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Chapter 1372: Law

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Chapter 1372 – Law

“We’re out!” A look of happiness appeared on Ancient G.o.d Resplendence’s face. She never imagined that they would be able to so smoothly escape because of Ancient G.o.d Cheng Yun.

“You can’t escape!” Ancient G.o.d Jailsea’s furious roars could be heard from within the Heaven’s Legacy Race building.

Zhao Feng’s party had fled the Heaven’s Legacy Race building, and no matter how strong Ancient G.o.d Cheng Yun was, he couldn’t stop the trio from Ancient Soul Hall alone. Ancient G.o.d Jailsea’s team also did not have the time to battle with Ancient G.o.d Cheng Yun. Their goal was taking the Ancient G.o.d Seal and killing Zhao Feng and the members of the Giant G.o.d Race.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Three gloomy figures and one white flash of light charged out of the building together.

“Kill! You must all die!” Ancient G.o.d Cheng Yun had gone mad long ago, and he glared with eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with hatred and killing intent at the Ancient Soul Hall trio as he heedlessly attacked them.

“This scoundrel…!” Ancient G.o.d Jailsea was quivering with anger. If not for Ancient G.o.d Cheng Yun, they would have long ago captured all of Zhao Feng’s group.

Just why did this Ancient G.o.d Cheng Yun hate them so much, and why did he insist on opposing them?

“They’ve escaped!” the Rank Nine Ancient G.o.d said.

“After them!” The Ancient Soul Hall trio naturally couldn’t permit Zhao Feng to run again, so they immediately took off in pursuit.

But Ancient G.o.d Cheng Yun was even faster.


Strange ripples of energy engulfed Ancient G.o.d Jailsea’s team. They were flying extremely quickly, but Zhao Feng’s group was getting farther and farther.

“Scram!” Ancient G.o.d Jailsea cursed as he slashed out with a palm.


Ancient G.o.d Cheng Yun easily dodged this strike from Ancient G.o.d Jailsea, but as that black palm of energy pa.s.sed Ancient G.o.d Cheng Yun, a vicious black crocodile lunged out from it. As the crocodile flew, it rapidly expanded until it was the size of a small house, its jaws closing around Ancient G.o.d Cheng Yun.

This black crocodile was Ancient G.o.d Jailsea’s Soul Beast. One of its attacks was devouring the souls of strange and bizarre creatures.

However, the Thought Body inside Ancient G.o.d Cheng Yun was extremely resistant to soul attacks. Moreover, Time Intent greatly slowed down the rate at which the crocodile could harm the Thought Body, and Ancient G.o.d Cheng Yun was taking full advantage of this opportunity to fight back against the Soul Beast.

“Let’s go! Before this scoundrel gets out, we kill Xin Wuheng and the others and take back the Ancient G.o.d Seal!” Ancient G.o.d Jailsea barked.

Zhao Feng’s fleeing group suddenly sensed an enormous sinister energy rapidly approaching.

The Ancient Soul Race was originally skilled in speed, and Ancient G.o.d Jailsea was a half-step G.o.d Lord, far faster than any of the others.

“Not good! They got away from Ancient G.o.d Cheng Yun!” Ancient G.o.d Sundermount immediately said.

They originally believed that Ancient G.o.d Cheng Yun would be able to delay the three members of Ancient Soul Hall long enough for them to escape. However, Ancient G.o.d Cheng Yun was only somewhat troublesome to deal with. He did not have the ability to hold down a half-step G.o.d Lord.

“Don’t think about going anywhere!” Ancient G.o.d Jailsea heartily laughed as he circulated his Divine Power and soul energy and thrust out a palm.


Vast black waves surged forward.

“Dodge!” Xin Wuheng immediately said.

Ancient G.o.d Jailsea’s soul attack contained Level Nine Water Intent, and once one was. .h.i.t by this attack, they would find it very difficult to escape. Moreover, this soul attack also contained Shadow Intent, which would have an enormous effect on Soul Intent and cause one’s fighting power to drop.

If Ancient G.o.d Resplendence or Ancient G.o.d Sundermount were struck by this technique, their souls would be almost instantly immersed within.

“We can’t escape,” Zhao Feng straightforwardly said.

After exchanging a few messages, all of them reached an agreement.


