.”

Everyone continued to stubbornly wait.

“Gu gu gu.” When the birds returned to their nests, it was completely dark all around.

A full moon in the sky, the stars in the sky blinked.

In the quiet and deep night, the sound of the footsteps in the Shen family’s mansion seemed especially heavy.

This time, Chen Xiang held a flashlight. She decided that as long as she didn’t turn on the light, she wouldn’t have to worry about the light bulb breaking again.

xiaoqing2’s room was very quiet. The child shouldn’t have fully woken up yet, so he was currently sleeping soundly.

Chen Xiang purposely got up half an hour earlier. She had to finish all the preparation work because this was a chronic poison that was given to her by Dr. X. It wasn’t wrong for a person to take it for a short period of time, but after a long period of time, a person would gradually become mentally disturbed and eventually die from organ failure.

Her current task started with the youngest milk doll and was extended to the whole family one by one. After all, she could only come into contact with this milk doll now, and even if she didn’t have any orders, she couldn’t casually enter the kitchen.

However, she wasn’t in a hurry. As long as she stayed in the Shen family for a long time and obtained their trust, she would slowly erode the entire family.

Thinking of this, Chen Xiang’s face was filled with a proud smile.

With the flashlight in her mouth, she slowly shook the powder into the bottle.

“Whap.” All of a sudden, the lights in the room were ignited.

“Thud.” The flashlight in Chen Xiang’s mouth fell onto the carpet. She moved her eyeb.a.l.l.s left and right in fright.

What was going on? She didn’t turn on the light. Yes, she hadn’t turned on the light since she entered the house.

“Ding Ling Ling, Ding Ling Ling.” The lilting music of the bedside bell suddenly rang out in the quiet room.

Chen Xiang’s body stiffened bit by bit. She didn’t dare to turn her head back. She felt a pair of eyes staring straight at her from behind.

“Whap.” The lights went out again, and the music died down. Only the flashlight in the room flickered on and off.

Chen Xiang slowly crouched down. She wanted to pick up the flashlight.

“Ding Ling Ling, Ding Ling Ling.” In the darkness, the bedside bell sounded once again.

Chen Xiang lost her composure as she picked up the flashlight and turned around, trying to see what was staring at her from behind.

She turned her head, but there was nothing behind her. In the enclosed s.p.a.ce, the music was magnified like magic.

On the bed, the little guy was completely awake. His big eyes were fixed on Chen Xiang’s body.

The corner of Chen Xiang’s mouth twitched. She walked over with heavy steps. No matter what, she had to investigate this matter thoroughly tonight.

The child on the bed looked directly at the light in her hand, as if she did not think it would hurt her eyes.

Chen Xiang crouched down and similarly stared fixedly at this three month old brat.

“Sizzle sizzle.” The little fellow’s black eyes seemed to flash with light.

Chen Xiang wanted to reach out and touch the child, but she did. However, the moment she touched the child, she felt as if an electric shock swept through her. She didn’t have time to release her hand before she fell to the ground.

Yan Jun kept feeling uneasy as he pushed open Xiao Bao’s room with a blanket.

The room was rather dark. She turned on the lights in the room, and at the first glance, she saw Chen Xiang lying unconscious on the floor.

Gradually, the sky turned white as the Shen family sat in the main hall with a solemn expression on their faces.

Lying on the carpet, Chen Xiang was completely awake after her rescue. The moment she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was her head circling around her. She then realized that she was in a strange place and vigilantly sat up.

Old Lady Shen picked up a cup of tea and blew at the steam coming from the cup, “Speak, who are you?”

Chen Xiang’s heart tightened. Looking at the scene before her, it seemed that her whereabouts had been completely exposed.

Yan Jun placed the bottle in front of her and reminded her, “What’s inside?”

Chen Xiang looked innocently at the person in front of her, asking knowingly, “Madam, I don’t understand what you mean.”

Yan Jun grabbed the woman’s chin, his eyes gloomy: “Don’t play dumb with me, our Shen Family can save you, or we can kill you, you can continue acting dumb with me.”

Chen Xiang knew that she could no longer hide. She had originally planned to push this woman aside and try to escape. Even if she could not escape, she could not continue to live.

Yan Jun seemed to have seen through her intentions and kicked him down to the ground.

Chen Xiang’s body was suppressed to the point that she couldn’t move. She forcefully dug at the carpet and said, “If you have the ability, kill me.”

Yan Jun grabbed her hair and pulled her up, “You won’t die that easily.”

The butler led the servants to seal Chen Xiang’s mouth and brought him down with all kinds of tied equipment.

Yan Jun wiped his hands, “Leave it for the military to handle, no matter what, pry open her mouth for me.”

Old Lady Shen put down her teacup, “Our Shen family has been through a lot of trouble these days, I never thought that there would be such a flaw.”

Mrs Xu blamed herself, “Chen Xiang was recommended by my hometown. I thought she was from D Town, but never thought this kind of thing would happen. Old madam, it’s my fault. I’m willing to blame myself for resigning.”

“Why did you resign? After you resign, you give outsiders the opportunity to sneak in? ” Old Lady Shen sighed, “Has the doctor finished his examination? Is there something wrong with Little Treasure? “

Yan Jun shook her head, “I’m still checking, but according to what Mrs Xu said, there shouldn’t be any big problems. After all, even though Chen Xiang came in contact with Little Treasure, he didn’t have the time to feed him milk.”

“That’s good then. Don’t look for a new nanny for the next few days.” Old Lady Shen stood up, and looked at the calm Shen family, “No matter what, we have to be cautious.”

“In the next few days, I’ll take care of Little Treasure myself. I won’t be pretending to be someone else.” Yan Jun walked up to the second floor.

Shen Mu Xiao leaned on the door and peeked his head in.

