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Read Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality Chapter 366 – Can Bolus Be Simplified?

Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality is a web novel produced by Bao Zhuang Cheng, 宝妆成.
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Chapter 366 Can Bolus Be Simplified?

Leukemia, also known as “blood cancer”, is a malignant disease of hematopoietic tissues. It is characterized by a large number of non-nucleated cells proliferating in the bone marrow and other hematopoietic tissues. Non-nucleated cells also enter the peripheral blood and adsorb the cores of the normal blood cells… Bone marrow transplantation will be the most effective treatment if there is a problem with hematopoietic function.

In fact, bone marrow cleansing is the best way to cure leukemia immediately. With Lin Luoran’s personal ability of Bearing Essence, bone marrow cleansing is not difficult except that it will consume her Wakan. However, Lin Luoran does not adopt this quickest method not because she grudges her Wakan. She has four golden elixirs in operation in the pubic region of her Sea of Reiki. Using some Reiki is not a big deal for Lin Luoran who always has sufficient Reiki.

A faster way is to use dragon marrow as how she regrew the broken arm. Dragon marrow is precious so it will never be a specific medicine that can be popularized.

Lin Luoran has come up with the idea of asking Lins’ Pharmaceutical Factory to make a specific medicine so she cannot just talk and do nothing. The condition of the girl called Liu Xinyou is under her control. It should be fine to observe her for a few days.

When she is thinking about the treatment, conceited wood wolf which is the lastest habitat of s.p.a.ce suddenly sneers, “Isn’t Bone Marrow Cleansing Bolus enough? But are you sure you are willing to use it? ”

Bone Marrow Cleansing Bolus? Lin Luoran never hears about it so she questions wood wolf closely. Wood wolf probably only wants to laugh at Lin Luoran. It is very arrogant when she asks it about the specific method. After beaten up by the more arrogant fire phoenix, wood wolf is indignant but honest.

Bone Marrow Cleansing Bolus is the bolus that only people with the personal ability below the Bearing Essence can take. Its formula is complicated and dosage is strict. The bolus is Top-Range Grade Six bolus. Knowing it is even two grades higher than the Foundation-Laying Bolus, Lin Luoran knows it’s impossible to popularize this stuff on a large scale. However, she is curious why the bolus can be Top-Range Grade Six if it is effective only for cultivators with the personal ability below Bearing Essence.

“You really see little of the world. After taking the Bone Marrow Cleansing Bolus, even cultivators below the Bearing Essence period with Taoist root of three natures can catch up with cultivators of two natures in terms of the speed of developing personal ability… Bone marrow cleansing is not an easy thing. In fact, in the ancient times, powerful people usually had a big family so it was common to see some offspring with bad Taoist root in their family. If their younger generations had been hard-working and diligent, they might give them Bone Marrow Cleansing Boluses as rewards and blessing. ”

Lin Luoran has almost understood it before wood wolf finishes. The Bone Marrow Cleansing Bolus was like the privilege of the “generation enjoyers of official rights” in the ancient world but is useless for cultivators of Bearing Essence. With its complicated formula and strict dosage, no wander it can still rank among the Top-Range Grade Six bolus.

It can make cultivators with the Taoist root of three natures catch up with cultivators of two natures. That’s enough to drive people crazy. Especially for those individual cultivators: people of three natures can only be outside apprentice, however, the people of two natures can be inside apprentice with the guidance of a famous teacher. Such a difference is enough to drive people of bad Taoist root crazy.

Lin Luoran sighs again and again but she doesn’t ask wood wolf for the formula of bolus. Wood wolf is a little anxious, “You have many families of three natures. Why don’t you make some Bone Marrow Cleansing Boluses for them?”

Lin Luoran laughs, “Why should I make Bone Marrow Cleansing Boluses for them?”

