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Read King of Gods Chapter 413 – Towering Tree Yao

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Chapter 413 – Towering Tree Yao

“That’s right, putting you aside, even we don’t have much of a chance.”

Yu Luo looked at Zhao Feng, not trying to hide the disdain in his eyes and laughed coldly in his heart: The Ruins Treasured Palace looked for someone suitable and those that enter might not receive an inheritance.

In his eyes, Zhao Feng was just a foreigner who dreamed of entering the Ruins Treasured Palace. It could be said he was a toad trying to eat a swan’s meat.

“One percent is indeed a bit too low.”

Zhao Feng murmured in his heart but then became calm once more.

If some things were destined to not be his then Zhao Feng didn’t have to get it.

He had already received a lot of stuff and just the outer edges of the Ruins were better than most inheritances.

Unwillingness was written on Ye Yanyu’s face as she bit her lips: “I won’t give up even if there’s only a 1% chance.”

The group fell into momentary silence.

They had all given up on entering the Ruins Treasured Palace; only Ye Yanyu didn’t want to admit defeat.

Zhao Feng maintained his casual att.i.tude.

“Everyone’ let’s go.”

Yu Luo started to organize people into groups and send them into different areas as this mysterious canyon had many precious beasts and ancient materials.

At the same time.

Sou Sou Sou—-

A dark puff of cloud entered the mysterious canyon and one of them contained a dark and chaotic True Lord Rank aura.

“Brother Mo Yu!”

“Haha…. Our reinforcements have finally arrived.”

Chi Gui and company from the Black Cliff Palace looked up at the sky in joy. The puff of black cloud contained ten figures, each and every one of them was cold and evil. They were the reinforcements of the Black Cliff Palace.

A youth that looked like a corpse with dark speckles of silver skin floated in the air. He looked like an alive ‘dead person’ and made the bone of others chill.

“Mo Yu? That corpse human came!?”

The expressions of the silver robed Yu Luo and company changed to solemness.

Amongst the ten True Lords, Mo Yu’s ranking was higher than his and Mo Yu was within the top five.

Apart from Ye Yanyu, no one here was probably his match.

‘Mo Yu’s’ arrival instantly increased the strength of the Black Cliff Palace.

“Two True Lords are here, so this is all the Black Cliff Palace’s strength?”

A faint smile appeared on Ye Yanyu’s mouth.

Although the reinforcements from the Black Cliff Palace had arrived, the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect was still stronger.

Zhao Feng stood on the mountain and occasionally opened his G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye to inspect the mysterious canyon and found that the two True Lords from the Black Cliff Palace ‘Mo Yu’ and ‘Chi Gui’ were both trying to team up with the blood robed True Lord of the Moon Demon Palace.

After all, excluding the Ruins Treasured Palace, this mysterious canyon’s treasures surpa.s.sed every other place.

“Friends of the Moon Demon Palace, our enemy is the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect and right now, only a small half of their force has gathered. We should team up early….”

Chi Gui’s hoa.r.s.e voice made the atmosphere solemn. Mo Yu next to him had a body like a ghost corpse; his face was dry and no expression was seen, but it was obvious he agreed to this proposal.

“Let’s do it.”

The blood robed True Lord didn’t find this weird. Every time at the late stages of entering the Purple Saint Ruins, the two sects had to team up to try and fight back against the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect.

After all, the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect had reached 2.5 stars and although there was only a 0.5-star difference between them, it was like the difference between the Iron Blood Religion and the Ten Great Clans.

If it weren’t for the fact that the Moon Demon Palace was close to 2.5 stars and the Black Cliff Palace was a strong two stars sect, they wouldn’t be able to hold the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect back.

On the other side of the canyon.


Yu Luo organized the groups and started to search around for treasures. Ye Yanyu still needed to rest for two days to fully recover and would only help other disciples if it was an emergency.

“G.o.ddess Ye, your cultivation is the highest and is unparalleled in the Ruins. You don’t need me to protect you right?”

Zhao Feng asked to go solo.

According to the deal, Zhao Feng couldn’t leave a three miles radius of Ye Yanyu, but since the Ruins Treasured Palace almost wouldn’t appear again, Zhao Feng had the intention to go alone.

He was declined decisively by Ye Yanyu.

“If you want to act, you have to be with me or Brother Yu Luo.”

Ye Yanyu’s eyes flashed with coldness as she was still wary of Zhao Feng.

She knew Zhao Feng’s strength better than the others and wasn’t like Yu Luo and company who completely ignored him.

Her caution held back Zhao Feng’s plan of going solo.

“It’s not good to rush.”

Zhao Feng found a cave two miles out and sat within it. While Ye Yanyu was resting, he would use this time to strengthen his dark silver poison corpses.

“Giant scorpion claws, Deadly Yin Crystal Bone.”

Zhao Feng took out these two main materials.

He first put the Deadly Yin Crystal Bone onto the dark silver poison corpses and strengthened them. Half a day later, Zhao Feng had ground the Deadly Yin Crystal Bone into powder and merged it with the two dark silver poison corpses.