The doctor carefully confirmed his examination data. After confirming that everything was normal, his tense nerves gradually relaxed.

Shen Mu Xiao sneaked in, he laid on the bed and carefully looked at his little brother on the bed, the little guy was blus.h.i.+ng red from sleep, he was really getting prettier and prettier.

“Why did Mu Xiao come in?” The moment Yan Jun entered the room, he saw his big brother who was lying on the bed and looking very seriously at his bed.

Shen Mu Xiao ran out of the house shyly.

Yan Jun laughed, “This child runs really fast.”

The doctors stood to the side and reported directly on the situation, “Young Master is fine and everything is fine, there’s nothing out of the ordinary.”

“Go down and explain things to the madame.” Yan Jun carried the child and helped him put on his clothes. Then, he gently pinched his chubby little face and said, “I really frightened Grandma.”

The little guy seemed to not understand, but it also seemed like he understood what Yan Jun meant as he raised his little hands and grabbed onto Yan Jun’s fingers.

Yan Jun kissed his cheeks, “Are you hungry?”

The room was rather quiet. A light breeze brushed against the curtains, and a small bell jingled.

The little guy turned its head to look at the window, seemingly very fond of that little toy that was swaying about.

Yan Jun placed him on the bed and prepared to mix the milk.

The door closed and the room returned to its original silence.

The little guy stretched out his hand, and the little bell just shook in this way. Even if there was no wind, it still made a crisp sound.

“How come I forgot to disinfect the bottle?” Yan Jun pushed the door open again and entered.

Suddenly, her eyes grew larger bit by bit as she stared in astonishment at the bell swinging back and forth in the window. She then looked at the little fellow on the bed, who was waving his arms in the air and playing equally happily, before swallowing her saliva and rubbing her eyes.

When she opened her eyes again, the bell had already calmed down, just like when she left just now, gently swaying in the wind.

Yan Jun walked over uncertainly, and she pulled away the little bell and sized it up seriously.

Whooooosh. The wind in the yard suddenly blew crazily. Waves after waves of wind blew against the windows, which somehow made people feel cold in their hearts.

The little guy pouted his lips and stretched out his little hand towards Yan Jun.

Yan Jun pointed to the wind chime in his hand and walked over, placing it in his palm.

The little guy held Feng Ling and looked at her a few times. In the end, it seemed to get tired of playing, so it just dropped it and started nibbling on its little hand again.

Yan Jun blinked his eyes and took a deep breath. Perhaps it was an illusion, but the wind outside the window was quite strong, and it was blowing loudly.

Day after day, the sun rose and set. The entire camp was as peaceful as ever.

xiaoqing2 was walking on the field, and before he even reached the training grounds, he already saw an off-road car driving through the camp’s entrance, rampaging in.

The soldiers were on high alert as they looked at the uninvited car with hostility.

The jeep stopped in front of xiaoqing2.

xiaoqing2 recognized the person through the car window and waved his hand, signalling for everyone to continue their training.

Xiao Ye ran out of the car and circled xiaoqing2 a dozen times like an ant on a hot pan, but he still could not stop and kept on spinning.

xiaoqing2 clenched his teeth, and roared: “Don’t turn around anymore, speak if you have something to say.”

Xiao Ye kept on muttering to himself, to the point where he did not even know what he had said. As though he had nothing to say, he asked, “Where am I? I seem to have deliberately come to find you. Yes, I have come to find you. No, why should I come to look for you? I seem to have come here just to make fun of you, hahaha. “

xiaoqing2 could not be bothered with this crazy guy, and walked towards the training area.

Xiao Ye blocked her way, his expression solemn, “I am looking for you, I have something to tell you, something extremely urgent and I’m afraid I will die, someone will really die.”

xiaoqing2 stared at him without blinking, with a hint of mockery, she teased, “Look at you blabbering, could it be that if you make someone’s stomach big, they might be killed by their father?”

“…” In the huge field, it was as if there was no one there.

xiaoqing2 saw that his face was ashen, and became serious: Could it be that it’s really what I said?

Xiao Ye lowered his head, and his hands uncontrollably pulled tightly onto his pants.

xiaoqing2 dragged him into a secluded corner, and after confirming that no one around could hear their discussion, he cautiously asked, “Whose stomach are you pregnant with? “Don’t tell me what you did behind your aunt’s back or what other women do?”

“Do I look like one of those casual men?”

xiaoqing2 squinted her eyes, “Could it be -” She covered her mouth in astonishment, “You grew an aunt’s stomach?”

Xiao Ye held his head and squatted on the ground, “I don’t even know what I did, I think that I might have been bewitched. I was drunk for an entire night, just a single night, no, she was drunk, she was the one who took off my clothes tyrannically.”

xiaoqing2 squatted beside him, “Do you know what kind of stupid thing you have done?”

Xiao Ye hugged xiaoqing2, and pouted: “Save me, save me, if dad finds out, I’m afraid we won’t even be able to return home.”

xiaoqing2 slapped away the head that Yun Che leaned towards him, and said seriously, “How can I save you? At a time like this, you can only boldly admit it and then propose to the Shen family. “


“When no one knows the truth, marry your aunt first and then tell them that you two are married children.”

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Do you want this child or not?” xiaoqing2 smacked his lips, “Men are indeed worse than beasts.”

Xiao Ye stood up, “Although I am a bit unreliable, I am responsible.”

xiaoqing2 patted his shoulder, “Aunt did not kill you, this is already considered unorthodox kindness.”

“You really want to marry?” Xiao Ye asked again.

“Do you want to be beaten by two people, or by three?”

“What’s the difference?”

xiaoqing2 laughed, “When two people hit you, they would want you to take responsibility and show some mercy. If it was three people fighting, I think they would probably beat the c.r.a.p out of you.”


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