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Read Kar98K Upon Touchdown! Chapter 90 – Extreme Brutality!

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Chapter 90: Extreme Brutality!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Boom boom boom!”

In the three-story building, an explosion flashed through the windows!

The house was instantly shrouded with smoke. Wood fragmentations were flying all over the place as multiple windows shattered into countless shards with a loud boom.

A moment later, two grenade knockdowns appeared on the kill feed.

“Vic123 knocked out Lyb-Swamp with Frag Grenade!”

“Vic123 knocked out Lyb-Pier with Frag Grenade!”

The two of them were probably trying to dodge the grenade tossed in by Chen Zhifei. However, they ended up being knocked out by Liu Zilang, who had gone over to the northern side of the building and tossed in a cooked Frag Grenade.

Looking at the situation, Chen Zhifei could not help but shout excitedly, “Not bad, Langzi! Rush rush rus.h.!.+ We’re storming the building!”

“Wait, let me throw this thing in first.” As soon as Liu Zilang finished his sentence, he pulled out a Stun Grenade.

“Can that thing really flash anyone?”

Pu Taizhuang frowned slightly, he thought that it was not necessary.

Based on his personality, he would have just rushed in and started spraying everyone down.

‘You want to hurt each other? Come 1 !’

On the other hand, the Stun Grenade in PUBG was one of the jankiest throwables in the game.

Whether it flashed people or not depended mainly on luck.

It relied on both the luck of your opponent and yourself.

Even for professional players, there were still numerous cases of them getting flashed by their own Stun Grenades.

Hearing Pu Taizhuang’s doubts, Liu Zilang smiled. “Whether or not it manages to flash them, we’ll know in a moment.”

“Mantou, fire a couple of shots through the second-floor window.”

Although Ran Maotong had no idea why Liu Zilang asked him to shoot through the window, he still did as he was told.

Right after Ran Maotong fired a couple of shots, Liu Zilang threw the Stun Grenade that he had cooked for a second through the window.


The Stun Grenade let out a nice and crisp explosion.

Immediately after that, random gunshots could be heard from within the building!

Looking at this scene, the audience and countless live viewers were completely stunned.

Through the Observer’s camera in spectator mode, they could clearly see that the two people left in the building were completely blinded.

This was all due to the fact that they were extremely tense just now when they were reviving their squad mates. Hearing the sudden gunshots, they instinctively went over toward the window to observe what was happening.

Then, at that exact moment, their entire vision turned into a vast expanse of whiteness.

Not only that, but their ears were bombarded with a buzzing noise from the flash, causing them to be unable to hear footsteps.

Under those circ.u.mstances, if they did not want to go down without a fight, all they could do was start spraying at the direction which they thought was the stairs…

In that game, the effects of the Stun Grenade lasted for up to a whole 10 seconds.

Hearing the frantic gunfire, Liu Zilang could not help but laugh in game. “Let’s go, it’s our turn.”

As the three breached the door, they heard the continuous gunfire. Their hands unconsciously tensed up as they gripped tightly onto their guns.

They were still slightly nervous.

However, as they cautiously made their way up to the second floor and saw what was happening, their eyes widened.

The two players on the second floor were wielding rifles, spraying down furiously at the wall behind them.

As they saw this, the four players looked at each other in the eye before cheekily holstering their guns.

Then, they all pulled out their Pans latched behind their backs…


Chen Zhifei leaped forward and whacked down with his Pan!

Unfortunately, he missed the head and landed a hit on his prey’s shoulder instead.

Pu Taizhuang, who was standing by Chen Zhifei’s side, immediately followed up with his own attack, bas.h.i.+ng the enemy’s head with his own Pan!

“Improud_whatareyougoingtodoabout.i.t killed Lyb-Peanut by headshot with Pan!”


On Liu Zilang and Ran Maotong’s side, the enemy that saw his teammate’s fate received critical information that his spray direction was off. It was as if their gunfire completely failed as suppressing fire, and they utterly failed at sealing off the stairway.

Hence, after reloading his gun, he started to turn around while spraying shots randomly.

Ran Maotong who was charging toward him with his Pan got hit by two body shots. This scared him so much that he started to retreat.

However, when he turned around and saw Liu Zilang who was next to him, he became stunned.

Liu Zilang, still wielding his Pan, was slowly crouch-walking, albeit sleazy-looking, toward the player who was randomly spraying at the entire room.

The next instance…


Liu Zilang, still crouched, slammed his Pan into the guy’s crotch.


As Ran Maodong saw this scene unfold, he could not help but take a gulp of cold air. His eyes began twitching from madness.

‘That’s… f*cking evil!’

Noticing that his health bar had gone down, the guy almost had a heart attack.

Almost as if he could see the hit, he immediately aimed the muzzle toward the direction of the a.s.sailant and started to spray down at everything in that direction.

The whole scene looked like a drunk man was practicing the legendary ” turtle defense 2 “.

However, Liu Zilang had already gone on the floor with his swift reaction speed. Whipping out his Pan once more, he started swiping at the person’s feet.


That person’s health dropped down slightly once more.

Following that, Liu Zilang started to switch between crouching and p.r.o.ning as he danced around his victim…

‘Pan No. 1!’


‘Pan No. 2!’


He just furiously attacked the guy’s crotch repeatedly, slapping him to death.

‘What’s this?’

‘ The best ‘clutch’ of the day 3 ?’

In the end, at the instance right before his death, that person finally recovered from being blinded by the Stun Grenade.

Feeling immense frustration, he looked down and saw Liu Zilang who was on the ground, whacking him with a Pan. As he finally realized what was happening, his vision faded to black.

In the commentator’s booth of the University of Jianghai eSports arena, Lord Rong and Meng Yeqing were completely speechless at the scene that had unfolded.

“This… This…” Lord Rong took a deep breath before saying in an astonished tone, “This is too brutal!”

As he was the commentator, Lord Rong felt that such a line was not really appropriate for the Time, Place, and Occasion.

However, in the game, throughout that scene…

He had spent a while thinking about what to say, and truly could not find any more suitable words to describe what had just played out. He could only think of the word ‘brutal’…

In such a small LAN tournament, this Vic player had just tossed in a Stun Grenade and whacked a person to death with only a Pan. Furthermore, he attacked only his ‘prey’s’ nether region…

‘This was a motherf*cking extreme brutality!’

Listening to Lord Rong’s commentary, Meng Yeqing who was seated beside him could not help but let out a small laugh.

“No matter whether or not this Fantastic Four squad is the Dark Horse of this tournament, they definitely have brought us a slew of surprises and miraculous plays today. However, I’ve got to say, that last Stun Grenade play from Vic was quite interesting.”

“Agreed. I was actually quite surprised at his plan. Vic used gunshots to attract their targets’ attention before tossing in the Stun Grenade. You must admit, the’Stomping the gra.s.s to scare the snake’ 4 strategic thought process was quite amazing. It also gave us a look at the true potential of a Stun Grenade that had yet to be discovered by many people.”

Of course, all of their a.n.a.lysis on this sort of play would only be valid at higher levels of play.

If this was a game with noobs everywhere, they would not have been able to recognize the direction of the a.s.sailants merely from noise.

Those noobs might not have even noticed where the a.s.sailants were after the a.s.sailants emptied their entire magazine of bullets. It was no different than bringing a deaf person to a stand-up comedy show or showing a hot chick to a blind person…


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