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wonder what kinda powers will kanna get in the future

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obligatory choco

Kanna obtains movement skill

chotto abunai desho

I get on a train within the same day I received the delivery request.

I’m in a pa.s.senger coach, being shaken by the train while enjoying my sandwich which is handmade by the diner’s waitress.

It’s very tasty not unlike the other magic beast dish I had up to now. With the richness of flavor originating from the eggs, coupled with the savoriness of fresh vegetables being sandwiched together with slices of bread, I am convinced that this is truly a fine dish.

I subjugated all the egg sandwich with relish and with a satisfied stomach, I arrived at the station nearest to the joint operation between Imperial Army and adventurer’s raid party.

Because the sun had already retired for the day, I decide to stay overnight at cheap inn built near the station.




The next morning, at the crack of dawn, I set out early. When I asked the inn’s clerk, he said that I’ll arrive at the encampment around noon if I start in the early morning.

「………At the lowest, it will take at least 3 hours.」

There are no conversation partner, no tools nor instruments for entertainment. It will be a full 3 hours of walking alone.

Frankly, I’m bored.

It would’ve be a little better if I can move while sleeping in a carriage but there are no such convenient network of carriages pa.s.sing through the encampment.

Furthermore, this area seems to be a wasteland with a flat road that continues beyond the horizon. The unchanging landscape got me into a stupor.

Having nothing else to do, I had no choice but to replace the reactive ice field crystal that was consumed due to Ruks’ action yesterday. Come to think of it, my breastplate still has a hole in it. I’ll have to replace it with a new one as soon as I get back later.

It doesn’t take much concentration on my part to create a new crystal in this situation. And so, I find myself once again with abundance of free time.

Still, I managed to keep walking for about an hour under those condition but now, I finally reach my limit.

「Gah! Bored! And it’s heavy!」

The [delivery item] strapped to my back is plainly heavy. I seriously wanted to throw this thing away on impulse. Though I controlled myself before I could. Instead, I put it down slowly and rest for a bit.

In terms of [weight], this uselessly long white item doesn’t compare to the total weight of tools I carried in my travels. However, it’s a mystery on how it feels heavier the more I continue to carry it in silence. Perhaps if I have someone to converse with, I’ll be distracted from the item and forget about the weight.

「I wonder if Chloe is all right.」

According to what basan said yesterday, the joint operation between adventurers and army was scheduled to commence in the morning tomorrow. Which means that, they are heading towards the occupied mine right about now.

As a precaution, I gave Chloe some reactive ice field crystal just in case. I haven’t detected any long distance activation yet. Hopefully the operation will end without her relying on it.

That concern is wrapped up for now.

What concerns me more is the [delivery item].

Once I’ve taken a rest, it’ll be troublesome to carry this heavy [useless white] for the second time. But it’s a proper request, so I can’t dump it anywhere.

「Haaaah, what a bother…」

I offhandedly create an ice the size of a pebble and fling it away. The ice pebble slid down the flat road and disappeared from view.

When I see that happening…


…Some flash of inspiration occurred to me.

I create another ice. It’s a little smaller than before. When I fling it the same way, the ice slid away and vanish into the horizon.

I create 3 more. This time, it’s all shaped like a flat disk. And when I fling all three, it all slid unhindered.


At this moment, I came up with a new convenient technique following after Reactive Ice Field.




ーーーAfter 20 minutes

「Hyahhooooooooooooooo! ! !」

I’m at the height of excitement.

I’m thrilled by the scenery streaming steadily behind as I face the wind blowing against my face. This speed is perhaps the same level as an adult male running at full power.

The conclusion I came to was [I should just put in on an ice to transport it]. If I think about it carefully, [ice] would be the first thing to be a.s.sociated with [gliding]. Ruks has even proved the slipperiness of the ice I created.

At first, I thought it’d be good the luggage (useless white) on the ice and push it but after actually completing it, I came to the conclusion that I should just [ride it myself in the first place].

…………And so, I’m now currently blasting away on the flat road on top of my elliptical-shaped flat ice s…o…b..ard. Ah, the delivery item [useless white] is fixed firmly on the ice board to prevent it from slipping off.

I had a hard time balancing at first.

Back on earth, I’ve never done anything like surfing, s…o…b..arding or skiing, let alone skateboarding. Though I fell quite a number of times and suffered several bruises, spirit arts’s convenience lives up to its name.

When my balance is about to collapse, I [manipulate] the ice board to forcibly smooth it over. If it was a natural ice, things wouldn’t have gone swimmingly.

In addition to that, by applying the concept behind my spirit art’s long range attack, I can command the spirit to produce a light propulsion and adjust the speed accordingly. This allows me constant movement without having me continuously kicking the ground.

