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Read Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality Chapter 426 – A Dramatic Dinner

Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality is a web novel produced by Bao Zhuang Cheng, 宝妆成.
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Read WebNovel Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality Chapter 426 – A Dramatic Dinner

Chapter 426 A Dramatic Dinner

As night approaches, the streets are illuminated with energy-saving light. Without flickering and colorful light, there is only one color left on the street of the Dongting City in the new era—white. It looks neat and elegant, serious and regular.

When the Federation was just established, the older generation would miss the colorful nightlife before the new era and metropolis full of neon lamps even at night. However, as time lapses, older generations pa.s.s away. The federal people born and raised in the new era of the Earth Federation don’t even know that kind of city. They have no objection to the strict management of the Federation and this color of streetlight without any romantic sense.

For Ma Shuangshuang who grows up in the era with suspended bus and the MRT, it’s the first time for her to be in a government limousine. She is staring at the street view running backward. The streetlight reflects on the window, making her nervous and uneasy.

Ma Yiming sits up straight. Although he is a private guy, after all, he is just a 19-year-old boy. At this moment, he still reveals some traces of his age.

Only “living fossil” Lin Luoran who lives from the old to the present era is very relaxed. She leans on the soft leather chair and almost falls asleep.

The banquet is held on the 17th floor of the City Hall which is the most prominent building only second to the Dongting City Library in the Dongting City. It locates in Yueyang District. From the Mas’ Villa, they have to pa.s.s through the whole city. Lin Luoran and others are a little late. It is a celebrity-studded gathering night. There are a lot of reporters from TV stations and electronic newspapers. The camera is developing and now pressing the shutter has a kind of beauty.

It is no different from the evening party with red carpet more than three hundred years ago.

Lin Luoran looks outside the car window. She sees handsome men and beautiful women in old-styled dresses. She once has a delusion that she is going to attend an ordinary c.o.c.ktail party of large scale 300 years ago.

Seeing Ma Shuangshuang is “torturing ” her dress, Lin Luoran asks the driver to take them to the side door.

Ma Shuangshuang smiles at her gratefully and Ma Yiming’s stiff body is also a little relaxed.

Lin Luoran doesn’t care about exposing herself. However, she just doesn’t want to steal celebrities’ thunder who rely on news to show themselves—Besides, if her believers see the picture of “Mortal Heart Fairy” on the Dongting Entertainment Express like a celebrity, it may feel like a slap on their belief.

The place where they get off the car is a quiet underground parking lot. It turns out that the three of Lin Luoran are not the only people who choose this side door. At least, she sees another black car also coming in.

It’s not a government car. Interesting!

She glances at the car casually and sees a girl with a top hat and a black mask covering most of her face. The girl comes out of the car with many people cl.u.s.tering around her. Her bodyguards’ strength looks much better than that of several weak men of Proud Dragon Business.

The girl reveals a sense of coldness. Her chin outline under the hat looks gentle and beautiful. She is also in a beautiful dress. As for temperament, Ma Shuangshuang is thin, but she is still more adorable than this girl.

“It’s really a pity…” Lin Luoran withdraws her spiritual mind and whispers. Neither of the two siblings walking beside her hears what she is talking about.

They arrive on the 17th floor soon. Lin Luoran sees that Ma Shuangshuang is very nervous, so she signals her to hold Ma Yiming, which is still polite in the new era.

Unexpectedly, when they just step into the magnificent banquet hall, strong and bright light falls directly on them.

They can’t help squinting because of the dazzling light. Under such a beam of light, people’s subtle details will all be maximized. Fortunately, the Ma family’s siblings are wearing beautiful clothes with gorgeous jewelry. They don’t lose face as some villains wish. On the contrary, they strike an impressive pose on the stage.

Ma Yiming is very tall but a little thin. With the delicate tuxedo, he looks like a high-cla.s.s and elegant male model in Europe before the new era.

Ma Shuangshuang is just a young girl, but the green retro dress completely conceals the shortage of her figure. A silver emerald bracelet adds a different gentle feeling to her slightly pale skin. Her hair is scattered, and the ends of the hair are naturally curly. She ties her hair with an exquisite jade crown on it. It makes her as delicate as beautiful poems. She looks like an elf in the mountain described by European literati before the new era.

“Huh, who are these two people…”

“I don’t know. I haven’t seen them before.”

“Is that a silk dress? How luxurious it is! And is that a set of jade jewelry? …”

There are some people discussing at the corner of the reception. People are always gossiping. Ma Yiming takes his sister to wait for the light to go to the next guest. Those eyes of curiosity and inquiry almost make the boy feel a little regret for a moment—maybe it doesn’t take such a fake reception to show the glory of his family? They are really standing out. However, except for the gorgeous clothes and precious jewelry, who knows who they are. Is this whole thing meaningful?

