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Chapter 458 – Dark Heart Seed

In the desolate desert, a dark castle was surrounded with white bones and became one with the yellow sand.

In front of the castle, the Blood Corpse Palace Lord met up with the two people that descended from the b.l.o.o.d.y blue bird.

True Lord Tiexiao’s face was filled with surprise as he looked at the Blood Corpse Palace Lord. Not only was he severely injured, he was also missing an arm.

On the side, the expressionless black-robed youth also couldn’t help reacting by clicking his tongue, “This Blood Corpse Palace Lord comes from the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion and is known for his brutality and cunningness. Even amongst the four Palace Lords, his status and strength are quite high. How did he end up in this state?”

“Blood Corpse Palace Lord, who was the one that beat you to such a state?”

Under True Lord Tiexiao’s questioning, the Blood Corpse Palace Lord unwillingly spat out what happened.

Of course, he didn’t talk about the specifics of his defeat, as he felt he would lose face discussing the specifics in front of another Palace Lord.

Although the Blood Corpse Palace Lord had only given a simple summary of what happened, True Lord Tiexiao was still able to guess how disastrous the battle was.

“The elites of two Palaces were all slaughtered?”

“Even the Blood Corpse Palace Lord himself was heavily injured and barely managed to escape, and all of this was done by a junior?”

True Lord Tiexiao and the black-robed youth were shocked. If it were an elder, they could manage to accept this, but this was all done by a youth.

When did the Cloud area have such a monstrous genius?

“Who is that youth?”

True Lord Tiexiao didn’t seem to believe the Blood Corpse Palace Lord. He just returned from the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, what kind of geniuses hadn’t he seen before?

“An unknown brat called Zhao Feng.”

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord said angrily as he spat and turned his head around, as if not wanting to mention him further.

“Zhao Feng!?”

“What…? It’s him!?”

The expressions of True Lord Tiexiao and the black-robed youth changed dramatically.

Obviously, the name “Zhao Feng” stunned them.

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s footsteps stopped as he squinted his eyes with a weird expression, “You know that brat?”

“Looks like the Blood Corpse Palace Lord doesn’t know what’s happened. He’s not an unknown brat, he’s a prodigy that’s shocked the continent.”

True Lord Tiexiao said solemnly as he let out a light breath.

After returning from the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, True Lord Tiexiao and company didn’t just know Zhao Feng, they knew him well.

What’s going on?

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord was dizzy and his expression darkened.

True Lord Tiexiao started to tell the tale of Zhao Feng’s performance and his final result in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

During this process, the Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s face was very colorful, filled with utter shock.


The Blood Corpse Palace Lord took in a cold breath.

He never would have thought that the youth he fought was an overwhelming prodigy of this generation.

This Sacred True Dragon Gathering was the peak of thousands of generations.

Zhao Feng and Yu Tianhao were crowned the “Two Overwhelming Prodigy Kings” that suppressed the countless geniuses of several generations and made the river of history become dull.

Maybe only the Scarlet Moon Patriarch and Sword Saint Ye Wuxie were able to compare to these two “Overwhelming Prodigy Kings.”

“I didn’t think that this brat’s strength would have risen so much after returning from the outside inheritance.”

True Lord Tiexiao sighed.

However, thinking about the other Overwhelming Prodigy King Yu Tianhao, who had reached the early stage True Lord Rank after returning to this continent, made normal True Lord Ranks tremble.

Facing this terrifying overwhelming prodigy king, both True Lord Tiexiao and the Blood Corpse Palace Lord felt troubled.

“It’ll be hard to kill this brat with just one or two True Lord Ranks. We need at least several True Lord Ranks with a good plan to have a chance.”

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s face of hate was replaced with solemnness.

Knowing Zhao Feng’s performance in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, the Blood Corpse Palace Lord felt better.

“Once we can’t kill a genius of this level, the threat that their future brings is immeasurable. We need to plan well, and if we want to have a 100% chance, ask Division Leader to help.”

True Lord Tiexiao suggested.

Division Leader?

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s face with filled with deep respect.

He was only a Protector of a Sub-Division in the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion and his status was just below a Sub-Division Leader’s.

However, only those that became a true Division Leader were considered a member of the upper echelon of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.

Back then, the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion had “Twelve Divisions, One Hundred Eight Sub-Divisions” and their power was spread across the continent.

The Twelve Divisions could even face the Ten Great Clans of the continent when they were at their peak.

Both True Lord Tiexiao and the Blood Corpse Palace Lord didn’t doubt that, if they asked the Division Leader for help, they could easily kill Zhao Feng.

However, to ask a Division Leader to deal with a mere junior might be overexaggerating the problem and might cause the Division Leader to be unhappy.

“Division Leader has been recovering his strength over the past two years and won’t do anything unless he has to. Furthermore, the Iron Dragon Alliance has four Palace Lords and some hidden forces of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion. As long as we don’t face a force comparable to the Ten Great Clans, we don’t need to fear anything.”