Rather than skateboard, its the birth of [ice board].

My naming is simple, you say?

Is there any complain about [shimpuru izu besuto]?

Now that I secured comfortable movement skill, I can say goodbye to the travelling boredom. The feeling of cutting through the wind is pleasant.

With this, I can relate to the people who are addicted to motorcycles back on earth. It’s just moving faster but I can’t get enough of this.

Sadly however, after maintaining the speed for a while, I feel some fatigue creeping in. I’ve been continuously straining my mind with the constant use of spirit art to glide the ice board. From the earlier speed of when I got too caught up in the moment, I slow it down a notch and maintain it at jogging speed.

As I recall, I’ve never tried maintaining spirit art for a long period of time. It was usually invoked immediately or in the case of reactive ice field, created and left on standby. If I continue as is, long term use of ice board will be difficult. Once I get back to Draknil, I’ll need to research more on this.




Although I slowed down, I’m still moving at a comfortable speed.

I safely arrive at the encampment about 2 hours after departing from the inn at the station. When the encampment came into view, I released the ice board. As one would expect, if I continued on just like that, I’ll be viewed strangely.

With the useless white strapped to my back once again, I head to the entrance.

Though the encampment is simplistic in design, it’s enclosed by wooden fences and seemingly built in preparation against outside attacks. As I approach an entranceway that was not concealed behind fences, the stationed soldier hails me.

「Excuse me. This area is currently off-limits to the general public. If you do not have any business here, please turn back.」

「um…………I’m an adventurer who came at the guild’s behest. This is my guild card and the request certificate.」

I promptly take out my card and the request certificate and show it to the soldier. The soldier is surprised to see basan’s signature on the certificate.

「This is………signed by Lydeal-sama. In other words, you are a messenger of that personage. Please excuse my rudeness.」

「No no. You were only doing your job.」

I have no complaint towards his initial a.s.sumption of me as a suspicious person. He was just fulfilling his duty as a security guard. However, it took too little to rattle this soldier.

「So, is the consignee, [Regulus-san] currently available?」

「I am terribly sorry but the commander and all adjoining officers are away on a mission. At present, there are only a dozen left in this camp on supply protection detail.」

「As expected.」

There’s little to no sign of people in the camp.

「If so, can I wait inside the encampment?」

「If it is a delivery for the commander, I can personally deliver it later.」

「BasaーLydeal-sama told me to hand it over directly, if at all possible and obtain a signature in exchange for it.」

「Is that so? Then, there would be no problem with waiting inside. If someone else inside the encampment asks for your ident.i.ty, it would be fine if you show them your guild card and the signature of Lydeal-sama. However, because military’s confidentiality needs to be kept as much as possible, please refrain from moving anywhere else other than the quarters a.s.signed for adventurers.」

「I understand. Where are the quarters specifically?」

「On the north side of this encampment. From this entrance, it’s at the section after proceeding to the left. There is a signboard and a tent with the guild’s emblem on it, so you will know of it right away.」

「Roger that. Thank you very much.」

Parting away from the guard, I aim for the quarters a.s.signed for adventurers.

…………But I’m a little surprised by the change in the guard’s att.i.tude. It’s not like I’m saying that he was condescending or high-handed. In fact, the impression I got was a professional being diligent in his duties.

His att.i.tude strangely softened the moment I showed basan’s signature. It was as if he’s dealing with a top-cla.s.s VIP. I wonder if one will change their att.i.tude so much for merely an errand at the behest of the guild? Well, it’s certainly better than being taken as a suspicious person.

However, it’s not hard to imagine that basan and the leader of the knight order here are not just simply [acquaintance]. When I get back, I’ll pester her about it as much as I can.




Just like what the guard said, the section used by adventurers were immediately apparent. I enter one of the tents depicted with a guild’s emblem and sit down. There are no personal belongings with only a few sheets of cheap cloth left behind. Is it arranged so that anyone can use any s.p.a.ce?

…………Chloe and the other adventurers are probably fighting hard against goblins right now.

With the newly developed ice board, even if I head there now, I can catch up to them with time to spare but I don’t feel like doing that.

Let’s just do my best not to die out here.

In the meantime, I chew a salted dried meat, which I brought as portable food and wash it down with water from my canteen to curb my hunger.

And catch some sleep.

Well, since I won’t be able to converse with soldiers who are guarding the supplies, I might as well sleep. With that out of the way, I lay down and close my eyes.

One of the few things I’m good at is I can sleep anywhere no matter the situation as long as I can keep my head steady and collected.

Eyes closed, I find myself quickly slipping into sleep.

Dang. I should’ve asked how long until the commander returns.

kanna rashii na

some action next ch


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