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Chapter 1567 – Defeat?

In a weakened state, the Heaven Lord had decided to burn his Heavenly Dao Origin to attack Zhao Feng. This was something that the six G.o.d Eye Deities had not predicted.

The intense danger of the Ancient Race bloodline and the Heavenly Dao energy stimulated the Dream G.o.d Eye to release a tsunami of Dream Origin. Zhao Feng was instantly engulfed in Dream Origin energy. He appeared like a crystal of dreamy hues, s.h.i.+ning with the world’s most gorgeous colors.

The Heaven Lord stared at Zhao Feng.

What he remembered a moment ago was an intelligent report he had received on Zhao Feng. In this report, it was noted that Zhao Feng had used the abilities of his eye to neutralize the G.o.d Eye Fusion Art of eight G.o.d Eye descendants in Heavenly Demon Hall.

It sounded rather absurd, but if it was true, it could be used to resolve his crisis.

In addition, the Heaven Lord always felt that Zhao Feng’s G.o.d Eye was concealing some sort of incredible secret. His own eye had already evolved to the Pseudo Ancestral Eye level, capable of absorbing even the strongest Heavenly Dao energy. Although he still didn’t know what kind of power it was, perhaps it could also absorb the power of Zhao Feng’s eye.

At this moment, as Zhao Feng’s left eye erupted with incredible amounts of Dream energy, the Heaven Lord was even more sure that something wasn’t right.

On the other side, the six G.o.d Eye Deities were also focused on this scene.

They always had their questions about Zhao Feng’s Ninth G.o.d Eye. Although they admitted that Zhao Feng was a G.o.d Eye, they had never considered him as belonging to the same group as the Eight Great G.o.d Eyes. And now that they saw the immense ball of dreamy light around him, they inexplicably felt uneasy.

“Feng…” Liu Qinxin revealed a nervous expression.

Right when the battle began, she realized that victory in this battle did not rest on the Eight Great G.o.d Eyes, but on Zhao Feng. However, Liu Qinxin wasn’t sure about the exact details.

Now that the Heaven Lord was attacking Zhao Feng, how could she not be nervous?

But there was nothing she could do.

“That shouldn’t be a G.o.d Eye…!” The Divine Punishment G.o.d was startled.

The Heaven Lord’s energy fist slammed into the dreamy light.


The Dream Origin energy became incredibly agitated, like a slow-flowing stream suddenly transforming into a ma.s.sive wave.

As the two energies clashed, they actually neutralized each other.

“How could this be?” The Heaven Lord was shocked.

An attack from his Ancient G.o.d-Devil Body was enough to crush regular G.o.ds, and he had also fused the fist with Heavenly Dao energy, but the energy released by Zhao Feng’s G.o.d Eye was actually able to neutralize it?

Of course, this energy was still too weak to completely neutralize the Heaven Lord’s attack, but this energy was rapidly getting stronger.


Dream Origin continued to gush out of Zhao Feng’s left eye in an endless torrent. The intense pain from his left eye rendered Zhao Feng nearly unconscious.

Zhao Feng had previously consumed small amounts of Dream Origin energy, and there was always a process. He naturally found it difficult to endure this vast and uncontrolled release of Dream Origin energy.

“So much Origin energy!” Zhao Feng was also surprised by the immense amount of energy contained in his left eye.

His Dream Origin seemed on the verge of being exhausted, but the Heaven Lord’s attack had not been completely neutralized.

“Am I still going to die?” Zhao Feng was somewhat unwilling to accept this.

But just when it seemed like his Dream Origin was about to run out, another power, unfathomable and terrifying, charged out of the dreamy silver ball.

The dreamy silver ball instantly took on a more dazzling hue, the last traces of silver utterly vanis.h.i.+ng. The silver ball became a dreamy crystal, and the image of the eye on the crystal shone with an even more dazzling light and a sliver of charm. It was like it was really turning into an eye.


Pure Dream Origin energy rushed out of Zhao Feng’s left eye.

Before, Zhao Feng’s Dream Origin could be compared to b.a.l.l.s of mist, but now, his Dream Origin energy was like viscous sea water.

The final gleam of silver vanished from his left eye, completely supplanted by dreamy colors.

As this Dream Origin energy emerged, the distant Heaven Lord felt his Pseudo Ancestral Eye tremble.

The six G.o.d Eye Deities felt their G.o.d Eyes pulse. Their G.o.d Eye Fusion Art suddenly became extremely unstable; the gray-white ethereal figure in the air instantly became blurry and began to scatter.

“Just what…?” The Heaven Lord was struck dumb. Zhao Feng not only didn’t die to his attack, his eye actually erupted with another powerful energy.

He found it rather strange that he failed to kill Zhao Feng despite paying such a great price.

On the other hand though, his plan achieved its goal, as the G.o.d Eye Fusion Art of the six G.o.d Eye Deities had become unstable. The Heaven Lord noticed that, while his own Pseudo Ancestral Eye was also affected, the effects were minor.

“Fury of the Divine!” The Heaven Lord didn’t have the leisure to worry about so many things.

Regardless of what was going on with Zhao Feng’s eye, he couldn’t let this chance go. The Heaven Lord immediately activated his Pseudo Ancestral Eye and attacked the six G.o.d Eye Deities!


