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Chapter 1171: Wild Ancient Secret Dimension

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Chapter 1171 – Wild Ancient Secret Dimension

Within a forest that gave off an ancient aura and Heaven Earth Yuan Qi that was even purer than the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds, a young male with clear eyes carefully walked around with a curious expression. His skin was faintly blue and was covered in a layer of scales.

“Is this the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension?” The male was excited. His name was Wei Ke, and he was from the Blue Scaled Race of the Gulong Zone. He was extremely talented and managed to become a DemiG.o.d in just a hundred years, becoming an inner member of his race.

Wei Ke displayed his strength when competing for the spots to enter the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension, but he was still one of the bottom existences amongst the Blue Scaled Race.

“Let me look at the map first!”

Wei Ke’s Intent examined a rough map, which surfaced in his mind. This was a map made from all the members of the Blue Scaled Race, generation after generation of entering the dimension. Although countless years had pa.s.sed, they were still unable to piece the map together into one whole. From this, one could see how big the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension was.

The Wild Ancient Secret Dimension was the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.d’s biggest secret dimension, and it normally opened only once every ten thousand years.

Only a thousand years had pa.s.sed since the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension opened last time. From Wei Ke’s point of view, it was a dream-come-true that he could enter.

“I can’t tell where I am!” Wei Ke’s Intent returned back to his body.

“The seniors of the race said that this place is extremely dangerous. I should contact the other members of the race first!”

A blue fish-shaped token appeared in Wei Ke’s hand. This was a message token; as long as he had this token, he could send out a message within a certain range. However, Wei Ke didn’t feel anything from his token, which meant that there were no other members of the Blue Scaled Race nearby.

“The Wild Ancient Secret Dimension is just too big. No one from the Blue Scaled Race is around me!” Wei Ke sighed before revealing a decisive expression. If that was the case, then he just had to move alone.


Wei Ke carefully flew around the forest as he inspected his surroundings.

“This is Blood Soul Gra.s.s!” Wei Ke’s eyes lit up as he looked at a bright red herb in a certain direction.

Blood Soul Gra.s.s could increase one’s bloodline power and was helpful for breaking through. At the same time, it also helped the soul. It wasn’t considered very precious to DemiG.o.d experts, but there was an entire field of Blood Soul Gra.s.s ahead of him with at least several hundred clumps.

An angry roar sounded not far away just as Wei Ke was about to pick the Blood Soul Gra.s.s, and a blood-colored light flashed toward him.

A sword instantly appeared in Wei Ke’s hands as he sent out a ripple of water into the distance, which cut several trees and threw them at the blood-colored light.

“Blood Yuan Race!” Wei Ke’s eyes locked onto a ball of blood-colored sticky liquid in front of him.

The Blood Yuan Race could devour the blood of other races and turn into any shape they wanted. It was ranked 8612nd among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

“As expected, all the Ten Thousand Ancient Races here exist in their original state!” Wei Ke revealed a surprised expression, and battle-intent radiated from him.

This Blood Yuan Race member was also a DemiG.o.d, but Wei Ke was a Quasi-G.o.d, so he was much stronger. Furthermore, the bloodline of the Blue Scaled Race was stronger as well.

However, more blood-colored lights suddenly flashed toward his direction. The enormous field of lights shook Wei Ke’s heart.


At this moment, a handsome golden-haired male appeared.

Zhao Feng’s speed was extremely fast, and he instantly arrived next to Wei Ke. He circulated his Intent and allowed Wei Ke to escape danger. The figures of the Blood Yuan Race slowly disappeared after they flew for a while.

“Thank you for helping me!” Wei Ke said with a faint smile and grat.i.tude in his eyes.

Zhao Feng’s speed was at least double his. This made Wei Ke respect Zhao Feng. From his point of view, Zhao Feng should be a peerless genius from a four-and-a-half-star force at least.

The Wild Ancient Secret Dimension was filled with danger, and many races killed each other for resources. If it was someone else, they wouldn’t even care about Wei Ke, but Zhao Feng saved his life. This meant that Zhao Feng wasn’t a wicked person.

“No need to thank me, but why did you appear here alone?” Zhao Feng asked.

In reality, Zhao Feng had noticed Wei Ke as soon as he arrived, but he didn’t bother with him because Wei Ke wasn’t very strong and Zhao Feng was too lazy to enslave him. However, became curious when Wei Ke took out a message token. Zhao Feng then slowly approached and watched in secret. Zhao Feng even purposely set up the Blood Yuan Race just now as well.

“Aren’t you alone as well?” Wei Ke asked weirdly before adding, “Those that enter the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension are teleported to random places. No one can do anything about it!”

From Wei Ke’s point of view, the second part of that sentence was completely useless, but it caused waves to rampage through Zhao Feng’s mind.

“Wild Ancient Secret Dimension…?” Zhao Feng had heard a bit about this secret dimension in the Exchange Spiritual Hall.

“This… is the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension!?”

Zhao Feng wanted to ask this question but didn’t. If the Ancient Dream Realm really was the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension and Zhao Feng asked this question, Wei Ke would think Zhao Feng was a r.e.t.a.r.d.

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

Zhao Feng’s left eye twitched for a while before calming down.

“My name is Wei Ke. Are you willing to team up with me for a while?” Wei Ke immediately asked. No other meaning could be seen in his clear eyes.

He had only heard of the danger in the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension, but he had never seen it before. If it wasn’t for Zhao Feng helping him, he might have already been killed.

While offering his invitation, Wei Ke started to sense Zhao Feng’s cultivation. It didn’t seem to be very high, but Zhao Feng’s speed was much faster than his.