Wood wolf is even more surprised. It has been a monster for so many years so it thinks it has already known much about the human race. Human beings are always greedy and selfish. Even people like Lin Luoran also have weaknesses. Doesn’t she care about her relatives and friends? Knowing the existence of “Bone Marrow Cleansing Bolus”, she should want the formula of bolus desperately —

Lin Luoran knows what wood wolf is thinking when she sees its expression.

“It is said that there is a real elixir above Grade Nine bolus. One is enough to make people become immortals. You have been a monster for so many years. Have you seen something magical like it? ”

Wood wolf shakes its head subconsciously.

Lin Luorans says again, “During these years when you are a monster, have you seen someone skipping many stages and reaching the peak of power by various boluses?”

Wood wolf still shakes its head. However, the way it looks at Lin Luoran has changed.

Lin Luoran ignores it and points to the two acres of medicine fields in s.p.a.ce, “I have much spirit medicine. I can make several cultivators of Laying Foundation in a short time. Any idea why I don’t do it? ”

Wood wolf sighs. It thinks Lin Luoran is a little cultivator who has never seen a big world, but she is actually a person hard to coax.

Mortal people always lose their mind because of their greed.

Lin Luoran is not greedy. If medicine can make immortals, many cultivators struggling on the way to immortals will become a joke. She does not believe cultivators who work superficially but not deeply can finally become one of the freest and true immortals in the world.

The process of becoming immortals can be regarded as a long way to improve one’s personal ability. If there is someone who has enough boluses, great teachers, many spells and arts, and countless magic weapons… for such a cultivator with excellent congenital condition, how can he prove himself in the process of improving his personal ability?

The experience that every advance requires a breakthrough of the state of mind has told Lin Luoran that medicine can make cultivators’ early stage of improving their personal ability become extremely smooth. However, when it comes to a milestone like Bearing Essence, the chance of success is very slim if there is no corresponding state of mind.

Old Taoist Hui Zhu has stuck in the late Laying Foundation for many years, hasn’t he? For others, it may because Reiki is not enough. However, Qingcheng Taoist Temple had a small wood Reiki mine in the past. The reason why Hui Zhu can’t bear Essence may still because there is something missing in his state of mind or he hasn’t sorted out things in his mind.

Personal ability, personal ability… the life span of cultivators in Training Qi period won’t be changed, which shows that Training Qi period is the real preparation period of cultivation. People of the Laying Foundation have a life span of 200 years. They have more time to pursue Tao of nature at ease. It is the real threshold for promoting personal ability. As for the Bearing Essence period, people can live for 500 years, which is within the threshold.

“Hey, I will give you the formula of Bone Marrow Cleansing Bolus for free. Don’t you want it?” Wood wolf sees that it doesn’t appeal to Lin Luoran, it feels its teeth are itchy because of anger. This wolf finally comes up with the move of sending the bolus for free.

Lin Luoran still looks indifferent. Wood wolf raises its hand and a ball of light melts into the place between her eyebrows.

Lin Luoran closes her eyes and ponders for a while. Then she opens her eyes and smiles, “It looks like the real formula of bolus. Little wood wolf, you are really the little boss of the so-called monster wolf nationality. You have lots of good things!”

Looking at Lin Luoran with a smile on her face, wood wolf says with a low voice, “Aren’t you not willing to use the Bone Marrow Cleansing Bolus on your families?” It now has a bad hunch that it is going to be bitten twice after living for so many years.

Lin Luoran raises her eyebrow, “Who says I will use it on my families? With this formula of bolus, isn’t it very easy to cure leukemia? Little wood wolf, you are so kind. I’ll thank you later! ”

Lin Luoran knows it’s evil to be showy after she profits at wood wolf’s expense. She leaves s.p.a.ce immediately.

Wood wolf is frozen for a while and then it is furious after being fooled. Fire phoenix doesn’t conceal its gloat. Lin Luoran is definitely not the innocent little cultivator anymore under its training. Wood wolf sends the formula of bolus out for free before it gets the chance to say its plan this time. The wolf really pays a double penalty this time. Fire phoenix feels really hilarious.

