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Lu Zhibin, who won gold for the 50m freestyle event at the Asian Games, was also in the provincial team.

However, since he had already achieved the A grade criteria, he wouldn’t partic.i.p.ate in this test trial. 

“Come on, Tang Yan! You’ve got this Brother Tang!”

As Tang Yan went up to the platform, Ye s.h.i.+wen could be heard loudly cheering for him.

With a small smile, Tang Yan nodded to Ye s.h.i.+wen.

“Everyone, line up!” The referee called.

After the swimmers were ready, he pressed the buzzer.


Instantly the swimmers were off into the pool.

After entering the water for about 10 meters, everyone floated to the surface alternately paddling left and right, feet kicking in the water and rus.h.i.+ng forward.

50 meters was the shortest distance in the swimming compet.i.tion, it didn’t take too great a deal of tactics, relying mostly on explosive strength.

The pool was churning with splas.h.i.+ng with water, and the swimmers were like high-speed motors, flying towards the other end of the pool.

The swimmers at the side of the pool were also heated up, cheering and shouting loudly for their teammates.

“Come on Brother Tang” hollered Ye s.h.i.+wen

After experiencing the opening 20 meters, Tang Yan stood out from the pack, he had opened up a slight lead, with the distance continuously widening.

“What the h.e.l.l look at Tang Yan!”

When they saw this scene, the other swimmers were startled.

Being able to enter the Zhejiang provincial team, everyone was a top tier swimmer in China at the 50m freestyle but at this moment, they were falling behind.

 Everyone was rus.h.i.+ng forward without reservation!

Tang Yan was slowly widening his lead. He slowly opened up metre away from the pack.

This was truly terrible!

In fact, not only the swimmers, even the referees couldn’t  help but check the stopwatch in their hands.

This speed was much faster than the previous years of testing.

At this point, Tang Yan’s speed began to slow.

Seeing his speed slowing slightly, the shocked faces of the swimmers and the referees finally eased.

Although Tang Yan slowed slightly with his previous advantage, he ended the race still with half a metre lead.

As Tang Yan reached to touch the wall, everyone’s head flicked up to look at the display to see his time. 

“Oh sh*t”


23 seconds 38!

Not only had he surpa.s.sed the A grade criteria for the National Champions.h.i.+ps, 23 seconds 55.

This time was only slightly slower than Lu Zhibin’s time at the Asian Games, by 1 second!

At this time, Lu Zhibin on the sidelines was also shocked. When he saw Tang Yan’s full sprint, he was also among the people stunned. 

He thought that Tang Yan’s performance would be average at best but he did not expect him to be so fast!

Tang Yan flicked over his gaze as well, seeing his time he nodded with satisfaction. 

He didn’t show any excitement and just slowly swam to the side of the pool climbing to sh.o.r.e.

At this time, everyone was mesmerised following his figure. 

 They watched Tang Yan calmly come ash.o.r.e.

Tang Yan walked back to the starting point after grabbing a bath towel.

There weren’t many people who registered for the 50m event so they were the only group.

The next event was the 100-meters freestyle. 

So he only had a few minutes to prepare.

Seeing the beginning of the Tang dynasty, those who had been slagging him off before felt a burning pain on their faces.

Ye s.h.i.+wen run over excited at this time to congratulate him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

However, just before reaching him, she suddenly saw Tang Yan walking towards the starting point, she couldn’t help but feel dazed.

It wasn’t only her but everyone else was also stunned.

What was he doing? The 100 meters event was about to begin, why was he heading over there?

Among the shock and doubts of everyone, Tang Yan and the other swimmers went up to the starting point and awaited to start.  

“Wait is he….”

At this time, Ye s.h.i.+wen couldn’t help but turn red. 

Feeling awkward, she didn’t know whether to turn back or to just stay put.


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