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Read Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO! Chapter 63 – Can I Address You Like This?

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Chapter 63: Can I Address You Like This?

Maybe Zuo Weiyi was just her replacement to him.

They each chose a horse after dressing up.

The horse ranch was very large. It took thirty minutes to complete a lap around the horse ranch.

Zuo Weiyi just followed what the others did. She looked at their posture and learned it at a glance. She then quickly got up and sat on the horse.

“Ting, five years pa.s.sed. Do you dare to compete with me again?”

Zhong Shenghao had always lost to him every time. Hence, he was still somewhat dissatisfied.

s.h.i.+ Yuting said, coldly, “Alright. You are destined to lose to me no matter how many times we compete.”

“Shh. It was still too early to say that!”

Zhong Shenghao could not wait anymore. He immediately raised his whip after finis.h.i.+ng his words. After a whip, the horse quickly galloped away like a wind!

s.h.i.+ Yuting paused for three seconds. He then whipped and rode away with the horse too!

“Wait for me!” Xiao Ran also whipped the horse and chased after them.

Her eyes were always following Zhong Shenghao!

In the end, only Jing Xinlei and Zuo Weiyi were left behind.

Looking at the people who had galloped away, Zuo Weiyi was so excited that she could not wait to try it!

Jing Xinlei turned her head and smile at Zuo Weiyi who was beside her. “Weiyi.”

Zuo Weiyi turned her head and looked at her puzzled.

Jing Xinlei smiled. Her voice was as sweet as honey. “Can I address you like this?”

Zuo Weiyi paused. She then smiled. “Yes.”

It was strange. There were five of them. Why was she being left behind with this Jing Xinlei every time?

“What about, we compete, too?”

Zuo Weiyi’s eyes widened, looking surprised. “Huh?”

“Let’s compete. Are you up for it?”

Zuo Weiyi was taken aback. “Well, what are we betting on?”

“If I lose, I will treat you to a big meal!”

‘Big meal?’

Zuo Weiyi smiled awkwardly.

If she lost, she had no money to treat her to a big meal!

However, the smile on Jing Xinlei’s face slowly faded before she could even speak. “If you lose, can you please return Ting to me?”

The smile on Zuo Weiyi’s face froze listening to Jing Xinlei’s words.

Although Jing Xinlei had spoken calmly, there was a hint of unexpected hostility in her clear black eyes.

Jing Xinlei smiled abruptly after seeing her hesitant face. “I’m just kidding. You seemed to be in a shock!”

The corners of Zuo Weiyi’s mouth twitched awkwardly as she looked at Jing Xinlei’s smile.

Was she really just kidding?

Just now, when she talked about returning Ting to her, her eyes reflected a hint of provocation. It did not seem to be a joke at all!

She glanced at Jing Xinlei and said nothing more.

Jing Xinlei was a little embarra.s.sed. She looked at Zuo Weiyi. “Weiyi, are you angry?”

Zuo Weiyi lifted her eyes and smiled instantly. “No. I am just thinking. If I cannot afford to treat you to a big meal, and I am also reluctant to return Ting to you, what should I give you then?”

Jing Xinlei was startled by her words. A trace of coldness flashed through her eyes.

This Zuo Weiyi was not as simple as she had thought.

“Then let’s compete fairly!” Jing Xinlei looked at her and officially declared war. “I believe that Ting only regards you as my subst.i.tute.”

Her sudden words made Zuo Weiyi’s heart sink as if her heart was being stabbed at fiercely. Her hands that were holding the horse reins tightened unconsciously.

Zuo Weiyi immediately pursed her lips and smiled.

She was just s.h.i.+ Yuting’s s.e.x partner anyway. She did not care whether or not she was Jing Xinlei’s replacement.

Perhaps s.h.i.+ Yuting would still return to this Jing Xinlei one day.


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