A moment later, Xin Wuheng, Ancient G.o.d Resplendence, and Ancient G.o.d Sundermount all fully activated their bloodlines, filling the world with blinding white light. When the light dispersed, three enormous giants loomed over the earth. A bloodline energy that could intimidate all living beings immediately swept through the world.

“A last-ditch counterattack?” Ancient G.o.d Jailsea sneered.

In his view, Xin Wuheng and his team knew that there was no chance of escaping, so they decided to fight with their full strength for a hope of survival.

Ancient G.o.d Jailsea’s Soul Beast was being used to hold back Ancient G.o.d Jailsea, somewhat weakening him. However, by taking the Celestial Soul Purifying Spirit Dew, the injuries to his soul had all been healed, and he had returned to his peak condition. His Soul Intent had even been strengthened somewhat.

“Xin Wuheng, die!” Ancient G.o.d Jailsea’s body contorted into a pitch-black translucent soul body, exuding a terrifying soul pressure.


One black wave after another emerged around Ancient G.o.d Jailsea, and a few moments later, he had created a raging sea. Suddenly, the waves began to twist, forming a gigantic skeletal claw that swept toward Xin Wuheng.


Although Xin Wuheng’s body was enormous, by using Wind Intent, he could still move very quickly. After dodging Ancient G.o.d Jailsea’s attack, Xin Wuheng thrust out a finger.

In the face of this ma.s.sive finger, the Ancient Soul Hall trio could only retreat.

“By not running, you’re actually saving us some effort!” The other two members of Ancient Soul Hall released their own Soul Beasts. One was a rhino with barbs growing from its back while the other was a slender lizard.

After consuming soul energy, these two Soul Beasts rapidly grew larger, and then they unleashed soul attacks against Ancient G.o.d Sundermount and Ancient G.o.d Resplendence.

“Dregs of Ancient Soul Hall, die!” Ancient G.o.d Sundermount roared as he mustered the Earth Intent of the world and punched.

The battle was on. Ancient G.o.d Sundermount fought against the Rank Eight Ancient G.o.d of Ancient Soul Hall while Ancient G.o.d Resplendence battled the Rank Nine Ancient G.o.d. Meanwhile, Zhao Feng and Xin Wuheng worked together to deal with Ancient G.o.d Jailsea.

“Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame!” Zhao Feng remained behind Xin Wuheng the entire time, occasionally using eye-bloodline techniques on Ancient G.o.d Jailsea.

“Brat, if these eye-bloodline techniques are all you have, there’s no need for you to keep showing them off to this old man!” Ancient G.o.d Jailsea sneered.

Although Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline techniques could be instantly unleashed, Ancient G.o.d Jailsea could sense them, dodge so they didn’t hit any vital points, and use defensive soul arts to greatly reduce their power.

Zhao Feng, pretending not to hear, continued to fire off eye-bloodline techniques. Regardless of what Ancient G.o.d Jailsea said, Zhao Feng’s actions were crucial in preventing Ancient G.o.d Jailsea from focusing all his power on Xin Wuheng.

“Giant G.o.d Finger!” Xin Wuheng finished gathering up power and gathered up the surrounding Five Elements Intent into his finger.


The earth sundered apart, leaving a ma.s.sive crater.

“These people have all gotten stronger, particularly Xin Wuheng and Zhao Feng.” Ancient G.o.d Jailsea’s expression darkened.

Zhao Feng’s cultivation was already bordering on the peak of Rank Eight, while Xin Wuheng, after his seclusion, was close to the peak of Rank Nine.

Earlier, Ancient G.o.d Jailsea was completely confident and had paid little regard to the Giant G.o.d Race team. But in the current situation, he would need to exert his full strength. Moreover, he did not have time to waste; once Ancient G.o.d Cheng Yun arrived, the situation would become problematic.

“It truly is about time to end this,” Ancient G.o.d Jailsea indifferently said.


A pitch-black pearl appeared in front of him, and shrill screaming could be faintly heard from within. Ancient G.o.d Jailsea opened his mouth and swallowed this pearl.


Ancient G.o.d Jailsea’s body immediately swelled and began to emit a cold and sinister soul energy. The world itself seemed to become much gloomier.

“Soul-Annihilating Roar!”

Ancient G.o.d Jailsea’s soul body suddenly became round and plump. He then opened his mouth and spat out a pitch-black tornado. As this tornado rapidly spun, it created a powerful suction force that absorbed the surrounding energy and pulled on the souls of others.

