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Chapter 375: Chapter 375 – Sand Castle Village

After Ying Nanyan explained it a little, everyone understood.

Different gemstones are formed in different environments. For example, ruby belongs to corundum, which is mostly formed in igneous or metamorphic rocks, while jadeite is a pyroxene mineral composed mainly of jadeite.

The of the sand castle village is a little clever. Fearing that too much of a certain type of gemstone will cause doubt, so many kinds of gemstones have been made, including ruby, sapphire, jade, diamond, agate, etc …

But this has exposed the flaws more.

Because even one area produces gems, in most cases there are only those types.

Various kinds of gems of extremely high quality have appeared, and this kind of thing has to make the experienced police system think of evil G.o.ds.

Because for Evil G.o.d, it is extremely difficult for them to throw material across the s.p.a.ce barrier to the earth.

But the divine power is not material, so although it is affected by a certain s.p.a.ce barrier, it can still be cast.

Using divine power to condense some minerals into exquisite gemstones, this is really easy for the evil G.o.d.

So these gems have also become a means for many evil spirits to attract mankind.

Because this thing is really worthless to Evil G.o.d.

Kung Fu a.s.sociations and police systems in various places also had this experience, so when they discovered that there were many unknown gems on the market, the first reaction would be to think of evil G.o.d and fallen.

Of course, this is also an internal secret, and ordinary people will certainly not know this.

Zhong Yihan nodded silently after listening, these are all knowledge!

Then he asked: “Did the mission say about the number of fallen in Sand castle Village?”

Ying Nanyan said: “The guess on the task is about five, so this task is not rated high, only D grade.

But I looked at it, the updated date of this task is two months ago, that is to say, these two It is also very likely that the number of fallen in Sandcastle Village will increase. ”

Yan Yan said: “when it was found that there are fallen in the sand castle village, it should be resolved in time, let them develop for two months, this is to trouble ourselves.”

Shentu Xuan said: “This is the school’s strategy. The low-powered fallen can have limited impact, and instead of eradicating it in time, it is better to leave it to the students to experience it.”

Yan Yan said: “I understand, the catfish effect, I just feel a bit cruel, you say yes, Bai Hao.”

Bai Hao tightly leaned against the seat wearing an eye mask and never returned to Yan Yan’s words.

Yan Yan did not continue to tease Bai Hao, but said: “How do we know if the other party is a fallen or an ordinary person after we went to sand castle village?”

“This is simple. Before I came, my sister gave me some test papers for the fallen.”

With that said, Zhong Yihan took a stack of white paper from his pocket and handed it to them to explain, while explaining: “If the other party is a fallen, then their blood will drip on the test paper, and the color of the test paper will become black, otherwise It’s just normal red. ”

Ying Nanyan was a little surprised: “It’s so magical? Why didn’t you take out such a good thing early?”

Zhong Yihan said: “I didn’t receive it until long ago. My sister knew that I was going to perform the task and gave it to me. I heard that this is a newly developed thing. It’s a small amount and it hasn’t been popularized yet. we can redeem it for merit later. ”

Yan Yan took the test paper in hand and couldn’t help but sigh: “Hey, it ‘s good to be a disciple. It ‘s not the only lord who is a teacher, but also brothers and sisters who care about you. It ‘s like me, no one loves, and practice depends on consciousness. ”

Ying Nanyan also said: “Who is not the same?”

Zhong Yihan shut his mouth very wisely, did not continue to speak to pull hatred.

The flight from Beijing to Jin province took less than an hour.

Then a few people looked for a place to change into ordinary clothes and took a taxi to sand castle village.

Because there are two rich girls, Ying Nanyan and Yan Yan, their equipment is also easy to carry-because the two rich girls have the legendary “s.p.a.ce equipment”, which is made of something called “Na Shi” equipment.

Ying Nanyan had a very small ring before, and s.p.a.ce was only one or two cubic meters, but it also cost more than 20 million.

When she went to college, her s.p.a.ce equipment was also updated and replaced with a bracelet. The interior can accommodate more than a dozen cubic s.p.a.ces. Several people will hide the equipment in the bracelet and they are not afraid of being discovered.

Of course, this bracelet is not cheap, it is said that the Ying family bought it for 120 million.

As the name of sand castle village is, they can see the yellow sand before they walk in.

In fact, the air quality in the entire Jin province is not very good. Black particles can be seen in the air to the naked eye, and the sky is basically gray. It gives an indescribable sense of depression.

A few people just walked for a while, and their clothes were already covered with a layer of dust.

At the entrance of the village, Ying Nanyan stopped and said: “Although we come to complete the task, in order to avoid shock them, we can’t say anything about the fallen after entering for a while. The village must not be all fallen. If we accidentally angered them, Instead, it may harm the remaining ordinary people. ”

Bai Hao has now eased a lot. After all, he is also a strong man with a vitality of about 3.5. The previous discomfort of flying has already recovered.

After discussing the plan, the five people walked towards the entrance of the village.

As a result, they had not walked a few steps, and a young man who had been squatting at the entrance of the village got up and stopped them.

This young man has dyed yellow hair and is wearing a cottage version of the tide brand. His temperament is very insignificant.

“What are you doing? What are you doing in our village?”

When talking, the boy’s eyes kept spinning around Ying Nanyan and Yan Yan, and an amazing look was instantly displayed, and his eyes became a little fascinated, making Yan Yan want to beat him with a punched nose.

But because they cannot reveal their strength, they can only bear it for the time being.

After all, this mission was initiated by Yingnan Yan, so as the captain, she said: “Yes, we are environmentalists. Before we learned that the environment in sand castle village is seriously deteriorating, we want to come over and see if I can help. After all, Jin province has made a great contribution to the resources of our country, and sand castle village paid the biggest price, so we came over and wanted to come to the field to investigate, maybe we can invest some money and find a way to the ecology. Make some improvements. ”


Unexpectedly, Ying Nanyan could think of such a reasonable reason so quickly.

Everyone secretly gave Ying Nanyan a thumbs up.

He didn’t expect this kind of thing, he subconsciously asked: “How much money to invest?”

Ying Nanyan smiled and stretched out his hand: “About five million.”

“Five million ?! let’s go, let’s go to see the village chief. Oh, you are all the guests of our sand castle village, you don’t know, our sand castle village is so poor these years, there is not even a signal in the village, and the phone can’t be connected to the Internet. Is this still life? ”

Hearing five million, the att.i.tude of the boy suddenly became much more enthusiastic.

He took Zhong Yihan with them to the village chief ‘s house, and he didn’t stop talking along the way but roughly speaking how difficult it was for their village, especially how much their family contributed to the village, but gained nothing.

They also praised Nanyan that they were the reincarnation of the G.o.d of Wealth and came to life as a living Buddha.

He was not embarra.s.sed, but Zhong Yihan and they were very embarra.s.sed.

Everyone, of course, understands the meaning, he just wants to take care of their family if they really invest money.

Everyone exchanged a subtle look, and they sneered in heart together.


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