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Chapter 61: Insightful Butler – Silvan

Both Mikazuki and Hiiro’s jaws dropped in surprise when faced with the eccentric old man

“Megu….” (Old man)

“Huh?” (Hiiro)

Having heard something, Hiiro brought his ear closer to the old man. The old man reacted by raising a trembling hand.

“Ple…..please….food…” (TL: incomplete words not sure how to translate this part) (E: I think he’s trying to say something like ‘Please grace me with food’.)

Still unable to comprehend what the person was saying, Hiiro frowned with suspicion.

GugyururururuU~ (Sound of stomach grumbling)

A very loud rumbling came from the person’s stomach as he grabbed his stomach in agony. Apparently, it seemed that he was just hungry.

However, even when faced with such a spectacle, Hiiro was undoubtedly Hiiro. Once he had understood the reason for the old man’s collapse, he wore an apprehensive expression that told Mikazuki ‘We’re leaving’ as he began to walk away.

Although Mikazuki’s expression asked ‘Is this okay?’-

“There is no reason to help him” (Hiiro)

Hiiro flatly stated. As her master seemed to have decided thus, Mikazuki moved her feet and followed behind Hiiro.

“Please…please…” (Old man)

Hiiro ignored his voice and mounted Mikazuki. As the voice continued to ceaselessly cry as if it were a stomach worm, Mikazuki reluctantly walked pa.s.sed the old man.

“Th…this…” (Old man)

Hearing the elderly man summon up his voice, Hiiro raised his eyebrows, widening his eyes in curiosity. Moving only his eyes, he saw the old man holding up a book that seemed slightly larger than a paperback book.

“Ri…right now…I only have…but this…very valuable…” (Old man)

Hiiro faced the old man, his gaze locked on to the book. It seemed that the old man wanted to negotiate by trading the book for food. Hiiro opened his mouth and spoke.

“What kind of book is it?” (Hiiro)

Hearing Hiiro’s voice, the old man desperately raised his head, making a thumbs up as he spoke with a beaming smile.

“P…p.o.r.n book!” (Old man)

“As if those books can exist!” (Hiiro)

Hiiro unintentionally threw the book in his hand.

“Bahin!” (A book hitting something)

The book flew right between the old man’s face knocking him unconscious.

“Ah, c.r.a.p.” (Hiiro)

Hiiro thought that he accidently dealt the final blow as he approached the man in pity. Mikazuki also looked at Hiiro, its eyes saying that that was overkill.

“Kuikuiki” (Mikazuki)

‘You could have at least given him some food’ was what she wanted to say. Even without an interpreter, this message was easily understood.

“You know, I have no obligation to help this old man. Also, is there any point in sharing our limited supply of food with a hentai like this guy?” (Hiiro)

Hiiro desperately began to think that he did not want to a.s.sociate himself with a hentai that would trade food for a p.o.r.nographic book.

“H…how about…this” (Old man)

The Old man revived once again as he took out another book. As it was the same size as the previous book, Hiiro was wary.

“This book…is written by…Mr. Marquis Bluenote’s…” (Old man)

Upon hearing that name, Hiiro narrowed his eyes as he looked at the book

“Marquis Bluenote…” (Hiiro)

It was a name he heard before. From what he can remember, it was the author of a heroic tragedy called 《ティンクルヴァイクルの冒険》. He doubt the same author would write an erotic book.

“Alright… I’ll give you food in exchange for that book. But I won’t forgive you if there’s any weird content in that book. Got it?” (Hiiro)

“T…thank…you” (Old man)

At that moment, the old man collapsed in exhaustion.


“Mogu mogu! Gokuns.h.i.+! Hamu! Musha Musha! Gogu gogu gogu! Psha!”

(TL: Eating ravenously. Mogu mogu=large chewing sound, Gokuns.h.i.+=swallowing sound, Hamu=biting in to sound, Musha musha=small chewing sound, Gogu gogu gogu=drinking sound, Psha=sound of finally breathing.)

The moment the old man woke up, Hiiro divided the food he prepared for the journey. The old man ate the food like a tiger who had just found its prey. The food flowed into the old man’s stomach at a tremendous speed.

Hiiro and Mikazuki watched with dumbfounded expressions. The old man ignored them as he continued eating.

The old man then cleaned his teeth with a toothpick, wiped his mouth with a handkerchief, groomed his hair with a comb, and then bowed, his head plastered to the ground. Whether it was the fault of the butler clothes, Hiiro couldn’t tell, but he felt that the gesture strangely suited the old man.

“For the act of saving my life today, I am very grateful to you. I am addressed by the name Silvan. I am truly pleased to make your acquaintance.” (Silvan)

“A-Aah” (Hiiro)

“Kui….” (Mikazuki)

In response to the old man’s strange gesture, the two returned their answers in a state of surprise.

“Nofofofo! Ah, I’m sorry for laughing. I thought that it was the end of me until you guys had arrived by chance. Because of that, I was saved. How lucky I was to meet you!” (Silvan)

His eyes s.h.i.+ned in grat.i.tude as he spoke aloud.

“What a great day! I thought I was going to die, yet, I am alive! The must be the will of the heavens! And this encounter must be destiny. Please let me know your name.

Hiiro made an unpleasant face. Seeing that face, the butler felt Hiiro’s discontent as he took a step back and bowed apologetically.

“That was rude of me, to displease my benefactor. However, if it is possible, would you please tell me your name” (Silvan)

It was a question was inevitable, but Hiiro prepared an answer to escape from this moment.

“T-Tarou Tanaka.”

He used a false name. He thought that there was no problem using a false name as their relations.h.i.+p would only go this far. However…

“Mumumu!” (Silvan)

The old man coughed as he looked at Hiiro with partially observant eyes.

“That is a fake name, is it not?” (Silvan)

There was bright gleam in Silvan’s eyes as Hiiro was quickly exposed

“…on what evidence?” (Hiiro)

Hiiro said with a calm expression. Silvan placed a hand on his chest as he lowered his head.

“Even though I look this way, I have been a Butler for a long time.” (Silvan)

Hiiro wanted to say “I know you’re a Butler because you look like that” but he just glared at him silently.

“As such, it is necessary for a butler to be competent in several fields. It is necessary for a butler to be able to carry out anything the master orders. And among them, the most important skill for a butler to have is to be able to read people.” (Silvan)

“…what do you mean?” (Hiiro)

“As people may desire a lord’s authority and status, they will use many underhanded methods to do so. It goes without saying that these people come in large quant.i.ties. In particular, there are those that weave lies, deceiving many with expertly constructed narratives. If one is an amateur in such a skill, then it would only leave their lord in misfortune. However, we butlers become very sensitive in detecting such lies in order to protect our masters.”

“………” (Hiiro)

“It is sad to lie. Although sometimes, it is necessary to lie when trying to achieve an end, yet, I believe that it is still not good to lie. If I must say why, then those that know the truth will be left with a deep wound in their heart.” (Silvan)

In Silvan’s eyes, Hiiro could see a gleam of sadness and loneliness. Seeing such eyes, Hiiro let out a sigh as he spoke in a faint voice.

“…Hiiro. Hiiro Okamura” (Hiiro)

Doing so, Silvan smiled and bowed once again.

“Once again, my name is Silvan Pultis. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance!” (Silvan)


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