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Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji is a web novel made by Ye Qiaomu, 叶乔木.
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Chapter 32: Be Mu Xiaoya’s Stepping Stone?

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“Of course, I’m happy for you, but Shengge, you must give this role to Xiaoya,” said Mu Yanhuai. “Even if Xu Xiangjie appreciates you, other directors will never do the same. You won’t get into the acting world even you do this show. Why don’t you just give the part to Xiaoya?”

Ye Shengge laughed at herself inside as she still had a slight trace of hope for Mu Yanhuai.

“But this is the only opportunity I’ve got. Xiaoya will have plenty others.” She looked a bit gloomy. “Are you forcing me to give up my only chance?”

Mu Yanhuai’s pupils contracted.

“Shengge?” He lowered his voice. “The company needs you, and your artists need you too. The most important thing is, I need you as well. If you give that part to Xiaoya, we’ll get married.”

Mu Yanhuai knew Ye Shengge’s ultimate dream.

Acting was her dream, but having a family was what she wanted all the time.

He needed to use marriage to stop her from acting.

Ye Shengge suddenly felt sour upon seeing how sincere Mu Yanhuai was pretending to be.

If she hadn’t known the truth, she might’ve been manipulated by Mu Yanhuai.

Unfortunately, him proposing to marry her was just exploiting her final value.

“Let me finish that show first,” Ye Shengge smiled. “You’ve said yourself that this is the only chance I have. Other directors will never consider me.”

“Shengge!” Mu Yanhuai couldn’t contain his anger. “Xiaoya really needs that part now.”

“If she does a bad job, she’ll be laughed at after it airs.”

“You can be there to help her.”

“Mu Yanhuai, are you suggesting I give up my dream to be Mu Xiaoya’s stepping stone?” Ye Shengge’s eyes glinted. “Besides, you know how much she hates me.”

Mu Yanhuai suddenly became speechless after hearing the words ‘stepping-stone’.

He knew that Mu Xiaoya had accomplished so much because of Ye Shengge. She’d been Mu Xiaoya’s stepping stone all the time, but he still felt uncomfortable about hearing her say the word out.

“And besides, even if I give it up, the role will only go to out compet.i.tor. Xu Xiangjie has already vetoed Xiaoya. Other artists in our company won’t get the part either.” Ye Shengge smiled.

Mu Yanhuai had nothing to say.

He said, “Then when should we get married, Shengge?”

“When our company is listed. Didn’t you tell me that before?” Ye Shengge smiled innocently.

It’d been two years since they had gotten engaged, but Mu Yanhuai had never mentioned marriage. Every time when she hinted at it, he’d say they would get married after the company went public.

She was more than happy to see how aggrieved Mu Yanhuai was.

“Also, I’m about to act in a show, so let’s give the chief agent position to Shang Tianyi. Xiaoya can choose an agent she likes.”

Mu Yanhuai was very perceptive. “Are you saying you won’t be Xiaoya’s agent anymore?”

“You saw how much she hates me now.” Ye Shengge tried to toss her responsibility away. “It’s her who doesn’t want to work with me.”

Mu Yanhuai wanted to use Mu Xiaoya’s being spoiled as an excuse again, but he’d said that way too many times recently.

He felt aggrieved. Everythng Ye Shengge had said made perfect sense, and she was indeed holding their company in their best interests, but he was out of sorts for being fought back against.


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