Looking at it closely, Zhao Feng saw that the surface of the two poison corpses flashed with a dark silver light. They were precise and pretty, not rough like before.

“En, the poison corpses’ cultivation, hardness and especially offense have all risen by a bit.”

He nodded his head in satisfaction.

After that, Zhao Feng put the giant scorpion claws onto the dark silver poison corpses. The process was done in the black lotus and controlled by the G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye.

However, Zhao Feng had to be very careful as they were two strong hidden cards.

While Zhao Feng did this, he also needed to comprehend the contents of the Six Ghost Corpse Controlling Secret Technique.

The Six Ghost Corpse Controlling Secret Technique was worthy of being a peak level Spiritual tier skill and it was far more difficult than the lightning inheritance and Mystic Flower Treasured Bible. Although it was just the ‘upper page’, the contents were profound.

In the blink of an eye, almost two days had pa.s.sed and Zhao Feng’s two dark silver poison corpses were weaponized.

The claws had been exchanged for the giant corpse claws and their sharpness increased dramatically. And they contained the poison from the sack as well as the Earth Yin Poison Mushroom.

“In terms of offense, my two poison corpses are not much different to Chi Gui’s two True Lord Rank ghost corpses, but with the poison, their damage is higher.”

Zhao Feng was satisfied.

His poison corpse plan had succeeded.

When Zhao Feng went out, he realized that the situation within the canyon had undergone a new change.

Another True Lord Rank from the Moon Demon Palace had arrived – Zhuang Wan’er.

Zhuang Wan’er was the same as Ye Yanyu, ranked within the top three True Lord Ranks and around the same level.

“This demon girl is also here.”

At this point in time, Ye Yanyu had just recovered and found that Zhuang Wan’er had come.

Zhao Feng was obviously happy to see this because he had more chances in the chaos.

“We’ll go together.”

Ye Yanyu harrumphed coldly and took Zhao Feng to search around the mysterious canyon.

In this instance, many places had been dug up, especially where the cave where the giant scorpion was at.

“Sister Ye, there’s a Towering Tree Yao whose battle power is close to the Origin Core Realm and the Moon Demon Palace and Black Cliff Palace are teaming up to attack it.”

News from the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect arrived.

“Towering Tree Yao. The Moon Demon Palace and Black Cliff Palace are actually fighting something like that?”

Ye Yanyu was really surprised because there was some terrifying beasts or existences that could even slay True Lord Ranks and this Towering Tree Yao was one of them.

When they were searching around before, all three sides had found this Towering Tree Yao but didn’t get close due to its terrifying aura.

“Towering Tree Yao?”

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped. He had found this being a long time ago with his G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye and in reality, there were at least three or four other existences that level in this mysterious canyon.

The giant scorpion from before could be counted as one, but it was the weakest of the four and at that time, that scorpion only guarded the cave and had its worries. However, even then the three True Lord Ranks found it difficult to win.

“The Towering Tree Yao’s battle power is ranked second in this mysterious canyon here and is almost comparable to the Origin Core Realm. The strongest existence is in deep sleep underground. No one knows that apart from me.”

Zhao Feng was also surprised.

In the depths of the canyon was a Towering Tree with hundreds of branches. After tens of thousands of years, it had been filled with Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and turned to a Yao. Its branches were immune to fire and water and even weapons could hardly injure it.

Hu~ Wu~

The Towering Tree Yao released a deep growl and a wave of faint green instantly rolled over a four to five miles radius and normal True Spirit Realms would tremble in front of this.

At the same time, thick roots would shake under the ground and cause earthquakes.

Zhao Feng saw that the faint green airwave contained an unusual power that could erode the body and piles of white bones could be seen where it went.

However, this power didn’t injure any tree or tree and instead even replenished them.

“The power of Wood.”

Zhao Feng’s pupils contracted. His Lightning Inheritance finally met its nemesis.

The power of Lightning was devastating, it countered most skills in the world and was extremely effective against wicked and evil cultivators.

However, nothing was unparalleled in the world.

For example, the power of Wood from the Towering Tree Yao perfectly countered lightning. Luckily, Zhao Feng didn’t focus solely on the Dao of Lightning and his true core was the ancient Dao of the Soul.

“G.o.ddess Ye, why did we need to offend this Towering Tree Yao? What is there to get?”

Zhao Feng showed signs of retreating.

“The Towering Tree Yao’s body is comparable to an Origin Core Realm and it’s body is full of treasures. Its value is more than ten times that of the giant scorpion. Furthermore, the Towering Tree Yao had already formed a ‘Wood Spirit Essence Soul’ which can strengthen the soul and it is even useful for those at the Origin Core Realm trying to breakthrough to the Void G.o.d Realm. It has an even better effect for us who are at the True Spirit Realm.”

“On top of that, fruits have formed on the Towering Tree Yao and each and every one of them contain the essence of life which have the ability to save lives and increase cultivation like the blood gla.s.s fruit. This fruit is also easier to be absorbed….”


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