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord shook his head.

Although Zhao Feng was strong, the threat he imposed was only at the True Lord Rank.

“True, but we need to quickly connect with Long and Bi Ji, the two other Palace Lords.”

True Lord Tiexiao nodded his head.

Sou Sou Sou!

Three figures soon flew toward the castle.

In the air, True Lord Tiexiao’s footsteps suddenly paused.

“Bei Moi, if I remember correctly, that Zhao Feng comes from the same clan as you.”

True Lord Tiexiao’s eyes were emotionless.

Hearing this, a cold light flashed in the Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s eyes as he locked onto the silent emotionless youth.

This black-robed youth was Bei Moi of the Broken Moon Clan, who had returned from the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

Hearing this, Bei Moi couldn’t help but smile bitterly and nod his head helplessly.

Several days later, in a place near a small lake by the borders of the two strong countries.

“How long have I slept for?”

A lazy voice sounded.

With a “whoosh,” a blue-haired youth crawled out from under a layer of sand and wiped off some dust.

“Twenty-five days.”

Lin Tong said after some thought.

Ever since he was captured by the little thieving cat, Lin Tong became a prisoner.

After parting ways with Old Su, Zhao Feng headed toward the Thirteen Countries, but fell asleep after half a day.

In this period, Lin Tong waited without daring to do anything. He had experienced the little thieving cat’s abilities, which could stun him out of nowhere.

Lin Tong’s fear of the little thieving cat had surpa.s.sed his fear of its owner.

“We can’t stay any longer.”

Zhao Feng yawned as he summoned the Azure Swallow from his ancient metal ring.

After waking up this time, Zhao Feng felt that the bloating sensation had decreased once again. It was almost undetectable.

It was certain that the eye’s situation had stabilized.

However, the pond in the dimension of his left eye still hadn’t broken through ten yards. Zhao Feng knew that the G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye was just half a step away from evolving once more.

The conversion between ice and water was only a minor change that didn’t affect the foundation much.

Apart from that, Zhao Feng found that he had signs of breaking through to the True Lord Rank even without going into seclusion.

“My strength will rise if I break through to the True Lord Rank, but I need to return quickly to the Broken Moon Clan in case something happens.”

Zhao Feng shot off into the sky on the swallow.

On the Azure Swallow was also the prisoner Lin Tong.

“Lin Tong!”

A ripple appeared in Zhao Feng’s left eye that made Lin Tong hiccup. He felt a powerful surge of mental energy enter his soul.

“No… don’t…”

Lin Tong struggled in fear. He obviously knew the importance of the soul as he was someone who trained in mental energy.

The soul was a person’s core, and once the soul was eroded by an outside force, the result would be unimaginable.

However, Zhao Feng’s power was too strong, preventing Lin Tong from fighting back.

“Dark Heart Seed!”

Zhao Feng’s left eye shot out a dark-blue drop of water the size of a seed.


The mysterious dark-blue drop of water entered Lin Tong’s soul.

“This Dark Heart Seed will control your every action and even your thoughts. You can’t escape my mental energy senses within a ten-thousand-mile radius.”

Zhao Feng smiled faintly.

The Dark Heart Seed came from the Ball of Ice Soul and Dark Eye Incomplete Page.

The Ball of Ice Soul contained knowledge which allowed Zhao Feng to understand more of the soul and the essence of the Dao of Ice Soul.

Although the Dark Eye Incomplete Page was only partially complete and Zhao Feng was unable to cultivate the legendary Eye of Death, it still recorded many deadly skills.

“Dark Heart Seed? What do you want me to do?”

Although Lin Tong was scared and uneasy, he didn’t dare fight back.

The Dark Heart Seed Zhao Feng used was similar to the Ghost Mark set on him by the mysterious skeleton, but the Dark Heart Seed that was used through the G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye was more powerful.

Zhao Feng could even make the Dark Heart Seed explode and bring disaster upon Lin Tong if he wished, as long as he was within a certain distance.

“I need a slave for my return to the Cloud area and you’re very suitable since you have an eye bloodline. Why else do you think you’re still alive?”

Zhao Feng laughed coldly.

Lin Tong’s heart went cold after hearing this. Compared to humiliation, he had more fear of death and what the future held.

Zhao Feng’s words meant that he felt Lin Tong was slightly useful, which is why he was still alive. If he couldn’t do anything, Lin Tong probably would’ve ended up the same as the other members of the Iron Dragon Alliance – dead as a doornail.

Of course, Zhao Feng kept Lin Tong around not only because he wanted a slave, but also because he wanted to understand how Lin Tong used his eye bloodline.

After all, Zhao Feng still hadn’t found an eye bloodline inheritance suitable for him.

Several days later, the Azure Swallow finally took Zhao Feng and company to enter the Thirteen Countries.


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