“My name is Zhao Feng. It’s safer to team up!” Zhao Feng revealed a faint smile. He originally only planned to obtain some information from Wei Ke and leave, but Wei Ke was simple and didn’t have any ill intent; he even invited Zhao Feng to work together right away.

Zhao Feng still couldn’t believe that this place was the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension, so he was planning to work with Wei Ke for a while to see what was going on. If the Ancient Dream Realm really was the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension though, that meant that the geniuses of the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds were plundering his own resources. He wouldn’t just sit there and do nothing about it. The Ancient Dream Realm had always been a place that Zhao Feng plundered exclusively, but now, countless geniuses of the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds had come in?

“Brother Zhao’s strength is very high. You should be a peak expert from a four-and-a-half-star power, right?” Wei Ke asked with a smile and treated Zhao Feng as a friend.

“I’m okay, but the force behind me isn’t very strong.” Zhao Feng said. The only force behind him was the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race, which would be considered very weak.

“Wei Ke, let’s go this way. I sense an extremely dangerous aura in that direction!” Zhao Feng said.

In reality, this area was Zhao Feng’s territory. If he went there with Wei Ke, it was the same as helping someone steal his own resources. Furthermore, the races that he enslaved there wouldn’t attack Zhao Feng, which would make Wei Ke suspicious.

“Okay!” Wei Ke didn’t think too much and headed in another direction with Zhao Feng.

“How many people from Brother Wei’s race entered the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension?” Zhao Feng started to ask for more information.

“The Blue Scaled Race is only a four-and-a-half-star power, so only forty-five people entered, but we have a powerful Rank Five True G.o.d as well. It will be great if we meet him!” Wei Kei said without thinking too much.

Forty-five people… Rank Five True G.o.d!? Zhao Feng’s eyes froze momentarily as he became stunned.

According to Zhao Feng’s guesses, these forty-five people would either be Quasi-G.o.ds or Rank Two True G.o.ds at most. He never expected Rank Five True G.o.ds to enter as well. Rank Five True G.o.ds were even stronger than the Sky Feather Island Lord!

“Zhao Feng, watch out!” Wei Ke suddenly roared, and the sword in his hand released a ripple of water as he charged at a Sky Fire Lightning Ape.

This Sky Fire Lightning Ape obviously wasn’t the one that Zhao Feng enslaved. It was stronger; it had reached the peak of the Rank One True G.o.d level.

Zhao Feng’s expression was slightly cold. Wei Ke wasn’t strong enough to deal with the Sky Fire Lightning Ape and would be in danger, but Wei Ke didn’t think too much about it. This slightly changed Zhao Feng’s impression of the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds; he originally thought that everyone in the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds only cared about strength and wealth.


Zhao Feng circulated the Metal of Wind Lightning and charged out.


Zhao Feng punched out, and a golden fist of lightning landed on the Sky Fire Lightning ape’s chest. Wei Ke didn’t sense the wisp of Metal Intent enter the Sky Fire Lightning Ape’s body and heavily damage its internal organs.

Wei Ke wasn’t exactly weak; he was much stronger than Rank One True G.o.ds. With the combined effort of him and Zhao Feng, they soon managed to kill the Sky Fire Lightning Ape.

Zhao Feng let Wei Ke take the majority of the precious materials on the Sky Fire Lightning Ape’s body.

“Brother Zhao is not only fast, but very strong as well!” Wei Ke revealed a pure smile.

“Someone from my race is close by!” Wei Ke said after sensing the blue token. After confirming the direction, Wei Ke and Zhao Feng started to move and soon met some other members of Wei Ke’s race.

“You’re from the Blue Scaled Race?” A male in yellow with sharp eyebrows and an arrogant expression glanced at Wei Ke.

“Hu Cheng, this person is indeed from the Blue Scaled Race, but the person next to him isn’t….” a pretty female next to the male in yellow said. She had blue lines on her tender skin, and her body was well-proportioned.

“Big Bro Hu Cheng, I’m Wei Ke. It’s great that I could see you here!” Wei Ke was excited as he stood next to Hu Cheng and Ma Lings.h.i.+.

“Wei Ke, there’s no problem with you coming with us, but we don’t know which race this person is from, and he’s only at the peak stages of the Mystic Light Realm….”

Being a strong member of the Blue Scaled Race, Hu Cheng obviously couldn’t leave the other members of his race behind, but his gaze toward Zhao Feng was filled with disdain. He didn’t understand which force Zhao Feng was from; why would they let him – who was only at the peak stages of the Mystic Light Realm – into the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension?

Everyone from the Blue Scaled Race that entered the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension was at least a Quasi-G.o.d or a Rank Two True G.o.d. However, after thinking about it, it might be because Zhao Feng’s race was just too weak. All their Quasi-G.o.ds and True G.o.ds had entered, but there were still remaining spots.

“Big Bro Hu Cheng, I met Zhao Feng when I first arrived. He’s stronger than I am!” Wei Ke said simply.

“Hehe, then he can come with us!” Ma Lings.h.i.+ smiled and said.

From her point of view, Wei Ke only said that because he wanted to take care of Zhao Feng. How could a peak Mystic Light Realm be stronger than a Quasi-G.o.d?

“If even Lings.h.i.+ says so, then he can come with us, but you also have to play your part if we face any danger!” Hu Cheng’s gaze toward Ma Lings.h.i.+ was slightly fiery. He then looked at Zhao Feng in disdain. With his cultivation, Zhao Feng would probably die soon, so it didn’t matter whether or not he came with them.

His main thoughts were on Ma Lings.h.i.+. Although Ma Lings.h.i.+ wasn’t the number one beauty in the race, she was very pretty. Hu Cheng was the strongest amongst their group of four, and he could show off to Ma Lings.h.i.+ later and win her heart.


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