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Chapter 136 – Awakening (1)

This was the first time that such a situation had appeared in the dimension of Zhao Feng’s left eye. The 9 foot 9 glow of light didn’t expand any further. Instead, it merged together and condensed.


Zhao Feng groaned in pain and he clutched his left eye as he fell down to the ground with a ‘plop’.

The pain from his left eye went straight to his soul.

In just a moments time, Zhao Feng was covered in cold sweat.

Only till half an hour later did the pain start to fade away.

Zhao Feng merged his consciousness into the dimension in his left eye and he found a patch of pure azure light. The azure wasn’t as faint anymore, and it was eye catching.

The azure bundle of light kept on twisting and it seemed to be nurturing something.

Zhao Feng opened his hand and found that there was blood. Taking out the mirror, he saw that the depths of his left eye had turned green.

“Don’t be too weird… ” Zhao Feng prayed.

The change in his left eye couldn’t be controlled by him, all he could do was circulate his Silver Air True Force.

True Force was a power that far exceeded Inner strength, the smallest wisp of True Force could instantly destroy the Inner strength of any cultivator at the Consolidated Realm.

While Zhao Feng was slowly circulating his True Force, he was also paying attention to the Returning Breath Inner strength in his dantian.

The Returning Breath Inner strength had also reached a limit and half of it belonged to Inner strength while the other half was True Force.

Inner strength was more of an aura, whereas True Force could be seen. At this moment, the Returning Breath Inner strength in Zhao Feng’s dantian started to change to True Force.

He knew that after one’s body reached the Ascended Realm, the cultivator’s attributes would rise and their Inner strength would turn into True Force.

To increase the rate at which it was changing, Zhao Feng merged a bit of his Silver Air True Force into his Inner strength. If normal Inner strength met a situation like this, it would be destroyed. But the Returning Breath Inner strength merged well with anything and the quant.i.ty of True Force had already exceeded the quant.i.ty of Inner strength.

Within Zhao Feng’s dantian, his Returning Breath Inner strength was being refined to a higher level and it was becoming better in quant.i.ty.

Spending a full days time, the Inner strength he had decreased by half in quant.i.ty but the Inner strength had now turned to True Force.

This meant that there was two types of True Force in Zhao Feng’s body.

One came from his body strengthening technique – Silver Air True Force, and the other came from his Returning Breath Technique – Returning Breath True Force.

Zhao Feng had reached the Ascended Realm in both body and Inner strength. With this situation, it meant that he had twice the quant.i.ty of True Force compared with others who had just entered the Ascended Realm.

“Looks like I’ll need a new Force skill now.” Zhao Feng thought.

It was already lucky that Returning Breath Technique could reach the Ascended Realm as it was only a half Mortal Skill, while Silver Wall Technique was a mortal body strengthening technique which could be trained to the 11th level.

Zhao Feng estimated that he wouldn’t be able to reach the 11th level any time soon. The 9 Twist Golden Wall Technique wasn’t anywhere in sight either.


On the second morning, Zhao Feng took out his mirror and he was shocked by what he saw.

His left eyeball had turned fully azure like a demon.

That wasn’t all, his black hair had turned azure as well.

“This… I won’t become a monster right?” Zhao Feng felt cold at the thought.

He could accept his hair turning azure because in the human world, people had different colored hair as they could be dyed.

But what he was worried about was the azure eyeball.

Zhao Feng prayed that it would return to its original color, but no matter how hard he tried, it wouldn’t go back.

Therefore, Zhao Feng took out a black ribbon and put it over his left eye.

“That’s a little better… “

Zhao Feng saw his reflection in the mirror and he seemed menacing with one eye but his patch of azure hair seemed cool.

If he didn’t take off the black ribbon, his appearance could be accepted.

Peng! Peng… !

Zhao Feng felt the depths of his left eye jump and the azure ball of light in the dimension seemed to be nurturing something.

Instinct told Zhao Feng that his left eye would still go through further changes and no one knew whether or not he would be killed by the Clan for being a monster.

“No! I can’t stay here and wait to die. It’s better if I find a calm and quiet place to stay.”

Zhao Feng made the decision to leave his courtyard.

He walked quickly and didn’t bother talking to anyone.

“What a terrifying aura! Has Zhao Feng reached the Ascended Realm?”

“His hair’s turned azure and he has an eyepatch! Does he have to so menacing!?”

