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Read King of Gods Chapter 533 – Returning to the Purple Saint Ruins (1)

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Read WebNovel King of Gods Chapter 533 – Returning to the Purple Saint Ruins (1)

Chapter 533 – Returning to the Purple Saint Ruins (1)

Zhao Feng is warning me that, even without the Dark Heart Seed, he still has other methods to kill me.

The skeletal Division Leader felt lucky.

Zhao Feng had this Jade Dragon Protection and never used it before. His intentions in using it at the critical moment could be seen.

Before this, the skeletal Division Leader thought about using the fight to escape. Now that it knew that Zhao Feng had such a terrifying hidden card, the skeletal Division Leader wouldn’t dare to betray him even without the Dark Heart Seed.

The Jade Dragon Protection’s power was too strong. It could instantly kill Sovereigns, whereas normal Void G.o.d Protections could only severely injure Sovereigns.


Zhao Feng was satisfied and his gaze moved away from the skeletal Division Leader.

He had the Jade Dragon Protection ready when facing the Mystic Ice Queen, but using it right away wouldn’t be using it to its fullest potential.

Zhao Feng used it at the last moment so he could gain experience from fighting with a Sovereign. More importantly, it could stun the skeletal Division Leader; as time pa.s.sed and it recovered more of its strength, Zhao Feng wanted to leave his shadow in the skeletal Division Leader’s heart.

At the same time:


The Three Eyed Saint screamed and immediately flew off.

“Master, leave it to me.”

The skeletal Division Leader took the initiative in order to show its loyalty.

Zhao Feng nodded his head.


Only an afterimage was left behind as the skeletal Division Leader disappeared.

In the next instant, a gold-and-silver figure flashed through the clouds as it closed in on the Three Eyed Saint.

After all, it had recovered 60-70% of its strength and its battle-power surpa.s.sed normal half-step Origin Core Realms. Without using the Wings of Wind and Lightning, Zhao Feng might not be able to defeat the skeletal Division Leader.

“Dark Soul Death Claw!”

The skeletal Division Leader slashed out, and a claw the size of a palace screeched through the air.

“Not good, it’s an attack on the soul.”

The Three Eyed Saint felt an aura of death envelop him. Normal attacks only targeted mental energy, but Soul attacks were more profound.


The Three Eyed Saint’s Divine Light of Destruction managed to create a hole in the claw, but the remaining power pa.s.sed through his body.


The Three Eyed Saint howled as his face went white, then purple and green.

The Dark Soul Death Claw had injured his soul and taken a lot of his lifeforce.

The two weren’t even close to being on the same level. The Three Eyed Saint didn’t even last a few blows before being killed by the skeletal Division Leader.

The skeletal Division Leader obediently helped Zhao Feng collect the spoils of war, but unfortunately, the power of the Jade Dragon Protection was too strong and had shattered the Mystic Ice Queen’s items into pieces.

Zhao Feng started to flip through some items inside the Three Eyed Saint’s interspatial ring.


His gaze landed on a small tattered book, which had a few ancient words on it.

Zhao Feng was far more knowledgeable than he used to be, and his eyes flashed, “Eye…. Stealing…. Technique…?”

This small tattered book recorded the theory of a forbidden skill.

“Unfortunately, it’s just some theory and incomplete.”

Zhao Feng felt slightly regretful.

The theory was extremely unique, but it hadn’t been used practically before. On top of that, it wasn’t even complete.

“I’ve heard of the Eye Stealing technique before. Apparently, it steals the eye-bloodline of someone and transfers it to someone else, which means that one person can instantly have an eye-bloodline.”

The skeletal Division Leader explained.

Hearing this, Zhao Feng was surprised. There was such a skill?

“Of course, the Eye Stealing technique has been lost and only some incomplete theories remain. Furthermore, even if there was a complete technique, there are too many factors that affect its rate of success, so the chances of it working properly is still low.”

The skeletal Division Leader sighed.

“Eye Stealing technique? Could it be that the two from the Golden Sun family wanted to kill me because…?”

Zhao Feng started to think.

The Golden Sun family might not take the risk if they were just jealous of Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline, but everything would be different if they could steal Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline, even if the rate of success was extremely low.


Zhao Feng opened his G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye and copied the Eye Stealing technique, but what made him disappointed was that the technique was limited to theory and didn’t have anything about the specifics.

Of course, even the theory increased Zhao Feng’s knowledge.

“Let’s go.”

Zhao Feng made the skeletal Division Leader return to the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl, then continued on his journey to the Purple Rising Great Country.

The Purple Rising Great Country was one of the Northern Continent’s three major countries, and their strength was above even the Canopy Great Country’s.

Half a month later, Zhao Feng had bought some of the materials he needed and returned to the Canopy Great Country, then started to send the forces of the Iron Blood Religion to find more.

