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Chapter 177: Woman made of Water

Shangguan Rui had a concerned expression as she spoke: “My sister’s physique has been weird since birth, she cannot do without water, if the weather is slightly hotter, it is easy for her to dehydrate. This place is so hot…… I’m afraid that a single bottle of water won’t last long.”

At this moment, Shangguan Wan had drank several mouths of water and her complexion was becoming better. Holding the bottle as she looked at Zhang Zhongmou, she said in an extremely gentle and sweet voice: “Thank you.” completely different from that of Shangguan Rui.

Zhang Zhongmou was finally able to differentiate between the two sisters, Shangguan Rui’s voice was more vibrant and lively while Shangguan Wan was more gentle and pleasing, causing one to feel extremely comfortable.

Looking at the pair of sisters, Zhang Zhongmou realised that Shangguan Rui had requested water for her sister, he could not help but have a good feeling towards the little la.s.s, on television he merely idolised them, right now, he felt that the little sister was really compa.s.sionate.

“People of the ancient past have said that women are made of water, haha, I think your sister is precisely that. It’s okay as long as she’s fine, we still have some water here, if you need it just let me know.” Zhang Zhongmou controlled his feeling of thirstiness as he walked back to the front.

“Understood, thanks!” Shangguan Rui raised her voice to express her thanks.

Zhang Zhongmou smiled, an expression of bliss on his face.

At the front, Ma Ziye noticed this as she smiled at Su Yu: “Look at the delighted expression on that big cigarette addict’s face.”

“That is to be expected, these sisters are his idols, the excitement of meeting one’s idols is only natural.” Su Yu laughed as he answered before suddenly grunting as he lifted his head.

By his side, Ma Ziye swiftly lifted her head, she had also noticed something in the distance, there was a black pillar of light shooting to the clouds above before it quickly disappeared. This had occurred too suddenly, the group exchanged glances as they felt perplexed, unsure of what had just happened.

After waiting for a while to see if any further changes would occur, Ma Ziye spoke up: “Let’s go……” as she strode forward, Su Yu suddenly blocked her path: “Wait a moment.” Su Yu looked to the left as crisp cracking noises were emitted from a pile of boulders, closely thereafter, Volcanic Rock Monsters began to emerge until a total of five of them had come out.

Seeing the Volcanic Rock Monsters once again, the group were not surprised but rather had a feeling of excitement.

They had managed to kill the ten Volcanic Rock Monsters with almost no casualties, with only half the number right now, it was unlikely that anything untoward would occur to them. These high-tier Volcanic Rock Monsters were the best hunting targets for them to advance.

Seeing the Volcanic Rock Monsters, Xu Ruyun, Zhang Zhongmou, Qin Jiagui, Zhao Shichang and the others who wanted to advance further immediately rushed forward.

“Wait!” Su Yu suddenly lifted a hand as he exclaimed: “This place has an abundance of Volcanic Rock Monsters, the ones who really need to kill these monsters are those who aren’t even tier one. The environment here is dangerous and cruel, we should give this chance to them to allow them to advance.”

Having said this, the group was dazed for a moment before Qin Jiagui nodded: “He’s not wrong, there is logic to what he’s saying. Everyone be careful, they are rushing towards us.”

Fang Jiong laughed: “Then we’ll do it that way, only by helping each other will we really be an actual group, one can’t be too selfish.” Retrieving the Wok from his back before tossing it out and wielding the butcher’s knife to stand before one of the monsters.

Ma Ziye delicately shouted as she activated the Heaven’s Net once again, the Star Blade had already appeared within her hand.

Zhang Zhongmou shouted: “We have just reached tier three, fighting them individually will be difficult, old Su, you need to act in order for us to help them……”

His words were barely finished as Su Yu pounced forward, he did not speak as his Golden Thumb went forward, pressing towards one of the Volcanic Rock Monsters.


The body of the Volcanic Rock Monster immediately disintegrated as Su Yu’s left hand swept, knocking the back of the monster as he shouted: “Those who aren’t dark iron warriors yet have priority!”


The Volcanic Rock Monster which had half its body disintegrated fell heavily into the centre of the group, it had already lost its ability to retaliate as Zhang Zhongmou retrieved his Red Lotus Sword before pa.s.sing it to Shangguan Rui and spoke: “Beautiful lady, kill it. Only then will you gain a unique energy to resist the elements, you won’t be so tired and will be able to resist the heat.”

The strength of the Volcanic Rock Monsters and Su Yu was astonishing for the newcomers, they were slowly coming to terms with the explanation of the situation by Qin Jiagui.

Shangguan Rui received the Red Lotus Sword, hearing Zhang Zhongmou’s words, her heart trembled as she pa.s.sed the sword to Shangguan Wan: “Sister, try it and see if it really works. If it does, it won’t be so unbearable.”

Although the Red Lotus Sword was bound to Zhang Zhongmou and others could not use its abilities, it could still be used as a normal sword.