“What’s going on!?” Ancient G.o.d Sundermount cried out in alarm. He suddenly felt like his soul was being pulled out of his body toward that black tornado.

Nearby, Ancient G.o.d Resplendence was in somewhat better condition, but with her soul being constantly tugged on, she could not fight with her full strength.

“Elder has taken the Nethersoul Pearl! He plans to end the battle right here!” The Rank Nine Ancient G.o.d of Ancient Soul Hall was elated.

The Nethersoul Pearl was created by the experts of Ancient Soul Hall by using a unique technique to extract powerful souls and refine them together. By using the pearl as an energy source for certain secret soul arts, it could immediately bring their power to another level.

“Oh no!” A look of unprecedented solemnity was on Xin Wuheng’s face. The trump card of a half-step G.o.d Lord was enough to heavily injure or even kill a peak Rank Nine Ancient G.o.d. Moreover, Ancient G.o.d Jailsea’s trump card was a soul attack, making it even more dangerous.

The rapidly spinning black tornado was enormous and emitted a powerful attractive force. Even Xin Wuheng could not completely avoid it. He also knew that, as long as even a small part of his soul was struck by that tornado, the rest of his soul would be slowly drawn in and ground to pieces.

Not even Zhao Feng would be of much help against such a large-scale soul attack.

“If that’s the case… this is all I can do!” Xin Wuheng stood motionless like a giant mountain.

“Waiting to die?” The Ancient Soul Hall’s Rank Nine Ancient G.o.d smiled.

There was no way Xin Wuheng could stop Ancient G.o.d Jailsea’s killing move, particularly since it was a soul attack. It seemed like Xin Wuheng knew that there was no way of stopping it and had given up.

But Ancient G.o.d Jailsea suddenly sensed that the world had somehow changed.


At this moment, Xin Wuheng erupted with a supreme bloodline Divine Power. At the same time, a mysterious energy reached out of his soul and seeped into the world. Suddenly, the only energy left in the world was Five Elements energy. All other kinds of Intent and energy had been suppressed or forced out.


The moment this energy was unleashed, the black tornado stopped. Although it was a soul attack, it was still affected. The Shadow Intent slowly receded, and even the Level Nine Water Intent, affected by Xin Wuheng’s mental power, was heavily suppressed.

“What’s going on…? This energy…?” The two members of Ancient Soul Hall suddenly felt like their souls, Intents, and all other kinds of energy were being so heavily suppressed that they were impossible to use.

“This is… the power of a Law!” Ancient G.o.d Jailsea was in a daze for some time before he finally managed to speak.

As a half-step G.o.d Lord, he naturally understood what this energy was. A Law was a supreme existence that resided above Level Nine Intent, and only a G.o.d Lord could wield it. This was a realm that he had only ever been able to dream about!

“This is the power of a Law?” Zhao Feng was dumbfounded.

At this moment, all the energy in the world, including Ancient G.o.d Jailsea’s pitch-black tornado, was being suppressed by the power of a G.o.d Lord, everything slowing to a crawl.

“If that’s the case, Xin Wuheng should be able to block the attack!” Zhao Feng focused his gaze, and his left eye began to thrum with Eye Intent and gleam with a dreamy l.u.s.ter.

“G.o.d Eye Duplication!” Zhao Feng’s left eye focused on the black tornado.

Normally, even if he used all his power, Zhao Feng would find it very difficult to successfully duplicate the trump card of a half-step G.o.d Lord. But at this moment, while the power of the black tornado was weakened, there was a chance of success.


The ma.s.sively weakened and suppressed black tornado crashed into Xin Wuheng, but Xin Wuheng stood like an ageless mountain, as if nothing in the world would ever be able to affect him.

“He blocked it!?” Ancient G.o.d Jailsea’s heart tightened. Xin Wuheng used a secret art, using some hidden energy in his body, and actually managed to block his killing move.

“Hmph, by using this G.o.d Lord energy, you’ve reached the end of your quiver. Just how long will you be able to last?” Ancient G.o.d Jailsea coldly sneered as he charged out, preparing to strike.

Suddenly, however, he sensed that there was something strange going on behind him. Upon sweeping out with his Divine Sense, he immediately grimaced. At some point, a silver Eye of Heaven had appeared behind him.

Suddenly, this silver eye expelled a dreamy mist, out of which surged a pitch-black tornado that immediately engulfed Ancient G.o.d Jailsea’s group of three.


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