As long as there were enough resources, the skeletal Division Leader would craft more ghost-corpses.

Now that the skeletal Division Leader’s cultivation had recovered by more than half, its efficiency was much higher.

Furthermore, he would help Zhao Feng comprehend the Curse of a Hundred Graves so that they could create the Hundred Corpse Curse array later.

Zhao Feng handed over this task to the skeletal Division Leader and used most of his time in comprehension and cultivation.

In the blink of an eye, half a year pa.s.sed.

Over the past half a year, Zhao Feng put a lot of effort into cultivation, and he occasionally went to wipe out the remaining forces of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.

However, Zhao Feng found that his progress in cultivation toward the late-stage True Lord Rank was becoming slower.

This “slow” speed was in comparison to Zhao Feng’s progress from before.

Compared to normal geniuses, he was still ten times faster. After all, his soul and comprehension were greater than his cultivation.

Zhao Feng even went to find Patriarch Hong specifically.

“The Azure Flower Continent is very small and it’s restricted by the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and other aspects. The limit is technically the Origin Core Realm, so when one progresses toward the Origin Core Realm, their progress becomes slower.”

Patriarch Hong replied.

Zhao Feng finally knew the answer, and it wasn’t much different from what he thought.

“Of course, at your current speed, you should be able to break through to the late-stage True Lord Rank within two or three years. That’s already extremely fast.”

Patriarch Hong smiled and said.

“What can I do to increase my cultivation speed?”

Zhao Feng answered.

“For example, the palace of the Three Saint Palace is known for its purity of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and is ten times purer than the Azure Flower Continent.”

Patriarch Hong once again invited Zhao Feng to join the Three Saints Palace, but the latter still declined it.

Zhao Feng’s cultivation speed started to decline, and in the next month, the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion’s forces started to pop up in the continent.

It was very likely that the Azure Flower Continent would break out into chaos once more.

The Iron Blood Religion had a big meeting within the great country to plan how to wipe out the demonic religion’s forces nearby.

“Patriarch Hong, more and more of the demonic religion’s forces have appeared.”

“There seem to be experts not from this continent.”

The atmosphere within the Iron Blood Religion was tense.

Although the Sacred Alliance and the Ten Great Clans’ forces had the advantage, the demonic religion’s continuous counterattacks made everyone feel pressured.

“According to news from the battlefield, the upper echelons of the Sacred Alliance and Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion have already fought.”

“What was the result?”

“The Sacred Alliance obviously won, but the demonic religion seems to only be scouting around.”

The upper echelon of the Iron Blood Religion discussed.

Zhao Feng sat on the Deputy Patriarch’s position and didn’t involve himself. He was only responsible for wiping out the forces in the great country and the Cloud area. He didn’t really care about other areas.

There was still a Division Leader in his Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl.

In the next couple days, Zhao Feng remained in seclusion.

A sudden wave rippled.

“Purple Saint Token!”

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped as he took out a purple-colored token from his interspatial ring.


The Purple Saint Token glowed purple, and Zhao Feng put his spiritual sense into it.

“Zhao Feng, there might be some problems in the Purple Saint Ruins and we might need your help. If you can, please return to the Purple Saint Ruins within a year – Yufei.”

Zhao Feng caught sight of a message, and the content made Zhao Feng’s heart shake.

He was already planning that, if he couldn’t break through within half a year or leave this place, he would go back to the Purple Saint Ruins.

This message came at the right time.

“I can’t reveal the situation of the Purple Saint Ruins.”

Zhao Feng prepared to leave.

“Master, eight of the hundred corpses have been refined. There’s not enough resources.”

The skeletal Division Leader’s voice sounded.

“Ok, focus on strengthening and consolidating. There’ll be a large supply of resources soon.”

Zhao Feng replied and started to prepare. He wanted to keep the Purple Saint Ruins a secret, so he didn’t immediately tell Patriarch Hong and company.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng didn’t want to drag the Iron Blood Religion into the mess with the three two-star sects.

Putting aside the Iron Blood Religion, even the Ten Great Clans were nothing in front of the three two-star sects.

Half a month later, Zhao Feng left a letter in the area of his seclusion, then left.

The letter said that he decided to go out and travel around. The time frame wasn’t certain.

Half a day later, the Transverse Water area in the Canopy Great Country.

Zhao Feng left a message through his spiritual sense and sent it to the Purple Saint Ruins, “I’m coming back.”

Half the time it took incense to burn later.


A purple light started to expand, forming a s.h.i.+ning door.

When the door appeared, the s.p.a.ce nearby seemed to faintly tremble.


Zhao Feng stepped into the purple door and disappeared. In the next instant, he was no longer in the Azure Flower Continent anymore.


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