The Pseudo Ancestral Eye released waves of turbid gray-white energy that soared into the air and took the form of a ma.s.sive ethereal head. The head opened its mouth, unleas.h.i.+ng a roar at the six G.o.d Eye Deities. This roar made all beings tremble in fear and exuded boundless divine might.

The G.o.d Eye Deities were already caught off guard by the disorder in their G.o.d Eye Fusion Art, and the Heaven Lord chose this exact moment to attack!

“Oh no!”

“Too fast!”

Fear and panic appeared on their faces. The Heaven Lord apparently knew what was going to happen ahead of time and attacked as soon as a problem appeared in the G.o.d Eye Fusion Art.

The six G.o.d Eye Deities could only forcefully have their Pseudo Ancestral Eye use its power to block this attack.

Boom! Bang!

A gray-white wave of energy erupted from the Pseudo Ancestral Eye, colliding with the roar. However, the wave of energy instantly shattered, allowing the roar to strike the eye itself.

“Hold!” The Divine Punishment G.o.d clenched his teeth, the veins on his forehead bulging.

The other G.o.d Eyes also focused.



The ma.s.sive Pseudo Ancestral Eye trembled and then fell apart. The G.o.d Eye Fusion Art was undone!

The six G.o.ds simultaneously vomited blood, their bodies staggering and their faces turning ghastly pale. Had they actually lost?

“Haha!” The Heaven Lord loudly laughed.

Nothing was more exciting than turning the tables while in desperate straits!

The Heaven Lord was ecstatic to see the six G.o.d Eyes suffering the backlash of their technique.


He immediately punched. The gold and silver fist, bolstered by the Pseudo Ancestral Eye, multiplied in power, gaining an unstoppable strength.

Without the Pseudo Ancestral Eye, the six G.o.d Eyes would not be able to stop it.

“Retreat!” the Divine Punishment G.o.d roared.

Their only options were to dodge and run from this attack.

The wars.h.i.+p carrying Liu Qinxin immediately began to move away.


The other five G.o.d Eye Deities as well as the Bright Sun G.o.d, Celestial Sword G.o.d, and Sikong Dao also began to retreat.

“Stop!” The Heaven Lord activated his Pseudo Ancestral Eye.

A peerless strength that permitted no resistance descended upon the world. Everyone for a radius of tens of millions of li was suppressed by this energy and stopped for a moment.

This moment put those five G.o.d Eyes who should have been able to escape in grave peril. The Life G.o.d and Myriad Forms G.o.d were in range of the Heaven Lord’s fist and no longer had time to escape! Although the Life G.o.d and Myriad Forms G.o.d were skilled in defense and had tenacious vitalities, not even they could block this attack!

“Seal of Life…!” In this perilous moment, the Life G.o.d’s eyes began to burn with dazzling green flames. Vast amounts of Life energy gushed out of her body.


This supreme energy pushed the Myriad Forms G.o.d, who was at the edge of the Heaven Lord’s attack range, several li away. At the same time, the Myriad Forms G.o.d was also able to absorb the Life G.o.d’s burning Life Origin, allowing him to explode with power.

“Life!” Once the Myriad Forms G.o.d had escaped the attack range of the Heaven Lord’s fist, he couldn’t help but turn back and call out.

But before he could even turn his head…


That unstoppable energy fist howled over, engulfing the Life G.o.d and obliterating everything.

The other G.o.d Eye Deities couldn’t help but be aggrieved by this sight. Just now, the Life G.o.d and Myriad Forms G.o.d were both in grave danger, so the Life G.o.d used her power to save Myriad Forms.

The remaining G.o.d Eyes sensed a mysterious seal on their bodies. It was shaped like a leaf and was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with Life energy that instantly healed all their wounds.

“Before dying, the Life G.o.d used all her Life Origin to use this secret art….” The Divine Punishment G.o.d shook his head.

In this way, even though she was dead, the Heaven Lord would receive very little Life Origin. He would need time to recover it rather than instantly becoming stronger.

The Life G.o.d was dead, but before she died, she did everything that she could do.

“We’ve already lost….” The Death G.o.d’s body trembled.

Even though the Life G.o.d had done her best, they still lost.

Although they could once more use the G.o.d Eye Fusion Art, it would not be as strong as the one from before. In addition, the Heaven Lord, after devouring another G.o.d Eye Origin, was certain to be even stronger.

On the other end:

“Hahaha… Hahaha…!” The Heaven Lord was madly laughing as the Pseudo Ancestral Eye on the center of his forehead received the power of the Life G.o.d from the Fan Universe.

The matter was settled. The G.o.d Eyes were now powerless.

But as he received the Life G.o.d’s power, the Heaven Lord suddenly remembered something, and his face went stiff. Within the white wars.h.i.+p, Liu Qinxin and Yu Tianwu stared at Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng’s body was engulfed in a dreamy sea, his entire body s.h.i.+ning with dazzling colors. The silver l.u.s.ter of his hair had retreated, leaving thin dreamy threads that fused with the sea of energy around him.

His left eye slowly turned, radiating with dreamy light as its energy became stronger and stronger.

The energy had surpa.s.sed a G.o.d Eye. This energy was actually close to a Pseudo Ancestral Eye….


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