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Read Kar98K Upon Touchdown! Chapter 549 – PUBG’s Great Escape!

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Chapter 549: PUBG’s Great Escape!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“AHQ-W1nner killed AHQ-M4 with vehicle explosion!”

“AHQ-W1nner killed himself with vehicle explosion!”

In a trice, the 4AM players looked back in shock!

When they saw the two “express crates” beside the burning UAZs, they received quite the fright!

“What the…f*ck?”

Staring at the UAZs that were now engulfed in flames, G.o.dV felt like throwing up.

‘I didn’t ask for an express package!

‘I want a car!’

Right then, Liu Zilang quickly alerted the others, “Someone’s coming! Be careful!”

Next, they saw another UAZ speeding toward them from the southeast. Just as they were about to shoot, their opponents seemed to have sensed their intentions and promptly drifted the UAZ, stopping a distance away from them.

Liu Zilang instantly scoped in with his 98K.

Before the car came to a complete stop, he fired a shot at the player in the driver’s seat!


A loud and clear sniper shot echoed throughout the field as the bullet zoomed toward the player!

However, it did not result in a “b.l.o.o.d.y” scene as they expected.

The second Liu Zilang fired the shot, his opponent somehow disappeared from the driver’s seat and, in a flash, reappeared in seat no. 4.

Upon seeing this, Liu Zilang froze on the spot for a moment, clearly in shock.

‘What a quick reaction!’

He had always been confident in his shooting speed, which was why he was dumbfounded when he missed the shot!

Meanwhile, as soon as the UAZ stopped, two players jumped off the vehicle.

As Billy positioned himself behind the car, he licked his lips and grinned.

“Interesting! A quick shooter.

“Did the car we were chasing crash into theirs?”

Captain Karl glanced at the two overturned UAZs burning on the wheatfield and chuckled. “I apologize, that was unfortunate.”

Karl clearly did not know that the car had overturned on the wheatfield before the other car crashed into it.

If he had known, he would not consider the situation as “unfortunate”, but “fateful” instead.

“Vroom, vroom, vroom-!”

The rumbling sounds of a motorcycle were heard as Vivian finally arrived.

Karl turned to look and asked, “Where’s Satan?”

Vivian quickly parked her motorcycle beside the UAZ, and was confused by his question. “He was with me…”

After she turned to look, she felt rather embarra.s.sed. “Perhaps…he was…”

Satan, who was running as fast as he could, was left speechless when he heard her reply.

Due to the first-person perspective mode applied in the tournament, Vivian had been clueless that Satan was not alongside her and did not notice his mark on the map…

Satan had thought that she was doing it on purpose. Hence he kept quiet, planning to teach her a lesson later.

He never expected that she actually forgot about him…

That was truly hurtful!

With some shame, Vivial eventually glanced at the “accident” that happened on the wheatfield and her jaw dropped. “What the f*ck! What…happened?”

“It’s exactly as it seems.” Karl shrugged. “A lucky team got crushed by the car that you crashed into earlier.”

“Oh, wow!” Instantly, Vivian burst out laughing, still in disbelief. “They’re truly very lucky; where are my cuties? Are they behind the cars? I can’t wait to…”

As she spoke, she held up her SKS and slowly peeked from behind their vehicle.

“Be careful, that fella shoots quite fast.” Karl immediately warned her.

“It’s alright, is he faster than my 17 shots in 2 seconds?” Vivian was unbothered.

Furthermore, she was not afraid to show herself to her opponent because this was a first-person perspective mode. If her opponent wished to attack her, he would have to reveal himself too.

Given the circ.u.mstances, Vivian was extremely confident in her speed and reaction.

Sure enough, before long, she saw a figure peeking from behind the burning UAZs.

Without hesitation, Vivian pulled the trigger and began firing!

“Peng, peng, peng-!”


In a fraction of a second, Vivian tilted her head left and right repeatedly as she fired three consecutive shots!

Suddenly, her view shook violently and blood splattered out of her Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet!

Shocked, she quickly retreated before her opponent finished her off.


Seeing her health dropped drastically, Vivian was furious. “Who’s that? He’s too fast!”

“Jeemzz? Or Mexy?” Karl shrugged. “Who knows?”

Jeemzz and Mexy were snipers from Liquid and Faze respectively. The former was a handsome player with excellent shooting skills, while the latter was known for his playful playstyle. Without a doubt, both were strong and skillful players.

Nevertheless, based on Karl’s tone, it seemed those two players did not concern him at all.

On the other hand, Billy was licking his lips again, his eyes glimmering. “I love quick shooters!”

At that moment, a buggy was heard. Apparently, the abandoned Satan found a buggy on the way and finally caught up to them.

Satan raised his brows once he arrived. “I heard that there’s a tricky player around?”

“To a certain level…I suppose so.” Karl smiled and added, “But Billy and I haven’t made a move yet.”

“Hmph!” Vivian scoffed, not pleased with the comment.

Anyhow, Vivian had tested the waters for them.

Now that everyone had arrived, the SKK players started taking action.

On Hua Xia’s commentary platform.

“Oh, no! It’s still early, but 4AM is already facing a strong opponent–SKK.”

“Hmm, now that 4AM’s vehicle is ruined, all can do is hide behind the wreckages. They’re in a disadvantageous situation.”

“Oh! Two SKK players have started to bait. Looks like they’ve set 4AM as their target and are determined to take them out.”

“Exactly. And what about 4AM? Wait! Are they throwing smoke grenades?”

In the game, Liu Zilang and the others had begun throwing smoke grenades around them.

Although they did not know who their opponents were, based on their reactions earlier, they were certain that they were tough adversaries.

Besides, they were quite a distance from the safe zone, and their opponents had already split up to attack them.

Under the circ.u.mstances, they could no longer defend pa.s.sively. Therefore, they started throwing smoke grenades in Gatka’s direction, hoping they could try their luck and s.h.i.+ft positions to the housing area or the trenches.

“Tss, tss, tss-!”

The smoke grenades rolled on the ground for some time before a “smoke pa.s.sage” was formed on the road that led to Gatka.

“Let’s go! Every step counts!” G.o.dV was already prepared for the worst.

Not only did they lose their car, but they were also in a terrible position.

They had no other options in such an unfavorable spot.

After consuming energy drinks, the four of them turned at the same time to run toward the smoke pa.s.sage.

Behind the UAZ not far away.

When Satan saw his targets running away, he held his black M24 up and

‘Trying to escape?’


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