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Kill The Hero – Chapter 106

Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

In September 2023, the scenery of the world entering autumn after summer didn’t have much change.

[The number of Dungeon Gates have increased sharply!]

[The number of monster appearances has increased sharply!]

[The World Economic Growth rate is -6%!]

The despair that the world had to face continued to grow.

[Lee Se-jun succeeds in his 8th 6 Floor Dungeon attack!]

[The Messiah Guild announces the 7 Floor Dungeon clear project for 2024!]

[The Messiah Guild, they are our only saviors!]

And as the world sank deeper into despair, the faith, praise and expectations placed upon the Messiah Guild also continued to increase.

-The Messiah Guild are the only ones who care. No other guild does.

-If you are human, please support the Messiah Guild!

-You b.a.s.t.a.r.ds aren’t here without transferring donations to the Messiah Guild are you?

Everyone in the world had a strong belief that only the Messiah Guild truly intended to save the world.

It was around that time.

[Isaac Ivanov’s injuries have healed! He will start doing dungeon attacks again.]

[Isaac Ivanov, ‘Thank you everyone for all the support.’]

[Isaac Ivanov, ‘The Korean Choco Pies were delicious.’]

Isaac Ivanov, who had disappeared after the Firefox Dungeon because of injuries, had reappeared.

Naturally, the world’s focus s.h.i.+fted to him.

-Isaac is back!

-The hero who saved the Messiah Guild!

-Of course he likes the Choco Pie! What are you all doing? Hurry and send more Choco Pie to him!

The world praised and cheered for the hero who had saved the Messiah Guild.

However that atmosphere didn’t last long.

[Isaac Ivanov’s next goal is Taiwan’s 2 Floor ranked Dungeon, Frozen Forest of Violence!]

[Isaac Ivanov will enter the Gates of h.e.l.l!]

The reaction of the world changed when it was revealed that his target was a place that even the Messiah Guild had abandoned.

-Oh my G.o.d…

-Isn’t it there?

-Why in the world?

The world was concerned over the fact that Isaac Ivanov intended to attack a place that had never been cleared before and that even the great and amazing Messiah Guild had no choice but to give up.

Humanity had completely abandoned it at this stage.

Isaac Ivanov was aware of this so of course he asked for help.

[Isaac Ivanov sends a letter to the Messiah Guild!]

[Isaac Ivanov asks the Messiah Guild to support with legendary items?]

[What will the Messiah Guild give to Isaac?]

Isaac Ivanov had asked the saviors for the fee to save the world.

No one denied that the Messiah Guild was more committed than any other guild in the world. However it was inconceivable to make such a request.

[Isaac Ivanov asks the Messiah Guild for support!]

[Will the Messiah Guild respond to his requests?]

[This could be the first time the Messiah Guild responds to a request for a.s.sistance!]

It was for this reason, that Isaac Ivanov’s request startled the whole world and caused everyone’s reactions to become a mess.

-What’s this bulls.h.i.+t? Requesting a.s.sistance from the Messiah Guild? Is he crazy?

-The Messiah Guild is busy attacking dungeons!

-It’s not worth hearing.

In a normal case, such a thing would not be worth discussing.

-But isn’t it Isaac Ivanov? Isaac Ivanov who saved the Messiah Guild.

-Isaac is different.

-Isaac said that he’d be targeting a dungeon that even the Messiah Guild gave up right.

But the fact that the request came from Isaac Ivanov, not somebody else and because he intended to attack a dungeon that even the Messiah Guild abandoned, led to the discussion.

No, the answer was already out.

-The Messiah Guild will support him. Would he dare to run away?

-It’s saving the world. The Messiah Guild would be happy to help.

-It’s time for them to pay off their debt.

Everyone doubted whether the Messiah Guild would support Isaac Ivanov.

But wasn’t the Messiah Guild already indebted to Isaac Ivanov? And with the heaviest debt of life at that.

-That’s what matters. How would the Messiah Guild support him? Would they lend him legendary items? Or give him legendary skills?