Wood wolf is anxious and is going to take it out on Lin Luoran’s spirit herbs. Silver fish sees it and drags it back.

“She’s just kidding you. In fact, if you want something, you can just tell her. She is very enthusiastic about helping us if she can. As for taking formula of bolus as temptation, don’t do it again… Just taking me and brother fire phoenix as an example, she definitely knows we remember some formulas of bolus or secrets of old time. However, did she ever ask us? ”

Wood wolf is like a bulging ball and silver fish’s soft words bursts it immediately.

It has been a long time since it was here. Wood wolf also knows this female cultivator is very soft-hearted. At first, she probably would not be so ruthless and put it into s.p.a.ce if it didn’t want to make her the fertilizer of green light flower.

But can it tell this unsophisticated little silver fish that the little cultivator should not have defiled its proudness as the wolf king?

—Well, in fact, the truth is that it is not used to being so leisurely without scheming after so many years of intriguing against each other and following the law of the jungle as a monster!

“Grandmaster, guess what I got?”

As soon as Lin Luoran gets the formula of bolus and leaves s.p.a.ce, she sees Yuan Ye walking here happily. She thinks Yuan Ye has been to the first palace for so long because he failed it so this chief apprentice felt ashamed to come back. She doesn’t expect that it is because he caught a really good thing.

Yuan Ye is happier than ever. He spreads out his hand and she sees a pair of small wings as big as a palm laying there quietly. They are like wings of a dragonfly, two are large and the other two are small. A hint of golden light is flowing around and Lin Luoran feels it is a little familiar.

Yuan Ye certainly won’t be so happy with a gadget. Lin Luoran takes over the small wings and injects Wakan into them. This pair of wings becomes larger in her palm and it is floating in the air. A delicate ring buckle clasps her waist and tightens her shoulders. Lin Luoran uses her spiritual power, and it grows to about 1.5 meters, thin and small. It actually carries her to fly to the roof of the palace with one wing-beat.

Although it is not as easy to control as it should be as it does not admit its owner yet. Lin Luoran is 100% sure that this is a flying magic weapon!

Isn’t Yuan Ye so lucky? The actual function of this stuff is definitely above the “Protean Dress”. More importantly, Yuan Ye can fly on sword by himself and now he even gets this thing… Lin Luoran smiles subtly and returns small wings to Yuan Ye.

“I can see soon you will have a girlfriend after having this!”

Yuan Ye is blushed because of his grandmaster’s teasing. He puts away the little wings and changes the topic quickly,

“Grandmaster, have you checked Liu Xinyou?”

Lin Luoran is serious when it comes to important stuff. She imitates wood wolf that transformed the formula of Bone Marrow Cleansing Bolus into a memory bead and puts it between Yuan Ye’s eyebrows, “Look at this formula of bolus.”

Yuan Ye closes his eyes and digests it. When he opens his eyes again, his heart is beating quickly for the words “Top-Range Grade Six”.

This is Bone Marrow Cleansing Bolus of Grade Six! Grandmaster really never treats him as an outsider. Yuan Ye sees that his grandmaster is still staring at him. He calms down and carefully checks the formula. Yuan Ye suddenly realizes it, “Grandmaster, do you want to improve the specific medicine for leukemia based on the Bone Marrow Cleansing bolus?”

Lin Luoran nods, “In your opinion, is it easy?”

After removing those unknown spirit herbs and spirit medicine, Yuan Ye considers it for half an hour before he says cautiously, “If we can find alternative herbal medicine, we can also develop it in accordance with the course of treatment. It can’t become effecitive immediately but I feel quite sure that it can succeed.”

His opinion is similar to Lin Luoran’s idea. She points at unconscious Liu Xinyou.

“Let’s start with her.”


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