Lin Luoran suddenly appears beside him and Ma Yiming is startled, “Aunt Lin, where did you go just now?”

When the light came down, Lin Luoran disappeared unnoticeably in the bright light. She now suddenly appears in the corner and Ma Yiming is almost scared to death.

Lin Luoran changes the subject and asks, “How do you like the party?”

How do you like the party?

The arched hall has thousands of square meters. It is filled with luxurious flowers. The crystal chandelier is large and gorgeous. On the small stage, there are several women dressed in white playing the violin instruments which are extremely popular in the new era. They can’t tell if the music is beautiful or not, but it sounds good.

The scent of high-rank mutant monsters’ meat smells amazing. It is placed on a long table together with luxurious milk and pastries. People can fetch it as much as they want. There are also some waiters walking around with trays. Under the crystal light, the wine looks more fascinating in the gla.s.s.

Everything seems to be arranged according to the style of dinner before the new era. Everything is correct and Ma Yiming also feels it perfect. However, at the same time, he has an idea: is that all?

Ma Shuangshuang is straightforward, “It’s not that different from the old movie.”

Lin Luoran calls a waiter and takes two of wine. She hands a gla.s.s to Ma Yiming, ignoring the curiosity and longingness in Ma Shuangshuang’s eyes. She takes a sip and smiles.

“It’s still different. Before the New Era, we had to tip to show that we were very satisfied with the service of the waiter. However, now we can’t keep the guests and the waiters so close, exchanging their accounts and then transferring crystal coins as tips…

As she says, a scene is formed in the minds of Ma Yiming and his sister. They think of a powerful celebrity whispering to a waiter for tipping. Ma Shuangshuang can’t help but laughs.

“Miss Lin is really humorous.”

A middle-aged man who has been listening stealthily in the shadow for a long time can’t help but makes a comment. Moving a step, his face shows up from the shadow.

He looks ordinary but somewhat charming as a mature man. He is too familiar to residents of the Dongting city. Ma Yiming whispers, “You are Mr. Pang.”

Mr. Pang smiles and nods his acquiescence. As always, he is kind to people.

His name is definitely not “Mr. Pang”. In fact, he is most likely to enter the Senate and becomes the youngest member of the Federation. Mr. Pang is in charge of the Dongting City which is the most important city in the beginning of the new era of the Earth Federation. His political philosophy is extremely modest. However, because of a speech he made at the beginning of his tenure, the citizens of Dongting City began to call him Mr. Pang instead of Mayor Pang which sounds formal but estranged.

He takes the initiative to say h.e.l.lo. Ma Shuangshuang doesn’t understand the meaning of it, but Ma Yiming feels totally flattered.

As for Lin Luoran, she only makes a toast and then nods to him as response. To some extent, she looks kind of arrogant. At least, two ladies who are fans of Mr. Pang in the distance are quite unhappy with Lin Luoran, regarding her as a “little girl” who doesn’t know anything at all.

Pang Xianzhong looks closely at Lin Luoran. Her skin is transparent without any flaws. He is not sure if she is the person he is looking for. After three hundred years, a person can still look like in her early twenties. Even with the technology of the Alpha Alliance, it is still not an easy task.

For almost three hundred years, there has been no trace of cultivators. If there is no video data, he may also suspect if Huaxia cultivators really exist.

It is said that this woman in front of him is a female cultivator.

Pang Xianzhong is vigilant. Everyone can see the Alpha Alliance’s suppression towards cultivators. He must handle this thing more secretly. The premise is that the beautiful woman in front of him is really the “Mortal Heart Fairy” Lin Luoran.

“Mr. Pang, it’s your turn to speak.” The chief secretary whispers to remind Pang Xianzhong. He smiles at Lin Luoran and steps onto the stage.

Ma Yiming stares at Aunt Lin’s back, not knowing where his mysterious Aunt Lin comes from. Even Mr. Pang thinks so highly of her.

He can know how mysterious Lin Luoran is just by the plants appearing overnight in the courtyard of the Mas’ Villa. The taste of vegetables is extremely delicious which is nothing like something ripened by nutrient solution at all. Ma Yiming even feels that the fertile soil of the entire Dongting City cannot grow natural plants like those.

How did Aunt Lin do it? Healing the illness of his sister Ma Shuangshuang… the “house purchasing contract” which shuts the City Hall Public Security Department’s mouth… He knows that people like Bao Honglai will never sign the contract. But if the contract is false, someone from the City Hall should have come to them.

Her strength is unpredictable, and she can come and go freely among mutant monsters. Although she was not extremely impressive, Ma Yiming can clearly feel that Aunt Lin only showed a very little part of herself. She accomplished that task with ease.

How powerful is Aunt Lin? He vaguely feels that she is definitely beyond the current martial arts division.