What would the Messiah Guild give to the hero that saved them?

The Messiah Guild soon answered the question.

“Hey, little b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.” (TL: more of a sound that the greeting)

As he checked the article on his smartphone, Lee Jin-ah began to eat Choco Pies nervously.

He quickly ate three Choco Pies as if they were mini cakes but still showed the same expression on his face.

The reason for that was the announcement made by the Messiah Guild.

[The Messiah Guild will give Isaac Ivanov their support!]

[The Messiah Guild will support him with all the unique cla.s.s equipment Isaac Ivanov needs!]

The Messiah Guild’s choice was unique cla.s.s items.

“No, what are unique cla.s.s items anyway?”

Of course, it was a great thing.

The value of their support amounted to billions of won.

“Shouldn’t they at least give him a legendary? We’re going to clear a dungeon that they couldn’t even clear!”

However Lee Jin-ah, who had expected the support of a few legendary items, had no choice but to complain.

“Don’t you think so?”

Of course, Lee Jin-ah expected Oh Se-chan to be as angry…no even more angry than himself.


However Oh Se-chan’s expression was completely different from Lee Jin-ah’s expectations.

He was calm.

“It’s not bad.”

As he heard this, Lee Jin-ah couldn’t help but be shocked.

“Hyung1, are you crazy?”

“What man? Is that how you talk to your hyung?”

Oh Se-chan frowned at the word crazy.

Lee Jin-ah continued asking him questions.

“No, aren’t you? If it’s free, you would drink lye2 and ask for refills but now suddenly, you’re like this…”

“Hey, I just don’t like things because they’re free, you think I’m some b.a.s.t.a.r.d?”

“So it’s not? So you don’t like free things?”

“Of course there’s nothing wrong with getting things for free. Anyway the unique items are free aren’t they?”

As he began to explain, Oh Se-chan gave a bright smile.

“But the thing that’s more attractive is that it’s clear cut.”


“You don’t get it? When we ask for the Messiah Guild’s support to clear a 2 Floor rank Dungeon that they weren’t able to clear, the Messiah Guild supports us with unique cla.s.s items, right?”


Oh Se-chan smiles once again as Lee Jin-ah listens to his explanation.

“Then what happens with the 3 Floor and 4 Floor dungeons that the Messiah Guild can’t clear? Huh? What would they do if we ask for support to clear them? Do you think they would support us or not?”


Only then did Lee Jin-ah shout in surprise as he understood.

“That’s right. So from now on, if we clear more difficult dungeons, would we get legendary items from the Messiah Guild?”

“It may not be like that, but the Messiah Guild has their own pride so they will at least give a corresponding merit.”


“In this world, items aren’t everything.”

As he heard the explanation, Lee Jin-ah’s disgruntled expression finally relaxed.

“That’s great.”

Then he opened another box of Choco Pies nearby.

Oh Se-chan saw this and smiled.

“That’s right. Oh, and Jin-ah.”


“That’s 10 thousand won per box.”

“What are you talking about? I buy this from the mart at 4 thousand won a box!”

“That’s the mart, this is more expensive because of s.h.i.+pping cost. Even a bottle of water at the top of a mountain would be 2 thousand wouldn’t it?”

“What delivery, why are you taking the fan’s delivery as your own money?”

“Then don’t eat it.”

Lee Jin-ah suddenly realised as he heard Oh Se-chan’s words.

Oh Se-chan wouldn’t drink lye if it’s free, no he was a human who would instead sell the lye that he had received for free.

“Hey, really! It’s so dirty that I don’t even want to eat it! I’m done eating it!”

“Right, stop eating and leave now.”


Oh Se-chan nodded his head.

“You are going to start the 24th attack.”


1.As everyone should/might know, ‘Hyung’ is Korean for ‘Big brother'(when spoken by a male) I just put it as is since it’s shorter.

2.Sodium hydroxide, also known as lye and caustic soda, is an inorganic compound with the formula NaOH.)

3.For any errors and issues contact me through discord:- 


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