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Read Kung Fu Beyond The World 316 Chapter 316 – Geng Yueguang’s Roar

Kung Fu Beyond The World is a web novel completed by KungFuFireflies.
This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Kung Fu Beyond The World 316 Chapter 316 – Geng Yueguang’s Roar

Not long after, Ying Nanyan and her team arrived at the most central hill of the island.

Chen Haiming laughed happily: “It’s so easy and simple. I thought it would take a long time to get here, but I didn’t expect that the barbarians along the way saw us and ran away, saving us a lot of things, and came in less than half a day. The other teams must not be as fast as ours, and the championship is ours now! “

Yan Yan frowned: “I always think that things are not easy. The barbarians on the road are obviously hiding from us on purpose, which is too abnormal. In addition to what Lao Ying said about the fallen, so there must be a secret, and we must be careful! “

Ying Nanyan also agreed: “I think Yan Yan is right. The more we have to be careful in the future.”

Chen Haiming was a little bit upset and said, “Two sisters, you are too careful.”

Yu Zheng also sighed: “Two of you, you are too insecure, but this is not surprising. The environment you were in before was still too weak. The fighting methods you used and contacted were both too conservative. So you don’t seem to know the meaning of the three of us together. So let ‘s talk to you. In the previous compet.i.tion, the three of us entered and went straight ahead, killing the last barbarian leader to get a totem, the game is over. “

Chen Haiming patted his thigh and laughed, “Yes! other teams didn’t even finish halfway, we have already ended it directly! So, what is the use of conspiracy and tricks? The strength is the most important, you know? “

Ying Nanyan and Yan Yan looked at each other with a bit of helplessness. Yan Yan was a little bit angry and felt that these people were too arrogant.

Yan Yan is not a good-tempered person. Besides, everyone hasn’t seen each other for many years. Since the meeting, their words are indifferent to her school and learning environment. This really makes Yan Yan very angry.

Xu Chuzhou noticed Yan Yan’s emotions and said, “Don’t you two say that, in fact, Yan Yan ‘s sister is right, we really need to pay attention to it. So, I’m walking behind the team, Hai Ming, you are in front, the two sisters are in the middle, we are more secure. “

“Okay,” Chen Haiming said with a grin, “That’s it, we are ready.”


They pulled out their weapons, one sword and one knife, looked at each other and took the lead.

Ying Nanyan and Yan Yan had no choice but to catch up quickly.
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A few people quickly went up the hill in the center of the island, but immediately they were shocked by the scene in front of them.

A large pit was dug in the middle of the top of the mountain, where a totem pole was erected–a few people were knowledgeable. From the dark breath emanating from the totem pole, it was immediately determined that this was a real totem pole. It is not a “pseudo-totem pole” that is placed casually during the training.

In the pit, dozens of students were tied up on their limbs, stuffed in their mouths and thrown there. Hundreds of barbarians were guarding around the pit.

A young man sat under the totem pole, and after seeing several people coming up, he applauded and said, “Welcome and welcome, the top three, and two ladies.”

“Wu Sikong ?!” Ying Nanyan exclaimed in a low voice.

“It’s me,” Wu Sikong laughed. “I didn’t expect that such a nameless person can be known by Miss Ying. It is really honorable.”

Chen Haiming stood out with a grin and said, “It turned out that the Nan Yan was really right, you really became a fallen? Well, no wonder I smell a dog smell from a long distance. What’s the matter? Or, do you want to use this waste wood to threaten us? “

Wu Sikong smiled softly and said, “I never thought I could use them to threaten you because it is not necessary at all. Let me come today to meet your group of frogs at the bottom of the well and let you know what is real power!”

Chen Haiming sighed angrily and rushed up with a knife.

“Haiming, be careful!”

And here, Wu Sikong also had a knife in his hands, his body just flashed, like a shadow, and he fought with Chen Haiming.

Chen Haiming is arrogant, but he does have an arrogant capital.

He used a five-tiger knife for his family. Although the name sounds like a third-rate knife, it is actually very open and full of power. Coupled with their hundreds of years of continuous innovation, it is indeed a very powerful Knife.

And Chen Haiming is deeply savvy with knife method, splitting, sweeping, cutting, and bursting, and each move can exert the essence.

Some students in the pit were pale when they saw Chen Haiming’s knife.

Here are all talented students with a vitality of 3, so everyone has the arrogance and lacks sufficient awe for the top few.

Many people think that they are just lucky and have good resources. If they have these resources, they will only be stronger than them.

But Chen Haiming’s set of five-tiger knife and many people were convinced.

Because they can not support for two minutes and will lose.

Chen Haiming’s knife is sharp, but Wu Sikong’s performance can only be described as weird.

His feet barely touched the ground, and the whole person fluttered in the wind as if there was no weight, and people couldn’t grasp his trajectory at all.

In this way, Chen Haiming’s knife is sharper, and it is useless to hit him.

The onlookers all grew a coolness all over.

If Chen Haiming’s skill makes them convinced, then Wu Sikong’s performance makes them desperate!

This is nothing like an individual, but a living ghost during the day!

Chen Haiming was more and more impatient. Xu Chuzhou, who was watching in the rear, frowned for the first time. He could see that Wu Sikong did not use strength at all, but was just playing with Chen Haiming.

This will not work.

He winked at Yu Zheng, Ying Nanyan, and Yan Yan, and several of them immediately understood and moved quietly two steps forward.

But then.

Three people stood in front of them.

It was Qian Hansong, Geng Yueguang, and w.a.n.g Li.

“Geng Yueguang ?!” Ying Nanyan exclaimed when she saw her acquaintance.

Geng Yueguang looked at Ying Nanyan and smiled coldly: “Miss Ying, we have met again, remembering the last time I was in Anping No. 1 High School, I really miss you all the time!”

Ying Nanyan frowned: “Geng Yueguang, I didn’t expect that it was just a little frustration that made you choose to be the fallen, which is really shameless.”

Geng Yueguang smiled angrily: “A little frustration? Do you know what happened to me? No, you don’t know. The thing I hate most is that you, the so-called geniuses, have a higher att.i.tude. You just have higher vitality and better background, what ‘s so great? “

“When I was struggling to survive in this weird h.e.l.l this year, you were still bravely fighting for yourself. Yes, I lost, but now, Ying Nanyan, I will show you today, you The so-called pride in your heart, how vulnerable it is in the face of real power! ”


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