People with martial arts beyond ninth rank are called “Grand Martial Artists”. Is Aunt Lin a grand martial artist? Or is she a spiritual master who is more mysterious…?

“… If there are more powerful masters in the Dongting City, people’s security can be guaranteed. In this way, we can reconstruct and develop science and technology. To restore our mother planet has always been a determined goal of the Federation.”

Pang Xianzhong speaks in a very earnest way. His words have the power to appease people which makes his speech very convincing. Obviously, it’s cliché but it still prompts a round of applause.

Especially those ladies. Some of them have moved to the Moon. Today, they come to listen to Mr. Pang’s speech deliberately. They surely clap their hands very hard and support him.

The charisma of this political star is extraordinary. Lin Luoran accidentally glances at the girl with the black hat who also went through the parking lot channel like them. She is also staring at Mr. Pang and claps her hands, revealing a little girl’s thought.

… he is popular with both young and old people? Lin Luoran feels wordless.

She puts down the wine gla.s.s. Since Mr. Pang talked with her, Lin Luoran has felt fierce eyes staring at her. It has nothing to do with love or filth. She checks it with her spiritual mind stealthily and is kind of surprised.

Unexpectedly, it is a n.o.ble and elegant young woman in a simple dress. She is staring at her in tears silently and looks very excited.

Lin Luoran thinks she is kind of familiar.

She can’t remember she is the descendant of which old friend. After condensing the G.o.dhead in Mount Penglai, everything has changed a lot. Her quiet ocean of consciousness suddenly shoots out a silver thread and rushes to the place between the crying woman’s eyebrow.

Lin Luoran “watches” the power of faith line closely connecting them together. She suddenly realizes why this woman is so familiar to her. She is about to appease the young woman when she hears the microphone on the stage ringing again.

Mr. Pang’s voice is a bit jerky and he doesn’t sound happy. He says some welcome words which make people feel the disobedience of this new political star.

“The Weir family of the Rank Four member star arrived at the top floor of the city hall three minutes ago. It seems that we are going to welcome a surprise to our reception.”

Surprise? For most people, it really is.

Especially, the guest is from the Weir family of Rank Kaiser planet which is Rank Four member star of the Alpha Alliance. With a handsome face similar to the Eurasian people of the earth, many girls will go crazy for the man.

However, under the peaceful face of Mr. Pang, it’s the emotion of frightening.

What good can people from the Weir family do to the earth? From a Rank Four member star, their technology is much better than that of the earth. These double-pupiled Kaisers have similar appearances to humans on the earth. The different thing is that they have a more perfect appearance… Don’t they come to the earth just for taking pleasure in others’ misfortune?

Pang Xianzhong obviously hates people from other alliances who always show their contempt to the earth directly—they call the earth a wild cursed planet.

Colin is a vivid example. He is a powerful person of the Weir family who has been on the earth for a month but doesn’t return, which makes him feel stressful.

However, how did this handsome young man fall down this way? Pang Xianzhong’s face becomes even worse because he finds Colin going to one certain direction—the three of Lin Luoran were new faces at the banquet and they were rejected. There are only she and Mas on that side of the long dining table on the west side.

Is Lin Luoran the target of the Weir family?

Pang Xianzhong is shocked by this thought. Lin Luoran’s appearance totally fits the aristocratic temperament which people of the Kaiser planet like. Is he just going for flirting or he has other purposes? Either way, Pang Xianzhong feels that the situation is quite tricky.

Colin Weir steps forward and brings the focus of the banquet to Lin Luoran.

The beauty who suddenly gets attention is another thing. The most important thing is that this n.o.ble youth from Rank Four member star walks directly to Lin Luoran who is very strange to all people. He raises his voice and says in the interstellar common tongue.

“Beautiful lady, have we met before?”

His interstellar common tongue is very standard. The hero is very handsome, and the heroine can also be his perfect match. Such kind of perfect scenery is called “romantic encounter”.

However, Lin Luoran looks indifferent and feels that he is teasing her.

She doesn’t really feel good to be teased by a little boy. She speaks indifferently and says a sentence which shocks everyone.

“Can’t you speak the language of the earth?”

—Hey, shouldn’t she be shy and blus.h.i.+ng at this moment? The ladies feel so indignant. They deeply despise how pretentious Lin Luoran is.

Pang Xianzhong laughs secretly and Bao Honglai also smiles in the shadow.

The former smiles because he knows that Lin Luoran is probably the target person. The latter smiles because Lin Luoran has offended the big family of Rank Four member star. He may get his house back soon.

The face of the young woman who weeps when she sees Lin Luoran turns red. She clenches her fists because of Colin’s disrespectful tone.

It is the anger and unwillingness that her G.o.ddess is insulted. It makes Colin Weir feel that he is stung, so he looks around.


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