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Chapter 444: Chapter 444 – Help Him Out

Guo Xianhong looks ferocious.

While giving out his breath of Kung Fu fighter, he deliberately added some foreplay of turning wrists and necks in order to let ma Changdong and others experience more despair of being crushed.

However, to his surprise, the five men in Ma Changdong not only did not show any fear, but their expressions were natural, and even the fat guy among them looked vaguely expectant.

What happened?

Guo Xianhong is the first time to meet such people who are not afraid of him. Maybe they think they can beat a Kung Fu fighter with five of them?

No wonder they dare to contradict their seniors again and again. It turned out to be a group of silly people.

Guo Xianhong bobbed up to Zhong Yihan, but saw him sitting there with no response at all. The expression on his face was even more mocking. Suddenly, he was angry.

“Boy, today was their student union and Ma Changdong feud, it’s a pity that this boy is stupid, that I can only give him some lessons. However, I have a problem. If anyone offends me, I’ll take advantage of his relatives and friends. So when I hit you later, don’t hate me. You can only blame yourself for your bad luck. you have such a friend. ”

“Ma Changdong, I’ll give you one last chance now. If you give me three knocks and pay a fine of 100,000 now, I can spare your friend once for the sake of your sincerity. If you can’t get so much money at once, you can have a friend help you.”

Guo Xianhong’s main purpose is still to ask for money. After all, if it is really necessary to fight, it is estimated that he can’t get money, so he is still unwilling to give up.

However, Ma Changdong looked at him with a strange expression and said, “Brother Guo … I advise you not to continue. If you do something to him, you will regret it. ”

The other two roommates all stared at Ma Changdong.

Are you stupid? !

he bullies you, and you still sympathize with him?

Guo Xianhong immediately smiled angrily: “s.h.i.t, I think you are looking for death!”

At this point, if he hesitates again, he will lose all his face!

Guo Xianhong’s eyes were cold and he raised his fist and smashed it directly into Zhong Yihan’s face.


A dull sound sounded, followed by the sound of things breaking through the entire booth.

the street is the food street of Qinggang Kung Fu University, so many students come here to eat.

Students, are all at a young age, plus here is Kung Fu university, one by one has the skill, and school management is loose, so every three to five dozen group fights or something, it is normal.

As soon as the noise was heard, the people around knew immediately that there was another fight.

Many people followed the sound and found a familiar figure lying on the ground at the door of the barbecue shop, holding his right hand and wailing incessantly.

And that face, unexpectedly some familiar.

“This seems to be Guo Xianhong?”

“Impossible, he is a Kung Fu fighter. How could he be beaten?”

“Then who do you say is lying on the ground?”

“Is it his younger brother?”

“Even if you find a reason, find a reasonable one. When did you hear that Guo brother has a younger brother?”

“That’s true, but how did he get beaten?”

Most of the students at Qinggang Kung Fu University have dealt with Guo Xianhong or been blackmailed by him.

So now seeing Guo Xianhong beaten, the first reaction of the onlookers is impossible.

Guo xianhong is Kung Fu fighter, and none of the students in the whole Qinggang Kung Fu university is his opponent.

However, the scene before us is so real that many people are wondering who beat him!

At this time, Zhang Hua and Sun Yu in the store collapsed directly.

They saw with their own eyes that Guo Xianhong punched, but was lightly grabbed by Zhu Zhenxing’s friend and then gave him a slight twist …


The sound of broken bones rang.

Then the young man grabbed Guo Xianhong’s hand and tossed it lightly. Without seeing he used strength, Guo Xianhong was thrown out a few meters away and rolled directly outside the barbecue shop.

Zhang Hua and Sun Yu stood side by side against the wall, hand in hand, and sweat came down.

No wonder Ma Changdong several from beginning to end are a pair of righteously, turned out to be a backer!

d.a.m.n, they should have thought of it!

Sun Yu saw that Zhong Yihan looked at them and he said hastily: “friend, have something to say. I have been stressing since just now that fighting and conflict are not my original intention. I just want to solve the problem well!”

Zhong Yihan looked at Zhang Hua and said, “So do you mean to collect the fine?”

Zhang Hua has just been promoted to a soph.o.m.ore year. He thought he was finally qualified to bully others after he got the ministerial qualification. As a result, he unexpectedly kicked on the iron plate from the very beginning.

Zhong Yihan saw clearly the scene where Guo Xianhong was. .h.i.t just now. It was not a fight at all, but a purely unilateral crush.

With such strength, vitality has at least six or seven.

Such a young man with such strength must have a lot of background.

Zhang Hua’s family condition in general, and his family saved money to get him admitted to Kung Fu university. now he is on the verge of offending powerful people. with his background, people can pinch him to death.

The more Zhang Hua thought about it, the more afraid he was. When Zhong Yihan asked about the fine, his psychological defense was immediately defeated.

He was so scared that he knelt on the ground and pointed to Sun Yu beside him and shouted, “It’s not me! He made me do it! I am just a soph.o.m.ore, how can I have the ability to do such a thing? ”

“Has always been Sun Yu and Guo Xianhong them! They regard the student union as their own private property. In the name of training students, they take part-time jobs in many places outside, because we are Kung Fu academies. Many of these part-time jobs are thugs. They let the students pa.s.s by and then they embezzle the money they earn. At most, they give the students some travelling expenses and food supplements, but most of them are theirs! ”

“Moreover, once there are students who want to withdraw from the student union, they will say that the student withdrawal will bring great losses to the student union, demanding to pay money, or tens of thousands! They also got all the money, which has nothing to do with me. That’s what I did when I was a freshman. They saw that I was obedient and honest. That’s why I was promoted to the minister! ”

Sun Yu didn’t expect Zhang Hua to be so timid that he told the whole details all at once. he was immediately worried: “Zhang Hua, don’t give a dirty lie!”

Zhang Hua said, “I lie? what I said is true, if there is half a lie, let me be struck by lightning! ”


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