Zhang Zhongmou pointed to the neck region of the Volcanic Rock Monster: “Slice here and it will be easily killed.”

Shangguan Wan’s face was pale and seemed extremely frail, the inconceivable scenes before her, Su Yu’s demonic transformation, the Volcanic Rock Monsters that were easily rent apart, feeling the weakness of her body, Shangguan Wan grit her teeth as she tightly held the Red Lotus Sword before trembling as she chopped down.


The Red Lotus Sword was incomparably sharp as the head of the monster was instantly chopped off, a crystal swiftly flew through the air before entering Shangguan Wan’s right hand.

Feeling the strange energy surge within her body like a cleansing spring, it was simply too comfortable for words to describe.

Shangguan Wan had an elated expression as she lifted her hands to shout: “It’s really…… too amazing…… this feeling……” her face was filled with excitement as she looked towards Zhang Zhongmou before turning to look at Su Yu.

Under the combined efforts of Su Yu and Fang Jiong, the limbs of the five Volcanic Rock Monsters were swiftly chopped off as they lay on the ground without any strength to retaliate.

Qin Jiagui lifted his head as he noted strangely: “The previous time when we helped others, we were attacked by the giant feet. This time……. It seems there isn’t anything…… is it because the number of people is lesser?”

Ah Da interrupted at this point: “Fool, this is the s.p.a.ce of a sixth lifeform, no one can interfere with it.”

Qin Jiagui was stunned, as for Shangguan Rui, she had already received the Red Lotus Sword from Shangguan Wan and had also killed a Volcanic Rock Monster, successfully advancing to become a tier zero dark iron warrior.

Although the Volcanic Rock Monster was a tier four beast soldier, killing them would only allow them to advance to tier zero. The others noticed this and felt that this was a pity but under the current circ.u.mstances, they did not comment on the matter.

Four of the five Volcanic Rock Monsters had allowed the Shangguan sisters, An Xiaoyang and Zhang Ji to successfully advance to tier zero. As for the final one, Fang Jiong threw it before Xiao Wei: “Kill it, I don’t want you to always be a burden to us.”

Xiao Wei waved her hands: “Uncle, killing these things is useless for me. It should be left for you guys.”

Fang Jiong was stunned: “Useless?”

Xiao Wei was clearly still at tier zero, killing a tier four beast soldier should allow her to advance to tier one, why did she say that it was useless?

Su Yu was also curious as he asked: “Xiao Wei, you mean to say that killing these monsters is useless for you?”

Xiao Wei sadly nodded: “I was a tier zero dark iron warrior from birth, thereafter, there was simply no way for me to advance…… my father……. Even caught a tier seven monster for me to kill……. But it was simply useless.”

The others sucked in a breath of cold air, they had not even faced tier five monsters yet, Xiao Wei’s father had actually managed to catch a tier seven monster? What tier was her father at? Also, why was Xiao Wei unable to advance even after killing monsters?

“What’s the reason for it?” Zhou Birong asked curiously.

Xiao Wei shook her head: “That is why even though I have this necklace which can summon an origin beast, it has not hatched. This could be due to some problems with my body…… or……. It could be some other reason. Anyway, this monster should be left for the others. Xiao Wei killing it will simply be a waste.”

Noticing Xiao Wei’s persistence, the others nodded. Su Yu looked at the group, thinking of how Liu Zheng and Xu Ruyun had joined the group at the same time but the difference between Xu Ruyun’s and Liu Zheng was three tiers, Su Yu called Liu Zheng over: “Kill this monster.”

A selfish choice would be for him to allow Jade to kill it. However, he had to take a neutral perspective that could satisfy the group and could not be too selfish.

Liu Zheng was dazed for a moment before running forward excitedly: “Me?”

Zhang Zhongmou patted his back before laughing: “Little fellow, hurry and kill it. You can’t always be hiding within the group and doing nothing.”

Liu Zheng killed the final Volcanic Rock Monster, successfully advancing to become a tier one dark iron warrior.

After dealing with the five Volcanic Rock Monsters, everyone in the group had become a dark iron warrior and had strange energy within their bodies. Whether it be the strength to resist fatigue or the resistance of the elements, these were all raised. After walking for a while, the group began to feel hungry as Qin Jiagui suggested for them to stop and take a break.

Due to the increase in numbers together with the lack of food as well as the unknown road ahead, Qin Jiagui, Su Yu, Fang Jiong, Ma Ziye and the others discussed before apportioning out the food. They would have to eat conservatively in order to ration the food.

Due to the hot surroundings, the appet.i.tes of everyone was affected and they did not eat a lot. After resting for a while, everyone was vexed by the heat and decided to continue moving forward.

Ten minutes later, an immense gurgling lava lake appeared before the group. Thereafter, they met with the third group of monsters within the s.p.a.ce of the sixth lifeform.


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