The nearby outer disciples could all feel that aura radiating off him. Truthfully, the moment Zhao Feng broke through to the Ascended Realm, the nearby subst.i.tute inner disciples already felt it.

“To reach the Ascended Realm with his body… He managed to do it!!”

Hou Yuan also came over and his heart trembled when he saw Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng right now could probably even fend off cultivators at the 1st Sky of the Ascended Realm with just his body.

Teng! Teng… !

Zhao Feng’s figure lept into the air and disappeared into a canyon where no one lived.

After a while, he found a cave and to stop anyone from following him, he took off the ribbon and surveyed the area with his left eye to see if there was anyone around.


Zhao Feng let out a breath and he lay on the ground while waiting for his left eye to change.

Half an hour later.

Peng! Peng! Peng… !

The thumping from his left eye became faster and faster.

The ball of azure light in the dimension of his left eye suddenly became a whirlpool and it started to spin from inside out.

“Ahhhhhh… ”

Blood leaked out of Zhao Feng’s left eye as he screamed with pain and twisted on the ground.

It was lucky that no one was around or else the whole Clan would have probably heard him.

Zhao Feng felt his left eye was like a limitless hole sucking his blood. If this process lasted 30 breaths, he would die but luckily, the process only lasted 10 breaths.


The change in his left eye stabilised and in the pitch black dimension, an azure light appeared and it began to spin slowly.

The closer one reached the middle, the stronger feeling of an ancient feeling appeared.

Next, a line of almost unseeable faint green liquid leaked out of his left eye and it merged with Zhao Feng’s body, organs and limbs.

“This… Could it be blood!?”

Zhao Feng felt his blood begin to boil like he was inheriting something.

It was an indescribable feeling, but Zhao Feng was certain that the change he had gained from this was even greater than reaching the Ascended Realm.

After lasting a few breaths, the left eye suddenly stopped giving anything.

Zhao Feng let out a breath and the thumping and jumping in his left eye began to slow down.

“Has it ended?”

Zhao Feng murmured, but instinct told him it wasn’t this simple. He instinctively tried to open his left eye but he found that his eyelid became heavy and spending all his energy, the left eyelid would only rise a little bit.

It was a queer feeling like the eye didn’t belong to him.

How is this possible!?

Zhao Feng started to get irritated, he didn’t want to become one eyed and lose his mysterious left eye.



Zhao Feng spent all his energy and all the eyelid did was flutter a little.

At last, he fully circulated Silver Wall Technique and used all the energy he had in his body.


A faint line of green blood appeared in his red blood and Zhao Feng felt his attributes rise.

His Silver Air True Force and Returning Breath True Force had both increased as well.

He exuded a dominating aura like he had exceeded the limit of humanity.

At this moment, Zhao Feng was suspicious as to whether he was human or not.

“Open… I order you to open!”

Zhao Feng exclaimed and under the rise in power from his faint green blood, the eye opened for 1 breath.

When the azure eye fully opened, Zhao Feng felt the heavens shake.

“What happened?”

Zhao Feng didn’t know whether it was him shaking or it was the heavens shaking, but he still continued to open his eye. He was scared that if he couldn’t fully open it this time, there wouldn’t be a chance anymore.

Every bit his eye opened, he felt the heavens tremble even more.

It seemed like the trembling came from the s.p.a.ce itself, but when Zhao Feng saw the disciples of the Clan far away, it seemed they hadn’t noticed it at all.

Could it just be himself?

Zhao Feng didn’t know that while he was opening his eye, all the cultivators of the Broken Moon Clan that were at the True Spirit Realm or higher felt their hearts tremble.

Inside a green building.


A handsome, white robed man suddenly spat a mouthful of blood and woke from his secluded meditation.

“What the h.e.l.l is going on?”

Hai Yun Master’s face was pale white and his heart couldn’t help but tremble. It was a feeling from the bottom of his soul and blood.

At the same time.

Every cultivator at the True Spirit Realm and higher in the Azure Continent felt their soul and blood shake.

The higher one’s cultivation was, the stronger the feeling was and those in secluded meditation all spat a mouthful of blood.

Only till a sudden moment did the trembling fade away and this moment was when Zhao Feng fully opened his left eye.


Zhao Feng felt his head shake and a transparent light shot out of the depths of his azure eye.

The line of transparent light seemed to shoot past the mountains and through the Broken Moon Clan and disappear into the white clouds above.

Zhao Feng couldn’t describe the transparent light, it was like it had the power to see through anything and everything in the world.


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